Moments Before NFL Sunday Started, the President Stood Up and Did What NOBODY Saw Coming

Source: Wikimedia Commons

On Friday night President Trump declared war on all NFL players who kneel during the national anthem. The athletes told him to back off. The league told him to back off. The media told. Celebrities told him to back off. But what did he do? He hit back harder!

Early this morning, at the crack of dawn, the President got out of bed, grabbed his trusty phone, and let the world know that NFL fans should STOP going to the games until they respect the flag AND they should fire or suspend anyone who breaks the rule.

Those are some VERY harsh words from the President, who has never hidden his feelings about athletes kneeling during the national anthem. He has made it clear that protest is fine (just look around the country), but disrespecting those who have given their lives for our great nation to do it is now.

Look, the president is not trying to arrest these athletes. They didn’t break the law. He is also not punishing the teams who defend them since they have EVERY right to do so. He is simply voicing his opinion that it should be taken more seriously.

Just like the President, each and every one of you is entitled to voice that opinion thanks to the First Amendment. So tell us what you think. Should the NFL suspend or fire these athletes or should they be allowed to kneel during the national anthem? Oh, and help spread this everywhere. 😉


      • AMEN… I am sick and tired of these Satan worshipping players and pitiful actors in hollyweird that are simply trying promote that [evil is good and good is bad]…I will never attend or watch an NFL or NBA game again…I am also boycotting the movie industry as well…along with any business entity such as Starbucks, which I will never purchase again…I will make my own coffee…Thank you very much…

        Its’ time to should sides and I choose Jesus and our Heavenly Father every time…GOD bless America and I am black so I don’t want to hear this mess about these so called unprivileged athletes…Why haven’t they been protesting when Obama, Bush, and Clinton were in office…Why now???

        This is nothing but the deep state/Globalist agenda sending their puppets out to do their dirty work yet again and there will be a special place in Hell for all of them…

        • exactly, God Bless Mr. Trump the first president of United State that really and truthfully care about his people and his country only. I am not living in United State but I adore Mr. Trump for being Patriate for American. I am sorry for those American that doesn’t appreciate of having such a truthful president.

        • Ic116235, I agree with you wholeheartedly. How dare a bunch of overpaid, ungrateful bunch of atheletes show such disrespect. I remember when they were supposed to be examples, some example they’re setting for our youth. I boycotted Starbucks, along with several other businesses and what was once considered special people in the movie industry can hang it up as far as I am concerned. Have you noticed it seems to be more of the PRIVILEDGED complaining and stirring the pot of discontent? I don’t get it.

        • Thank you – I am with you. If we are to make America great again – We must stand and fight too. Our Servicemen and women are fighting to keep our freedoms and here at home it seems we are being challenged to fight too. I am in and ready.

          • You are right ,Blue Iris.
            We are being called out to fight here at home . As Franklin Graham explains, Prayers are the first line of defence. Get God involved to help us. The Bible explains that there is spiritual warfare going on here on Earth. The demonic forces are real. Through our intercession as Christians, we can actually carry a meaningful fight right back to them. Our belief gives us powers over them they can hardly comprehend.

        • They are probably protesting now because the man who is president has been verbally time and time again racist in his rantings. No other president has gone on social media to call anyone an sOB.

          • How has he been racist? He has loyal employees from numerous races. He has place women in top positions in his companies. By upholding the law of our country as in immigration and building a wall to protect the country many have deemed him racist. They write their own laws and then call anyone who upholds the laws of our nation a racist. I guess you fall in this group.

          • Gerri Devine……you are so full of ‘used horse food’! NEVER has this President been racist…VERY UNLIKE the previous president who
            ACTED OUT his racism day after day! His language may be a bit colorful………..but that isn’t racism……you DOTARD!

          • Maybe not on Social Media, but back in the Harry Truman Presidency, It was Big Front Page headlines, that Truman called General Douglas MacArthur, a SOB. I was a small child that could read early, and I remember that well.

          • President Trump has NEVER said or done anything that reflects that he is racist! In face, he is one of the most UN-racist people I have ever encountered. Trump always stands up for what he feels is right and fair, and we should be so grateful to have a man of his quality at the helm of our government. I’m ready for all you liberals and haters to go somewhere else on this planet where you can be with imbeciles exactly like you!!!

          • The time for political correctness has passed. The president is absolutely right and if I have ever seen a person who is NOT racist it is this president. You are only spewing the foul main stream media hype and the country is sick and tired of it.

          • It seems to me that you believe what the mainstream media, the left and the Democrats want you to believe! That is the message they want all to believe, that President Trump is racist, evil, and all such negative responses. I have not found any of this to be true. Sure, he can let his mouth run away from him from time to time. But he loves America and We the People and is doing what he promised to bring America back to greatness. Why don’t you research and see what the President has done for our country and just what he is intending to do? Just because all the ones who are trying to ruin President Trump say that he is racist does not make him that!

