HORROR SHOW: Last Night Miss America did Something UNFORGIVABLE to President Trump

Source: ABC, Evan Guest

Last night the Liberal Elites managed to destroy ANOTHER great American institution in their ridiculous fight against President Donald Trump. Apparently the Avengers, Star Trek, and half of the TV shows were not enough. Now they came for Miss America.

The setup was a classic one. You had the swimsuit competition, the talent competition, and the Question and Answer part. That’s where it got tricky. Instead of asking questions about the girls, it seemed like every question was all about Trump!

I mean, come on y’all. The WINNER of the show was the girl who was asked if Trump should have left the Paris Climate Accords (which she said no) and another girl was asked if Confederate statues should be torn down.


Not only that, but one of the other girls was straight up asked if Trump colluded with Russia. I’m sorry, y’all, but that’s just ridiculous. Unless the girl they asked that to was a US or Russian intelligence agent, she has no POSSIBLE insight to offer into a collusion scandal.

So this is what it has come to. Fine, if they will not treat us on the right like people, we do not need them. We can make our own pageants, movies, and TV shows. Isn’t it high time we take these elitests down the American, Capitalist way?


  1. Really??? there are a lot of people in this country besides the hollywood stars, beauty queens, athletes and poilitians, although they have most of the money, if it were not for us nobodies, they would not be such rich selfish self centered people, who think they are better than everyone else! And feel as tho they deserve it all!

  2. I will never watch another Miss America Pageant. These liberal bastards have no shame or respect for Our President who was VOTED in LEGALLY. What terrible questions they asked. They are NOT true AMERICANS! This was a disgusting show of prejudice.

  3. That served no actual purpose having questions about something that is only an opinion and not a test of current events or about the girls themselves and the general knowledge they might have about something that is pertinent to daily life.

  4. Who in there right mind cares about a set-up like that It’s all about nothing! Those women only say what they are allowed to say! Censorship at its lowest point.

  5. Low lass is low class. The leftist movement is falling apart and destroying one American Institution after another.Americans are fed up with this political ideology, where a small uniformed group can upset our lives. If the Conservatives did one percent of what the liberals have done, there would have been lawsuits and arrest in unheard of proportion. It is time to come to our collective sense, and stop this Communistic show of ignorance.

  6. I totally agree. The pageants should be about life experiences not
    President Trump. He is our President and is doing a great job. He should be honored as such.

  7. Another example of how the liberals are trying to destroy America. Shame on you. Shame on the girls who wanted to win so bad the gave liberal answers. This is the Miss Not-America in values.

  8. I’ve said for years the miss America pageant is nothing but a slam. The people that run the pageant should be fired and also any contestant who has any cosmetic surgery be eliminated. What is this world coming to

  9. Absolutly, the sooner the better this issue needs action not lip service. Show people how to help. Give all Americans a chance to get over these storms, then start THE REVOLUTION TO ABOLISH LIBERAL ELITEISM (sounds like a good title)

  10. I think enough is enough. Liberals it is time for you all to grow up and act like adults. I am a shame of you all. You are an embarrassment to our country. If we would of acted the way you all do when Obama was in. We would of been shot. He was an unfit person to be president.

  11. Liberals have turned into the most hate filled racist, this country has ever known! They are ruining this country with their biased hateful ways!

  12. It is past TIME to put these LIBERAL PUCKS in their place!!! I don’t know what HOLLYWOOD is SMOKING these days, but they sure have their HEAD’S up their ASSES!!!

  13. Those questions were absolutely ridiculous!! Who the Hell decided they should be used? I am sick and tired of the Bull Crap. They took what has been a traditionally great pageant and lowered to an insult not only to our President but most of its citizens. We voted for him remember. Killary LOST!! Get over it!! You liberals are mainly hurting yourself. The television and movie ratings are in the toilet. The revenue for them are in the same place. The only other thing that I found disappointing is every one of those girls should have either refused to answer those stupid questions or turned them around.

  14. I’ll not watch another pageant!!!!! I witnessed the most ridiculous and childish display from supposedly adult pageant officials last night … I won’t watch another or buy any products that sponsored them !!!!

