Mike Pence Walked Into FEMA And Made A Four Word Promise That’s SWEEPING The Nation

Source: Youtube, CBS

Vice President Mike Pence spent the weekend with President Trump and his Cabinet making plans to address Hurricane Irma and addressing other major governance concerns. On Sunday Pence visited the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) headquarters to get an understanding of the progress of the federal government’s relief effort.

Pence was caught by reporters at FEMA and said something that should give everyone faith in the Trump Administration:

“Wherever Hurricane Irma goes, we’ll be there first [with] the resources and support to save lives and to help and recover.”

“This is a very dangerous storm, life-threatening. … Clearly, the briefing this morning caused the president to have great concern. … The people of Florida need to know that our hearts and prayers and all of our efforts will be with them until this storm passes.

Check out the whole video here:

Do we have some great people in the White House or what? This is an administration that is doing its utmost to protect American lives and mitigate all possible damage.

For his part, President Trump has been monitoring the storm closely from Fort David and tweeting out words of support and evacuation advice to those in Irma’s path. One tweet Saturday evening was particularly reassuring:

Irma has made landfall and is making its way up the west coast of Florida and our president and his team has our back! SHARE it out so everyone can see!

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  1. According to a few personal sources of my own, FEMA has not begun to settle with the victims of Sandy and i wouldn’t be surprised to learn they are horribly remiss on other disasters as well. I’m not impressed with the service i’ve heard they offer.

      • The guillotines probably are real. Every office on the planet has desk guillotines for cutting paper. So FEMA probably does have thousands. But the only danger is to secretaries fingers and to all those sheets of paper that end getting sliced.

  2. Fema help would’ve been nice. Especially while it was thin picking on the grocery store shelves. My daughter and I would’ve loved to have eaten some mre’s because we would’ve had a hot meal after the storm. When the president and Vice President were brought down here, they were taken to Naples. It got hit by the eyewall of the storm. Guess what? 30 miles north of Naples is where I live and the eye went over me as well. Monroe and Collier Counties were not the only 2 hardest hit counties. 15 minutes west of SWFIA is Lehigh Acres that was so flooded that only Swampbuggies, jacked up trucks and boats were the only ones going in and out. This isn’t towards the President and Vice President but those that coordinated where President Trump was taken to. Fema is paying for generators,loss of food, loss of homes,etc… Where is my money at for buying a 7000 watt generator? Where is my reimbursement from fema that not only did I use my gas to try to stay as comfortable as possible by 2 hours on,2 hours off that I also allowed other neighbors to plug into my generator to run 2 extra refrigerators almost burning up my generator to help out while we were being ignored. Irma was 400 miles wide and did a lot more damage to more than 2 counties. Today was the first time since maybe 1 1/2 weeks before Irma hit that we were able to buy a multipack of bottled water to have in our home. Water was hard to find with stores charging up to $35.00 for a case of water! Yep. Once again, fema nor the national guard came by to drop off water or food. If it wasn’t for my church, my family and I would’ve been screwed!

    • Once I received power and cable, I was happy to see our Potus & Flotus serving food in Naples. Happy that they were quicker at turning on the power this time compared to the 4 Weeks it took once Charlie hit. Things most likely wouldn’t have been as chaotic as it was if the news companies wouldn’t keep hyping everything up telling over half the state of Florida to leave their homes. Then telling everyone that if you don’t leave, you will die! The news companies are well known for telling faux news as they usually do on everything else. I stayed at home even though I’m in part b flood zone in Lee county. I told my wife a week before the storm hit that we were going to get it. I never will trust the meteorologist when they say the storm will not hit Florida. Especially being I’ve seen it several times before. Over 2 Weeks the news stations said that the hurricane was going to hit the east coast only. 2 days before they decided it was going to hit the west coast.

      News channels need to be limited to the drama they bring on during and before natural disasters. Fema, future reference, there are more areas than just those crawling with illegal immigrants. There are more areas of storm damage than a couple places in one county. There are still hungry and thirsty people that you have ignored.


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