        • lc116235 I know I used to keep a big shopping list, and go to the nearest Walmart (35 miles…yep I’m country) to shop once a month. But after hearing about their donations to Dems, Clintons and Obama…..I am scouring small neighborhood stores, to find stuff that I can use and do with Wally World! Enough is Enough…..tired of being the so called ‘silent majority!’ They heard us in the election….evidently thought it was just a fluke and are trying to get rid of us………..not going to happen! When no one goes to movies, subscribes to leftie news, refuses to attend games, etc……..maybe then they will realise that we aren’t so silent anymore!

        • Amen my fellow American. Very well said. The deep state// Globalists are hard at work doing the bidding of Soros, Clinton, Obama. The ANTIFA , BLM and so on are getting funded by these Godless Traitors. Like others though, I wonder what these well paid athletes and elite actors etc. are getting out of it. If they really feel convicted in what they say, then surely they need our prayers as well as our censure. Our athletes have always been some of the US’s most respected heroes. Our kids aspired to walk in their shoes one day. Surely the selling out of America by part of the left is not something they understand is being done. They should study the results in France and England. Perhaps they do not know they have become a part of that?

        • Well said brother in the name of Jesus Christ, our King, our Lord, and our Savior! Those players for what ever sport should be thankful, content, and grateful for the gift that God created them with. To have the ability to play at that level, and make the kind of income that most people can only dream of! They should leave politics out of their job. Make their negative comments on their own time! They need to support our Country! If not they need to be humbled by taking their privileges away like playing in whatever sport they are playing in, taking their huge salaries away! and if they don’t like this country, they need to move to another county that is a better fit for them!

        • God bless you. I agree with you. I have friends of all races and color, but what is right is for all. they need to appreciate our great country. We have military who can’t stand or kneel because they have lost their limbs protecting everyone

        • Mam I’m with u, I don’t care about a persons color, if ur a Christian then ur my family, my sister or brother and only our Father should really be counted and of corse His Holy Son, Jesus and lastly His Spirit, The Holy Spirit, Bless Almighty God… Amen !!

    • I agree 100% to our President of OUR US. If they protest, take half of their pay and divide it up to the widows who lost their husbands fighting for our country. Let them see what real life is. OR, make them all spend 2 years in Afganistan, Iraq or how about sending them to North Korea. You asked for my opinion? That is it!!!!!

    • Absolutely Correct!!! Americans died for that Flag and our Country!!! Now these wimpy girlie men disrespect it!! Like the President said they should be fired!!

    • Just turned off my TV for the season. It’s disgraceful to see million dollar athletes not respect our country! Shame on them! Men and women gave their lives so these guys have the freedom to play.

    • By standing up for our national anthem is respecting the men and women who has given their life for this country. It is respecting our flag our national anthem and our country. For those who want to protest they can do it live on TV in front of everybody before or after the game. Do not use our national anthem as a dime for your protest

    • Agreed. Stand with respect and pride. Kneel? Get out and get drafted to Afghanistan. Respect your country. Or leave. No games for all of us until kneeling is band!!!

    • I served both in the Army and the Navy. I don’t consider myself a hero or anything else, but I have been in all kinds of countries all over the world, and I will tell you, the American flag is respected in must places I have been, even when it was hated. I have seen people shot in the street for not standing up AND cheering for the people in charge! I have more respect for the lowest grunt who respects the flag and this country than any ball player, or anyone else who will not stand and show respect for our country, and the flag. I wonder how many of them would run to the sounds of the guns knowing that the chance they will not survive is greater than not. How would they handle it when they have to go and tell the Mother or Wife of one of those people that he will not be coming home with the rest of us any more. Think about it…..Yours, Harold

    • One NFL player whose name I believe is Bennett, gives the Black Power Salute every time he knocks down a white player. What would happen if the white players turned around & gave the white power salute which does exist?

      • The left has labeled the OK hand sign as white supremacy, last 3 fingers form a w! They claim the minorities are suppressed. This country has provided them with housing, food, clothing, IPhones, laptops, TVs, schooling, college, jobs, sports fame. When Betsy DeVos goes to their schools and wants them to have better opportunities, they try to lock her out, holler, walkout, very disrespectful. We have to work for what we have and are thankful to have jobs, give to charities, volunteer, raise our families to respect others, love and respect for our country, and are thankful to be free in the greatest country in the world. These atheletes need to put their money and spare time to serve in underprivileged neighborhoods and make a difference in their lives, not mock the privilege to be an American and other Americans who are thankful for those who have sacrificed to serve our country and show their patriotism at sporting events. Make a difference not a spectacle of yourselves.

    • The President is right to give his opinion on this. Some years ago I had a first cousin that played for the Green Bay Packers, Boy those were the days, today many of the players are thugs and the game is not the same it has been totally ruined. I do not think it will ever come b ack like when Dallas Cowboys were America’s team and Roger Stalhback (hope I spelled his name right) served in the Armed Forces and then played football.
      Folks those days are gone. If you don’r believe me look up what Franklin Graham has to say about America

    • Exactly, that’s the way it should be, respect for all those that made it possible for the millionaires to play with a ball, what a bunch of losers.