  15. I have almost completely stopped watching TV and when my Dish subscription is up I am cancelling it. There have been numerous president’s in the past I have totally disagreed with or thought incompetent, Johnson and Obama springs to mind. For the good of the country we need to come together or we will be attacked and in a war from our enemies without while we fight like spoiled children.

  16. They do not realize that they are not hurting President Trump, they are only hurting the program. I never watch it, but if I did, this would stop me from watching it.

  17. What did Trump have to do with the pageant. This is getting so ridiculous and old tired of all the crap. Give it up. Are you so jealous of Trump every word you say has to have his name in it. Is that what it is. Y’all want him so bad but you know you can’t have him. His wife is beautiful. Do you dream about him every minute of every day just thinking of ways to bring up his name so you can be happy for the rest of the day. If not LEAVE IT ALONE. IT IS GETTING OLD and SICKENING. Are you really afraid he will show up the other Presidents we have had in office. All he had to do was get elected to be better than Obama. Obama was a joke for 8years while slipping in things under our noses and giving our country away to people that don’t live here. He took millions of dollars under the table from other nations. He and his wife are both racist and started all the race games that are going on. And they are still keeping the pot stirred. Let Trump do his job. Ack out you are no longer the President or the First Lady. The one we have now has more class in her little toe than Michelle has in her entire body.

  18. My list of shows, celebrities and news stations continue to grow. They simply don’t understand that we don’t NEED them or their liberal viewpoints in our lives. I can find plenty to do without their better-than-me attitudes. Just have decent shows, decent acting and factual news. That is all I want from them.

  19. President Trump, keep doing what your doing, liberals can’t stand it… They can’t keep there there winning mouths shut. They so low class, and stupid.

  20. Liberals are doing every thing they can to destroy Pres Trump and put a big black ball on America. Time anything the liberals are involved in should be boycotted as well as boycotting them on Election Day. If they are so into turning America Socialist we should start a Deportation of them asap.

  21. If that is all you have to run the Miss America pageant then you just might as well shut it down. It says if you do not say the right thing about Trump then she would not have won. Stacked with liberals and their sick views.

  22. Well well well…..they have finally, almost, topped the stupid ladder in asking these questions. Can we just get on with making America great and quit all the BS? I mean, honestly, quit already.

  23. So glad I don’t watch this anymore. If this is way they are going, they might as well cancel Miss America. What has happened to the good things that the contestants used to offer to help..

  24. NUMBER1 No judge that have any moral and ethics should ask girls any political question nor they opinion they are not running for office. I n my opinion the judges but more accurately Jackase’s should ever be permitted to work that involves public.

  25. That is the last Miss America I will ever watch !! This is a beauty contest, not a political rally. I stopped watching all the awards shows for the same reason. They have made it a political platform and that is not what it is supposed to be.It is supposed to be entertaining and it is not !!

  26. Why did they ask such questions,I hope they take her crown she does not deserve to have it.It is not alright to degrade our President the way she did.These young women are all about loving & respecting not bashing the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.He has done nothing but great things.God Bless him & his family. GO TRUMP GO.

  27. there should be NO politics in this pageant, period. Then to have a Miss America stand against our President is asking for trouble. Her answer should have been something like “I have my own personal thoughts but I believe in democracy and this stage is not the place for a personal stand”

  28. I heard the ridiculous questions on that show…which I have not watched in years. Just happened on it and I was appalled!!! What is wrong with people. Do they really want to follow the devil and act this way? Or are they just stupid? Apparently their parents have not taught them anything about acting charitable in the actual life of living and caring about others. And being good losers. Who ever wrote the questions had an agenda against the President.

  29. THANK YOU!! My husband and I are not huge political conversationalists. I always have a rule at family gatherings, social gatherings or when I bartend. NO RELIGION AND NO POLITICS. I was disappointed with the stupid questions about non intellectual things like men wearing speedos, but was appalled when the extreme political questions were asked! Those girls were robbed of their chance to show their true intelligence!


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