Moments Ago Trump Met With The Democrats at White House To Do Something Totally UNEXPECTED


Trump is holding a meeting with lawmakers from both sides of the aisle this Wednesday in the White House. After the meeting, Trump told the media that he is looking to get a 15 percent corporate rate to keep the country competitive.

He says that he wants to focus on tax cuts for working class Americans. He said that the rich may have to pay more money. It’s a brilliant move by Trump and a clear play on the Democrats who have been saying this same stuff all year.

Trump will now meet with Democrat leaders tonight at the White House. President Trump plays chess and the RINO’s and working with the Democrats to get things passed.

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  1. Lowering taxes in this country is something that is really needed but there is another way. Go through that stupidly long tax code and remove it, take away those things the wealthy can skip paying on but the poor and middle class cannot qualify to use. Then you could lower taxes and still have more income to the government to stop this runaway debt that we cannot hope to keep up.

  2. Well he is a very smart man. President Trump will get it done!! He has had so much on his plate in the 9mounths as PRESIDENT God Bless you sir Thank you for everything that you have fought for.

  3. Corporations create jobs for the working class, keep taxes low so corporations will stay in America. Corporations are not bad. Non-workers are bad and have bankruped America and have little or no work ethic. It’s shamful that most Americans are lawless and understand nothing about being productive citizens. No more refugees or immigrants until Americans are back to work, deportation for those here that seek to harm Americans.


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