    • I agree! If you are American or a want to be you need to stand and salute the Flag and our National Anthem! The only people who do not stand should be infants who can’t, and handicapped persons in wheelchairs. Everyone else should be standing on their feet!

    • That is what I feel also. They are here & get to have all they are given as an AMERICAN so they shouldn’t be allowed to be disrespectful to our FLAG & our NATIONAL ATHEM !!!!!!!

  1. I believe in respecting my country our national anthem means a lot two Americans when you kneel you also disrespect our military I wish you could understand that and if you do then you just don’t care that’s a big problem for me

    • AMEN… I am sick and tired of these Satan worshipping players and pitiful actors in hollyweird that are simply trying promote that [evil is good and good is bad]…I will never attend or watch an NFL or NBA game again…I am also boycotting the movie industry as well…along with any business entity such as Starbucks, which I will never purchase again…I will make my own coffee…Thank you very much…

      Its’ time to choose sides and I choose Jesus and our Heavenly Father every time…GOD bless American and I am black so I don’t want to hear this mess about these so called unprivileged athletes…Why haven’t they been protesting when Obama, Bush, and Clinton were in office…Why now???

      This is nothing but the deep state/Globalist agenda sending their puppets out to do their dirty work yet again and their will be a special place in Hell for all of them…May GOD bless our beloved Mr President Trump for standing up to this evil madness..

  2. Well I agree with the President. I can’t watch football any more because of the disrespect of our flag our troops and our police. This is my second year of boycotting the NFL. Sure am glad for the PBR. Gives me something exciting to watch where the Cowboys never take a knee except to thank God for a safe ride. Got to love those Cowboys.

    • We need to boycott the NBA as well that worthless pos from the golden state warriors refused to go to the White House after winning the championship and President Trump told him and his team to stay away then! I should be considered an honor to go to the White House, but if these babies want to play that way we’ll boycott them as well!!!

    • Janet Satterwhite….you are so right…Watch REAL MEN at a RODEO taking on animals that could kill them with one kick or crush them if they fell on them. RODEO is America’s first game!!! I grew up in that atmosphere and love it still….Amerian values, American repect, you name it!!

  3. If they kneel or sit. Then sit out the entire game with no pay, regardless of the outcome of the game.
    Problem solved in about 2 days.
    Make it a rule for all teams .

  4. Mr. President

    With the exception of my adopted state’s own Dallas Cowboys. I refuse to watch another game. I will continue to watch “America’s Team” because Jerry Jones has already said that he will not put up with their BS


  5. I back President Trump 100%! Politics and sports do not go together. I say for all who don’t want to stand for our Anthem then stay in the locker room until the Anthem has been played then come out. If you intend on taking a knee on the field then you should be fired. You are on the job! You get paid for our entertainment! I don’t want to see all this disrespectfulness going on,this is not what I paid for!!!

  6. All Americans should show respect to the American flag. If not, they should be shown the door out of the country, especially these over-paid athletes who think the country owes them respect.

  7. To start with I only know of or heard of only a couple of pro-athletes that did anything to help or support the victims of Harvey and Jose. That being said these protest will only last until the owners have to reach in their own pockets to make pay roll before we see a change. With tickets sales and tv viewership on a downhill slide the companies that buy the ad time on tv will bail as their profits start to drop but ad cost don’t. And after the commish stated that it’s disrespectful to talk to these over paid gamers, but it’s not disrespectful to dis. our flag and national anthem. I wonder when sports became more important than the country that allows u the opportunity to get those million dollar contracts. Gee is this the start of rollerball?

  8. The American flag represents all Americans “We the People” just as the US Constitution does. Ironically disrespecting the flag is showing disrespect for all Americans including themselves. Protesting peacefully is a first Amendment right and their cause is just yet they’re essentially protesting themselves when disrespecting the American flag. Perhaps finding another way to express yourselves and fight for your cause. Protesting the American flag is causing more hate and discontent among Americans and not helping to further a cause for Racial equality.

  9. Our President is a businessman and as such he understands this from the corporate ownership of these teams regardless of the sport. And while as private individuals they have every right to protest and express their views, but as a player they have signed a contract and they have to abide by that. Doing anything that is seen to infringee on that corporations income, or to tarnish such, is a reason to be fired. We are not talking First amendment rights here and I so wish people who keep saying that would maybe read it once. Now can we get on with important things. Politics and sports are like water and oil…..they don’t mix no matter what you do!

  10. Everyone has the right to express their opinions but not on my dime. I want to see the game not political statements so I will boycott the NFL. College so far hasn’t got this idea.

  11. God Bless Our President Trump shame on the people who do not stand for our flag! Honor your military who died and serve our country! Honor your country USA! Leave if you don’t I have no use for you if you don’t support our flag!

    • It is their right to protest, however Football is an entertainment venue, such as going to the movies. If I want to watch political views and protest, I can turn on the news or join in. Football is entertainment!!

