HUGE COVERUP: Top Democrat Just Caught RED HANDED with Little Boys and Nobody is Talking

Source: Joel Mabel

When a scandal hits the Republican party you will hear about it for weeks, months, even years. However, when a top Democrat, the Mayor of Seattle, if forced to resign in disgrace over FIVE underage sexual assault accusers nobody makes a sound.

Well, folks, that’s exactly what happened yesterday when Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced his resignation.

This time the victim was Murray’s own cousin, Joseph Dyer. Mr Dyrer revealed that Murray had sexually assaulted him when he was only 13 years old and Murray was in his mid 20’s.

One of his other victims, Lloyd Anderson, was reportedly happy that Murray finally was forced to resign but sad that it took 5 young boys being sexually abused by a respected Democrat Mayor for it to happen.

“I wonder how many other victims are out there,” Anderson said.


Murray denies the allegations, but the more that come out over decades and from people close to him, the more they seem to hold weight. Now with his resignation, it’s hard not to take the side of the victims.

This is the kind of filth allowed to prosper in the Democrat Party. Perverts like Ed Murray and Anthony Weiner have shown how dangerous they can be. It’s up to us to expose them by sharing this out to everyone everywhere so they see what’s REALLY going on behind the scenes.


  1. Is this worthless Ingrate Maggot going to be locked up without any bail as all sex offenders usually are without bail and facing 25 years to life.

  2. Lock him up to never be out again. So sick should have never been in his position at all. They talk about people Trump tries to get approved looks like all of aren’t vetting your on Democrats

  3. Get rid of these perverts! Then go after Pizza Gate! these evil predator’s are for real, starting with Podesta and his brother, according to reports on you tube…check it out


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