JUSTICE WINS: New FBI Director Just Made Every Antifa a Criminal With Just Two Words

Source: White House

To anyone who has been to a Trump rally or even watched an internet video, there can be ZERO doubt that Antifa are a bunch of dangerous and violent psychopaths using force to destroy our country. That much is a fact.

Now, those anarchists who prey on ignorant Liberal teens have been SMASHED one final time that will shut them down for sure:

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security have declared Antifa a “Domestic Terror” Organization!

This is actually NOT a recent discovery, either. It turns out the FBI and DHS determined back in 2016 that Antifa was a terror organization and began warning states back then of the danger they posed.

Still, many Dems saw these Alt-Left extremists as “allies” in the fight against the Republicans and decided to IGNORE the warning.

Thanks to the Label, however, the new FBI Director Christopher Wray is working overtime to put all the known Antifa on the Terror Watch List to prevent them from creating WMDs and traveling overseas to get “anarchy training” in Greece and Italy.

So now the ball is in the Democrat court. They were so ready to say Trump was WRONG to call Antifa violent and dangerous. It turns out the FBI agreed with Trump even back then. Help share this major report everywhere and put Antifa away once-and-for-all.


  1. This is awesome news. Now that the FBI and the DHS have jointly labeled ANTIFA a domestic terrorist organization, when anyone of these people are arrested, they will be facing automatic federal charges which will bring lengthy federal prison sentences when found guilty.

    • Yeah Right!! Keep on dreaming….this idiots will be doing nothing but patting them on the back and telling them not to do it again. This whole justice system is a farce.

        • TERI- Ernesto is right. Although I am a bigTrump
          supporter, it may be a new leader, a new regime,
          it’s STILL the same lib judges, that will continue
          to do as they do now- NOTHING!!

      • I think you’re speaking of bleeding heart liberal judges Ernesto, I’m sure that the feds get sick and tired of arresting criminals and watching liberal judges set them free!

  2. Unmask these thugs, you just might find wanted criminals behind these masks. If they violate the law ,put them in jail. Enough of the pacification.

      • I agree Teri…..nobody gives anybody a chance anymore….If they would all shut up and let the guys in power lead maybe, just maybe we could actually MAGA…..But then Ernesto is probably one of the protestors paid by George Soreass…..

      • CHERYL- many states already have those laws.
        Ga has had one for over 50 years to combat
        the hoods of the KKK. That’s why you don’t see the clan wearing full hoods. It just happens that the left chooses NOT to enforce them.

      • CHERYL- many states already have those laws.
        Ga has had one for over 50 years to combat
        the hoods of the KKK. That’s why you don’t see the clan wearing full hoods. It just happens that the left chooses NOT to enforce them. I hope this
        will help Leo do

      • Bull shit there is already to much government over reach we are supposed to be a free country. The government and justice dept needs to #1 obey the damn law themselves #2 enforce the laws that are already in place. If they did that we wouldn’t have a problem

  3. Good!! I hope the FBI and DHS will keep Bill Ayers, founder of domestic terror organizationm Weathermen Underground, in their sights, too. I have a feeling ANTIFA is not going “overseas to get anarchy training”.

  4. I believe they are use germ warfare, with the mixture of pee and human waste to throw on American citizens…and if it got in your eyes or mouth well it could be very bad..these folks need to be arrested and charged with felons, big ones,no bond set and at least 5 years in prison…you can not attack people for who they voted for in America…they carry baseball bats and cover there face with masks..some people think they are great, but just wait untill the bat comes your way , for the color of your skin , or the clothes your wearing, or wear you live….or go to school…it will happen the more power they get the more they want….

    • i agree no masks that shows they want to commit crimes when they are wearing masks so no one can see who they are on camera’s. to avoid getting arrested later by police.

  5. Great! Now let me actually see about 50 of these anarchists actually arrested, tried, convicted and put behind bars for more than a weekend. The Bolsheviks had nothing on our current crop of revolutionaries.

  6. Outstanding! And when these punks show up at peaceful rallies to cause problems, we can now shoot them dead because they are Terrorists! Love it!

  7. Any Group that rallies, marches, causes damage to property private and public and attacks the public and is “Masked and Disguised” are TERRORISTS ! This includes the Idiots in White Robes and Hoods.
    Any one these Terrorists with anything that can be interpreted as a WEAPON should be SHOT on SITE!
    Ok Ok start out with Rubber Bullets and Pepper ball shots to GROIN First!

  8. People who come to protest and wear masks, carry weapons and use liquids to spray at people’s faces are combatants! Arrests and prosecutions for the violent acts is surely warranted. Antifa is nothing but a hate group no better than the KKK!
    They both hide their hatefulness under cloaks and disguises!

  9. To have the FBI declare a group as “domestic terror” is one thing but when we look at the states and their attitude on federal law the states tend to ignore that law. Take a look at how they enforce(???) the illegal people in this country. Sanctuary and benefits.


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