IMPOSSIBLE: Senate Just REJECTED Trump’s Hurricane Relief and Passed Something EVEN BIGGER

Source: Gage Skidmore

It looks like President Donald Trump has inspired the people in Congress to go the extra mile for the people they represent. Remember how Trump just negotiated that Hurricane relief package of $8.9 Billion with the Dems? Yeah, not anymore…

Don’t get me wrong, the Hurricane relief package with no political games attached that Trump got us was passed. However, the Senate change the amount to $15 Billion.

The measure passed 80-17. Not only that, but Trump managed to get EVERY Democrat and most Republicans to vote with him on it.

This is an absolutely unprecedented display of bipartisanship and it is ALL thanks to the leadership of President Trump. When the first Hurricane Relief bill was proposed, the Republicans wanted taxes attached and the Dems wanted DACA attached.

Trump put his foot down and said, “No Way!” He was not gonna let the American people, his people suffer for some stupid political games. He took Pelosi and Schumer to his office and within no time he had them all agreeing to put America First.

What happened today is a lesson America needs to learn. We can work together to achieve great things if we put our country before ourselves. Help share this out and let the world see what winning looks like.


  1. Had the RINO’s not let Obama double our national debt from ten Trillion to TWENTY TRILLION, the AID for Storm Victims could have been much more. It should be clear to everyone that Trump will SAVE AMERICA.

    • Spot on! It will be generations before this country recovers from Barack Hussein – if it ever can. After 8 years of the implementation of the Cloward-Piven Strategy, it will be amazing if the country has the resiliency to bounce back. Donald Trump is our only hope.

  2. Well, what a nice surprise. It is so much better to work with our President. Everything flows and there ‘s no bickering. Hey, McConnell it’s so nice you got this through. You can work and get things done. Thank you

  3. Is our President great or what,the two worst people he could deal with and hate him the most, he has brought them into the light,not holding a grudge like many do but patiently waiting to put them on the right track!!! Amazing, the best way to kill your enemy!?, make them your friend!!!

  4. Wow that’s less than half of what foreign lobbyists dumped on the senate and congress over the past 9 years . From Saudi alone .. And they stole 7.6 times that amount from social security for a bunch of refugees that hate Americans.. When the damages in Houston alone are over 100 billion. So 15% ? I’m not that impressed .. But wth ? Its a good show right ?

  5. I was under the impression that is what they are supposed to do all the time. Is put the American people first. Good going. It takes everyone to work together and forget the petty little hurts. Please show America you are the adults we elected and not the first graders we were getting.

  6. Some times you gotta spank the kiddies butts to get them to do what is necessary. This time Pres spanked the Repubs with a Devilcrat paddle to get them to come alive and do what is necessary for America. Time they got their act togeather.

  7. This is why I voted for President Trump…he is going to be a great President…inch by inch there will be more working together than fighting against each other…in two years it will be black and white…(no racists inferred) night and day…it’s time we all become the great nation of Americans that we are, always have been and shall be in the future… God Bless our Nation, President Trump, his family and lets just get along for a is not meant for strife…

    • He already is doing great things – only not reported by the despicable media: Since the Inauguration on January 20th the DOW rose 6.5%. (It was at 19,827 at January 20th and reached 21,115 on March 1st.)
      * The DOW took just 66 days to climb from 19,000 to above 21,000, the fastest 2,000 point run ever. The DOW closed above 19,000 for the first time on November 22nd and closed above 21,000 on March 1st.
      * The DOW closed above 20,000 on January 25th and the March 1st rally matched the fastest-ever 1,000 point increase in the DOW at 24 days.
      * The US Stock Market gained $2 trillion in wealth since Trump was elected!
      * The S&P 500 broke $20 Trillion for the first time in its history.
      * In the history of the DOW, going back to January 1901, the DOW record for most continuous closing high trading days was set in January of 1987 when Ronald Reagan was President. The DOW set closing highs an amazing 12 times in a row that month. On February 28th President Trump matched President Reagan when the DOW reached a new high for its 12th day in a row!

      President Trump decreased the US Debt in his first 100 days by $100 Billion. (President Obama increased the US debt in his first 100 days by more than $560 Billion.)

      The US Manufacturing Index soared to a 33 year high in this period which were the best numbers since 1983 under President Reagan.

      President Trump added 298,000 jobs in his first month alone (after President Obama said jobs were not coming back!).

      Housing sales are red-hot. In 2011, houses for sale were on the market an average 84 days. This year, it’s just 45 days.

      Illegal immigration is down 67% since President Trump’s Inauguration.

      NATO announced Allied spending is up $10 Billion because of President Trump.

      After being nominated by President Trump, Constitutionalist Judge Neil Gorsuch was confirmed and sworn in as Supreme Court Justice in early April.

      The President has signed 66 executive orders, memoranda and proclamations as of April 19th, including:

      * Notifying Congress of a strike on Syria after it was reported that the country used gas on its citizens.
      * Dismantling Obama’s climate change initiatives.
      * Travel bans for individuals from a select number of countries embroiled in terrorist atrocities.
      * Enforcing regulatory reform.
      * Protecting Law enforcement.
      * Mandating for every new regulation to eliminate two.
      * Defeating ISIS.
      * Rebuilding the military.
      * Building a border wall.
      * Cutting funding for sanctuary cities.
      * Approving pipelines.
      * Reducing regulations on manufacturers.
      * Placing a hiring freeze on federal employees.
      * Exiting the US from the TPP.

      In addition to all this, the President has met with many foreign leaders from across the globe including Xi from China, Abe from Japan, etc.

      The President also pointed out numerous times that the MSM (Main Stream Media) reports only on a made up Russia conspiracy story and ignores these accomplishments. These actions are making the majority of Americans aware of the tremendous bias in the media in the US and abroad. This too is another major Trump accomplishment.

      Winning, Winning, Winning!

  8. Now THIS is how our political representative on BOTH sides should work …. together, for the good of the American citizens they represent. I don’t live in TX (proud midwestener) but I think I speak for many from all states when I say thank you to both Democrats and Republican, and a very special thanks to Pres Trump for keeping the focus on what is important. My prayers and support continue to go out to Texas, and likewise Florida for a speedy recovery from the horrific hurricanes that are devastating their states.

  9. This is Great News! IF It makes it to ALL the people affected by Harvey & Erma`s predicted loss.
    If The Congress & Senate would pitch in with some of Their PERSONAL ACCOUNTS. I`d be even more impressed. It`s easy to spend someone else`s money with a thumbs up vote. Funds WE pay into Taxes.
    But, Really Stepping up! You know, Like President Trump did with his Million Dollar donation. I`m Not saying they should have to match exactly President Trump`s generous donation, But Some of that kick back money that they have stolen from “We the People”
    Wadda ya say? John McCain & Chucky Schumer? Isn`t it about time? After all, You`re making Our President Trump look good! We can`t have that now, can we?


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