  12. If they are not reprimanded or suspended for their disrespect of our flag the next thing will be that our National Anthem will no longer be sung at the games. A 150 year tradition will be gone because of these arrogant young privileged multimillionaires who think they are standing for something. Keep your issues and political rants off the field. Boycott the games until their managers stop the NFL & NBA players from disrespecting our flag that affords them so much.

  13. If I want political feedback I will go to their rallies, If I want entertainment I will go to games, movies, dinner theaters and so forth. I will not waste my hard earned money to watch some ungrateful millionaire show their disrespect for the men and women who fight everyday so these asholes can have that right. So I will not be going to games, movies these certain actors act in.or watching any awards shows, beauty pageants. Or any other entertainment these people use as a platform.

  14. God Bless you President TRUMP for telling it like it is. You players make millions, and it is we the people that pay your wages, come on guys show some respect. Most all of us like sports and we want to be proud of you players, but were not for what some of you are doing. Come on follow the rules.

  15. Its easy for pro athletes, and entertainers to disrespect the flag and counttry because the majority have never done anything for the country or anyone else. They think its ok to disrespect the men and woman who have spent most of their life to serve and protect them so they can line their pockets, and convincing themselves that they matter. There are all kinds of ways to protest, but
    They have picked the most agreegist possible way. I agree with the President, and aparently the majority of America, otherwisehow can you account for the low attendence at football games, and

  16. I’m with Pres. Trump!!! I USED to watch football every Sunday but being a NAVY MOM, I don’t anymore. They want to protest, that’s fine but do it on their time!! They’re paid BIG MONEY to play a sport, to where our MILITARY DOES NOT to defend our country!!!! Maybe they should have to go to the VA OR talk to some that have been in the military, maybe then they’ll undetstand.

  17. To kneel during the national anthem shows great disrespect to those who died to make America free; there are much better ways to protest!

  18. I agree with President Trump 100%. Pro athletes are paid millions of dollars to play a game and they are role models to alot of young people in our country. What kind of example is this setting for our young Americans and the rest of the world. Men and women have fought and gave their lives for the freedoms we, as Americans, have. Why disrespect this. I know they have a right to say what they want but who gave them this right? The persons who have fought defending America and our way of life.

  19. If I was at a game a nd they did that, I would leave after the National Anthem. That is like spitting in our servicemen faces. I won’t put up with it. Don’t have to watch any football game.God bless President Trump and the USA.

    • What is wrong with you? These overpaid, whiny football players have the right to their opinion, on their own time. We, the ticket-buying public, pay their salaries and we want to be entertained not preached at! The president wants these big babies to pay respect to the country that lets them play for a living and no more.

      Trump wants us to be like Russia? How? You should stop drinking so early in the day!

    • If I’m reading you right, you need to go hide under your bed,not showing your face. If we let these ignorant players have there way, it soon wull be a commie country!!!

  20. I agree ,if you are an American then it should be an honor to you to stand and show your respect and pride for your country. Very simple to understand.Standing for your country and flag is part of the game.

    • Thank you! Oh, yes! Thank you! Having served in the military during the Viet Nam Conflict, I have seen far too much disrespect for this country and for those who have served … many who have given their all! That our “sports heroes” (choke! gasp!) would believe they have the right to disrespect our flag infuriates me!

      I wonder what they would do if they ever had to live for even a week in many of the nations in which our soldiers have lived and will live for months … or even years! I wonder if they realize that the lives of flood victims for whom President Trump is providing through FEMA are more important than the disrespect and racial abuse they believe they have endured!

      Some disrespect! They are paid millions while so many who do much more of value to the citizens of our nation receive a miniscule wage in comparison!

      With sports moguls and paid thugs working tirelessly to destroy this country I wonder what will come next! And, it is for this reason I pray, for only God has the answers!

  21. God bless our country and our President. Politics and sports should stay separate. I support not watching, going or supporting those that don’t support and respect our country and our anthem and flag that represent our country.

  22. If you are a true American and you love your country and your freedom ,then you would respect your Flag of colors than so many past and present fought and died for and their National Anthem that gives you real chills when it is sang then, disrespecting them would not be an issue. The Flag never hurt anyone and neither did the National Anthem , so WHY DO IT , unless you are trying to get in the lime light and cause a big stink which you have done . But True Americans will not turn our backs on our country no matter what

  23. what is wrong with people..this is the country that made them rich.above all they should have respect.,i say boycott..sports should not be political

  24. Blessings on the man who tells it like it is. Spots used to be a patriotic event we could enjoy. These jokers are making millions of $ and won’t even respect the men & women who were paid only hundreds and for some, their lives to keep these anti-Americans free to disrespect that sacrifice.

  25. Danny, the President is doing what most of American want. Stop the disrespect of our flag and country. If you want the NFL players to protest, than give them a sign and put the on the street corner. They have ruined the NFL and commissioner has been and fool. Most Americans are laughing at you idiots.

