LIBERAL FREAK OUT: Trump May Change CRUCIAL Refugee Law For First Time in THIRTY YEARS

Source: Youtube, CNN

President Trump has been a strong critic of America’s current immigration system, which he, and many of his supporters, see as far too relaxed. President Trump has been particularly critical of the refugee system and has famously attempted to implement a temporary refugee ban on 6 high-risk countries.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments over the legality of the ban in October. But until then, senior Trump officials have been advising the president to simply lower the total quota for refugees.

Trump had set the cap at 50,000 in July, but has the option of resetting the number every October 1. The number has not been less than 50,000 since 1980. The quota Obama set for 2016 was 110,000.

The New York Times reports Trump has seriously been considering this option, even referencing that Trump’s senior adviser for policy, Stephen Miller, has been pushing for a lower refugee quota.

This sounds like a great potential policy to limit the influx of refugees- one that the liberal courts can’t find a way to work around. If you agree with this kind of policy, show your support by SHARING!

(h/t The Hill)


  1. He should lower it. If the Supreme Court rules as they should he will be able to eliminate it in many cases. America needs to look after herself instead of doing as Europe is doing which is regret allowing even one so called refugee in. If they need to go why not to other Middle Eastern countries??? I mean they share religions and life styles so why can’t they take them???? Well I know one reason just look at what the Palestinians did when in those Nations. The same thing these so called Refuhgees are doing in Europe destroying everything they can. So Trump should stop all people from those Nations from entering America forever if they cannot prove they are safe to enter this country.


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