Governor Of Puerto Rico Begged for Help, What Trump Gave Him Seconds Ago Is UNBELIEVABLE


Puerto Rico’s Gov. Ricardo Rosello called on the Pentagon yesterday for more search-and-rescue help and humanitarian resources help to the island which has faced “complete devastation” form Hurricane Maria.

“We need more resources from the Department of Defense so we can get helicopters and resources,” Rossello told POLITICO.

“We know that there are capabilities in the surrounding areas, helicopters, planes and so forth,” he said. “And our petition is for us to be able to use them.”

Here is the Governor before the Hurricane.

It was a deadly storm in Puerto Rico. The island has been totally devastated.

Then today, Donald Trump swept in to save the day.

It’ an old electrical grid.

The media is already trying to attack our President. Here is the google search for news about President Trump and Puerto Rico. cc

Trump’s administration has sent a strong response. The Federal Emergency Management Agency said that 10,000 federal employees have gone to Puerto Rico. The Coast Gaurd has sent 13 ships and barges are arriving with relief supplies.

The problem is that the ports have been very damaged. Share this if are praying for the people of Puerto Rico. You can help them by clicking the following link and donating to United for Puerto Rico here.

Share this everywhere to help out the people that are facing an apocalypse now.

Paris is the best writer on the Internet and helped get Donald Trump elected President in November 2016.


  1. Bless OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP and all the people he is trying to get help to with these Hurricanes . Hes a good man & a great President.

  2. First of all everyone must know by now if it comes out of Clintons mouth and it’s about President Trump it’s a lie. It’s all the women can do for some reason. President Trump has been doing everything humanly possible to get aid to everyone affected and that’s about everyone. Puerto Rico has been hammered hard recently so even when help is flown in getting it out to everyone is really tough. Even with all that Trump is still making it work and this country is doing all it can do. Of course Clinton would lie and say nothing is being done but even what little news is coming out people are thanking everyone. Don’t listen to Clinton she’s sliding down a slippery slope.

  3. The LIBERALS IDIOTS and their equally WORTHLESS PALS the MORON MEDIA will NEVER support Trump because he is not the lap dog they FOOLISHLY thought Hitlery would have been. They HATE America as do the DEMOCRATS and their lap dog media MORONS do. Just look at Obammy’s time in office he constantly went around acting like America was the cause of all evil in the world and not one of these IGNORANT FOOLS said a word to defend America. So till all the LIARS in the MORON MEDIA and the LIBERAL ISIOTS of America die off Trump will get no respect. Sadly those LIBERAL IDIOTS spawn other LIBERAL IDIOTS so dying off won’t happen.

  4. Hopefully, the sins of the (brainless) fathers will fade into oblivion as their children realize the mess they have made of our country. Donald Trump spends most of his waking hours trying to save America and its citizens! What have the liberals suggested lately that have made a positive change to our lives? N O T H I N G!!!


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