  26. Thank you Mr President! At least you speak out and take up for all real heroes. Maybe the IR should investigate their tax returns.

  27. Time for the people to have their say. fire them they need to stand at the national anthem. If they do not like what it stands for they should not be making money from the people who stand up for their right for respect and honor for the ones that died so they could do what they do. Fire them and boycott the teams not showing honor to the flag and men and women who died so they could kneel.

  28. Way to go President Trump! About time someone told it like it is. These spoiled, millionaire brats are only ‘ ‘that’ because of what our flag stands for. We are die-hard football fans but until something changes we are not watching. Need to hit them in their wallets.

  29. Boycott the NFL! If they can “Sit Out” on respecting Our Country and Service Men and Women, then we can “Sit Out” on them. “STAND UP” for Our Nation

  30. I agree with President Trump. Yes that is your right to kneel, but where is your respect. You aren’t doing this for Trump you are doing this for all those who went, when you didn’t. Thousands and thousands have lost their lives for my freedom and yours. Yes, for you Curry, James, and all others who deem it necessary to kneel. Very unappreciative. I think it is their minute of attention.

  31. We do all have freedom of speech but not at work. When you are on the job, you behave as is appropriate for the job, and as your boss and position demands. These idiots are making millions to do a JOB! What the hell is wrong with the owners and the NFL? I’m with Trump!

  32. There is to much hate in this Country and it has to stop. The reason that the players are not standing is because of the shootings between cops and blacks, but when you pull a knife or a gun on a cop what is he supposed to do? He has to defend himself and other citizens. If the courts think he is guilty they will prosecute, but we can’t have people running around breaking the law and for the ones who don’t stand you are not making a good showing to our future athletes. Think before you react your kids are watching you.

  33. Fire all of them. You stand for our nation by respecting our Flag. No excuses. You were hired to play FOOTBALL. What you do on your own time is free but when you play ball you are working for the owners. No exceptions. That is your job.

  34. I usually watch at least one NFL game a week. I am and always will be a Buffalo Bills fan. Because of the recent political climate in the NFL I will be watching college football only this season.
    The lack of respect that so many NFL players, owners and especially overpaid Roger Goodell have for our country, it’s flag and national anthem sickens me.
    Since when does disrespect and fists unify any organization?
    Only wish more NFL owners would take a stand and squelch all the overt field demonstrations of hate like Jerry Jones has done. I’m so disappointed in the Pegulas right now.

  35. I’m with my President 100%. It just makes me sick to see these salaries that no damn man is worth disrespect our flag and national anthem, when our men and women are dying to protect our country. Your a damn disgrace.

  36. Any athlete that neals down during the national anthem is a disgusting individual the same goes for the fist pumping guys they should not be paid fot that game if they neal or fist pump

  37. I agree with President Trump, I have already stop watching and until the NFL stands up and tell the players to stand or they will be fined or suspended with out pay. The NFL is going to continue to lose revenue and the high dollars players are going to lose their incomes.

  38. They should stand reverently. They are showing disrespect for our flag, our military, who bled and died, and still
    do today, to give them this option ; so,
    Instead of showing rebellion and disregard and disrespect, we all should stand if we are able. Cut off the money, it will change. They are selfish and self/ serving. They are poor role models!

  39. Nope don’t fire them it’s their right to protest , buts it’s our right as patriotic Americans to stop going to games , stop watching on tv and stop supporting the products that advertise during these NFL games , they can’t disrespect our flag and our country if we take away their platform !

  40. Please stand, we need your help you are a example to the young people it is not about you are what you believe it is about the future generation you are making it more difficult does every member of just your family approve I doubt it, what will be next

  41. I agree with Trump! Take politics and political activism out of the game. Just play football that’s what I turned the game on for, not to watch someone making political statements!

  42. They need to respect the flag and the USA , our service boys and women has sacrificed their lives so they could be free to play ball and make all the money that they have so don’t be so greedy

  43. Yes, this country has allowed them to make millions. Our troops make minimal but are willing to give their lives for our Flag, our Country and Anthem. They need to get a chance to live in a country where they just hope to survive another day.
    I enjoy football but will no longer support teams who allow these pathetic spoiled young men to act stupid

  44. I agree with President Trump, all sports players should stand for our National Anthem. If they want respect as a player, then they should respect Old Glory and the National Anthem. It’s how they got there.

  45. They should be suspended until they can respect their countries flag and all of the Americans who are defending it and who have died for it. So should the leader who represents them. Folks they are high paid entertainers – that and nothing more


  47. The president is right. We need to show our commitment to our country and our Vet,s. I go a little harder. These that are showing disrespect now have shown their true colors. Even if they are made to stand I still know they do not support this country. I will not support, and I know others are with me, this kind of behavior. I will not spend any money or time on the NFL unless these players and higher ups are replaced! This could be your demise.
    My thanks to those coaches that love this country and their teams enough to teach them what’s right from wrong. GOOD JOB COACHES

  48. Anyone who kneels during the National Anthem should have to remain on those knees for the duration of the game each and every time they do it

  49. I think we all should respect our flag and they proud of America thank you President Donald Trump for having the courge to speak your mind America needs A strong president like you God bless you ..

    • Not we think Cecilia but we must show respect to our country and the flag. Thank you for standing with our President Trump. We all need to protest and teach the NFL players and sponsors a good lesson and this is the time to stand all together as one for our great nation the United States of America.

  50. Had it not been for our fallen and active Service men and women they would not be where they are today. This is America we respect and Defend our Country. And shouldn’t tolerate those that don’t. They are paid by hard working American people and to fail to respect our Country is to disrespect all of us.


  52. My family and my husband all served this great country and I feel it’s a personal insult when anyone doesn’t stand during the National Anthem. Protest all you want, just don’t do it while they play our National Anthem. That is a slap in the face of each and every military member, their family and their spouses especially the ones that never got to come home.

  53. These players live in a Country that gave them the opportunity to make millions play with a ballad yet they feel oppressed. I don’t see them are hear of them using those millions that they are protesting for. If each of them would sponsor one poverty stricken kid and help him or her to have a better life imagine what a difference it could make but no they want all of us middle class people to give up our hard earned money.

  54. I agree with President Trump if these players want RESPECT they have to earn it to get it. It is not just NFL MLB BASKETBALL HOCKEY……that goes for EVERY HUMAN LIFE ON THIS PLANET.

  55. I agree totally. If they have a grievance it’s their right BUT DON’T DISRESPECT THE FLAG AND WHAT IT STANDS FOR. They can show their dislike for what they think this country is doing or not doing, but do it in a positive way. Then maybe they’d get somewhere with it!!! NEVER DISRESPECT what gave you the freedom to disagree.

  56. What about “It offends me and I want this to stop”. This is our country, you get paid more in one year than most of those defending and some dying for this flag. You are (unfortunately) the men our kids look up to, you should let that be your reasoning. How can we pretend the past did not happen, we can’t. It did, but none of you were slaves either nor am I a plantation owner. I live check to check, day to day like most. I don’t feel responsible for your past nor should you be responsible for mine.

  57. I love the New Orleans Saints and look forward to watching . Today I will not watch any football. These ungrateful so called men ,should hang their heads with shame. The problem with them is ,they likely never lost anyone ,who has put their lives on the line for ,this great country and its legal citizens. God bless the USA and our military .

  58. I stand with the president! Boycott them. Soon they will feel the pinch when they no longer get their pay check. How long can the NFL, or any other organization, stand without income?
    They can protest on their own time, not on the field.

  59. I served my country and I’m very honored to stand and place my hand on my heart during the National Anthem. You just can’t fix stupid! Either honor our country or live elsewhere!

  60. If they want to kneel instead of stand for our flag which my husband gave 4 years of his life in WWII as a Navagator. Then let them stay in the locker room until the National Anthem is over.
    As for me I respect and love our country and flag.
    I will not watch the sports where this happens which I know they do not care.
    Maybe the draft for the armed services should come back and these athletes can be drafted into the military service where the will hardly earn enough for his family to live on instead of being drafted into his sport.

  61. What they do while no one is watching is their own business. What they do while people are paying to watch is the customers’ business, and it becomes the customers’ right to withhold their business. If I order a hamburger without onion, the server has the right to still put onion on the burger, but I have the right to refuse to eat or pay for it, and demand a refund if necessary.

  62. Protest on your own time. Disrespecting our flag and anthem has NOTHING to do with what your protesting. If you don’t like it here you have other options. And please take the media and celebrity and all those that are offended with you because they will not be missed.

  63. i agree 100% with the President on this have a little pride people , if you want to protest something protest for the homeless drug dealers, vets who have fought for your freedom something worth protesting

  64. Like most of the celebrates and the athletes that seem to want protest almost everything they enjoy the freedoms and benefits living in this country gives all the while they disrespect or flags and those who fought to gives the very things they enjoy. They are takers much like our former president Obama. Look back at some of his pictures during the National anthem and it becomes clear that he did not respect the country he was supposed be leading so is it any wonder we have so many following his lead. Thank you President Trump for being a true American leader!

  65. After what I read and my Facebook today about the Ravens and whoever the hell they played that they did not stand and salute to our flag in our country and listen to the national anthem I will not watch another football game and my game is the Pittsburgh Steelers whoever they play if they kneel down even though I am for the Steelers I will never watch another game and I think those true Americans and true people who believe in the national anthem will not watch another game and protest that these players I should be fired or sit on the sidelines and not play another game their coaches should suspend them and fire them they make millions of dollars and US middle class and poor people are just making ends meet they don’t realize how much money they are making and yet they cannot stand and put their hand on their heart and sitting the national anthem I am ashamed of all of them and all of them need to be fired I don’t care who they are black white yellow or whatever color nationality or wherever they came from they are really destroying our pleasures of watching a football game and because of the First Amendment freedom of speech yes I agree but not like this this is disgraceful this is disgracing our country and who we are we’re Americans we should show the people what we are like not idiots that play on the NFL or the the hockey players the baseball players the soccer players or whoever they just don’t know how good they have it they are a bunch of idiot egotistical dumbasses all of them

  66. The American Flag and the National Anthem are the very significant and most important symbols of America and the American people. . .Anybody disrespecting them because of political agenda should be dealt with. . .after all protesters could do the protesting of whatever they feel they are entitled to in some other ways other than disrespecting the symbols and what they stand for, for America and the American people. . .just saying

  67. They aren’t protesting anything but the respect the rest of us have for our family in uniform If you are going to live in the USA YOU need to support our country and troops who give SO MUCH to keep us safe ! Politics have no place in sports ! How about we all sit back and enjoy the Game and take your political opinions outside the stadium!!

  68. I will not watch or go to anything that, they don’t respect the Pledge of Allegiance, Stand for the Anthem, and Bow their head for the men and women who have given their life and getting mangled up for their U.S.A. of America. May GOD Bless All these Men and Women who have given their life so we may live.

  69. No more NFL for us until they can respect our country and our flag and definitely our president thank you President Trump

  70. Respect for what the symbol of the flag and the national anthem song stands for. The United States Of America. That’s a good team to be on and if you don’t agree get out.

  71. Anyone that does not want to respect the COUNTRY and NATION that is providing them the privileges that have, simply need to go and play ball in a country somewhere else. It is not fair for our soldiers (our sons-husbands-daughters) to fight the fight of freedom for people who disrespect them. They need to go somewhere and fight themselves. Maybe a good thing would be to put them in the military for a while and let them see just exactly how it feels. It’s easy to stand out there making millions of dollars for entertainment while others are fighting and guarding places so they can do it. Pretty sad.

  72. GOD Bless America and those that died for Her. Respect them for their lives by respecting the Flag and Country that they died for. STAND for our National Anthem to pay them that respect that they and our country deserve. Hugs-Love-Prayers and GOD Bless. Let us be a proud nation again. Amen

  73. You are a great American President Trump. I’m very thankful for you. If these guys don’t want honor our country they might want to find another country.

  74. If the athletes can’t respect our flag and our national anthem than they need to be fired not suspended fired and never aloud to play any sport of any kind again and than deported from America they have no respect for America send them to Korea they’ll be right at home there those pos

  75. President Trump is not ashamed to show his love for our country, and everything our flag and National Anthum represents! He is not a professional politician…. give him a little more time to “not be so honest” expressing his feeling! The NFL is disgusting by not honoring our flag! I am very happy our President spoke-up! God Bless him, and keep him safe!

  76. It is a disgrace to kneel before the flag, a true disgrace . They should not be aloud to play or get paid. We would not have this country and its freedom if it wasn’t for our Vets, Military.

  77. I agree everyone should stand for the national anthem! By not standing you show disrespect for all the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom. Come on athletes show some respect and quit causing cause. I stand with our President on this!!

  78. The NFL & NBA can do what the hell they want to. If they continue their business in the manner they’re displaying then most people won’t care enough to even follow them, much less subscribe or buy their tickets. I’ve already dumped my favorite team because of it. There’s lots of better things to do!

  79. This issue has millions of fans of football outraged and for good reason. A show of respect for our flag, our country and for the men and women who have fought and died serving to protect us each and every day is a small but honorable way to remember. There is no doubt that Millions of Americans empathize with those who suffer from the effects of racial division….However, a football field should not be used as a stage for venting ones personal social issues…We pay a lot of money to attend games and spend millions on football gear every year to pay salaries and want to be entertained for that reason…There are any number of ways to vent feelings about injustices but a sports venue should not be one of them…Everyone knows our First Amendment rights are guaranteed…but lets be aware people pay to watch sports and want to be entertained….not lectured or be faced with racial demonstrations…do that on YOUR dime….

  80. If you do not respect this country with ALL the freedoms you have, then perhaps you should look elsewhere for a place to call home. Yes, there have been atrocities that I wish could be changed in the past history if this nation. Guess what? Many of those atrocities are alive and well in other countries. Are there things we need to correct here in America? Certainly. I believe that those celebrities, whether sports figures or Hollywood actors, are the largest group of those that feel they are entitled to any and everything. They are spoiled, have nearly anything money can buy, and do the least for mankind. You want to shout about being unfair? Yes, you’ve worked for your money but you do nothing for mankind with it. Possibly you’ve earned your luxuries. Now be responsible and stop throwing tantrums. What a wonderful example for young people you are NOT!! Frankly, you’ve lost any respect I might have had. I no longer care about your games or movies. You just keep stirring up division that I can do nothing about. I’m more than happy to skip your childish antics.

    • Thank you Gaye, you said it so well…Lost all respect for them all and do not care one bit about the games (all of them) and TV and movies have gone the same way……It is very few hat care anything about , unless I know they are on our side, I will NOT watch……….

  81. I agree with a President Trump. Stand up for our flag and our freedoms fought for and protected by our military and law enforcement. I applaud Dallas Cowboy owner, Jerry Jones, as he has openly stated his players will stand and show respect or they will not be a cowboy! God Bless the USA

  82. They are kneeling on the graves and lives of all who served and or died for this great country of which the flag and anthem represent. Their right to protest is not an issue their choice of how they protest is an insult that cuts me through the heart. I proudly served our country in the US Navy from ’75-’80 I take it personal and feel they have slapped me the face. I will not watch or pay the first penny to see them play college football will be my way of enjoying the sport

  83. Player are over paid and think they are above everyone else because they are overpaid they need to respect this country or leave it go back to Africa China wherever you’re from who cares if you can’t be an American get out that means respecting the country

  84. Who today in America is oppressed or being oppressed? Maybe the NFL should setup a visit to North Korea and other countries who are truly oppressed. There are numerous opportunities and paths for success for all in America, we are responsible for our own success or failures. We should all be celebrating our freedoms we have in America, the freedom to stand or to kneel. But we should be honoring and respecting our country, our flag, the service men and women who have fought and died for those freedoms. Maybe we should change the narrative and just say they are kneeling because they are honoring God as they are honoring the country and flag. So kneeling is ok. Tebow was the first to kneel and honor God. Kneeling is an act of surrender, submission, and humility. Even though I agree that we should stand, kneeling is so much stronger act of honoring something higher and greater than yourself.

  85. Respect has not been taught for anyone or anything in along time. Those that make a show of kneeling better practice when they will be kneeling before GOD soon& begging for HIS mercy in fact they will fall on their faces in remorse. GOD have mercy on the USA. No games for me until change

  86. I agree, part of what is wrong in our Country, lack of respect, the I’m entitled group, they never had to earn it! Drain the swamp Pres.

  87. They can do all the protesting they want just not in a team uniform or on team property.
    They can go out on the public land around the stadium and do all the kneeling their little hearts desire.

  88. I wouldn’t pay to go see someone disrespect our flag, our national anthem or our men & women in the military or our law enforcement officers that’s UN-AMERICAN, come on people think about it. PAYING TO WATCH DISRESPECT.

  89. They need to respect the flag if not the flag the people who died defending this wonderful place that allows them to act crazy and not lose their life as in some paces. Wake up America.DO NOT SUPPORT THE NFL stay away.

  90. I agree with our President. These players make millions from the American people and for that reason alone they should respect our flag. They work, play, and have homes here. The least they can do is stand for our Flag and our national athem. Even if they don’t respect the country they live in , they should respect the people who pay their bills.

  91. I agree with the President 100%!!! They should have more respect for the country that they live in and that gives them the freedoms they enjoy. They can protest any other way they want but show some respect!

  92. I agree with Mr Trump. These men are paid an awful lot of money for them to turn around & disrespect this country & her people. Personally, I think they should put their money where their mouth is. They should be out there starting organizations to educate against racism. I also think the owners need to stand up like Texas & fire anyone who disrespects the flag & anthem.

  93. We don’t buy tickets to be exposed to this!! Keep it on your own time. I didn’t buy a ticket to a political speech nor do I care about your opinion. You are an entertainment venue, stay out of politics or be prepared for further backlash and failing ratings

  94. These players are getting enough money an if it wasn’t for the boys an girls that passed away for our country then they should be fired for the disrespect for the flag

  95. They should respect our flag and those who fought to defend it….. it has nothing to do about “rights” it is all about respect for our country, flag and sacrifices made to protect it all … fire them!!!

  96. I believe it is a moral issue, respect is moral. The NFL fines players for wearing anything but their team’s uniform and using drugs or even suspending them. I don’t see the difference. Complete disregard of moral and authority will lead us in to dark times.

  97. I was so sad to hear all the NFL announcers say the President is so wrong. He is exactly right! If you disrespect our flag you should leave this country. There is no room for people that do not want to stand behind what our country stands for. All the actors and football players that think they are so much more than they are should take a look in the mirror, you are here to entertain not get into politics. If you think you know so much run for office!

  98. This is the National Football League……We should all respect our flag and our National anthem!!!
    YES…..they should all be fired!!!

  99. Some people will just do the opposite of what you tell them, they know what respect is and it is a choice they make to either do what is right thing to do or just be different and stand out in the crowd. Mr president has more important things to focus on in making the country great again, so its time he leave the idiots alone to focus on the bigger issues.i think once is enough in telling them to honor the flag, after that we will see the ones who choose to be different. They will be hurt in the end by the choices they make. Flat wheels don’t roll as well as inflated ones. Focus on the really important tasks at hand. All this other nonsense will fall into place as it will. Boycotting the masses really doesn’t solve to much. The media loves a gooey ugly story stop giving them fodder to distribute. It doesn’t take long to figure out what the media is trying to do, concure and divide the people. We are better together than to be divided. Enough food for thought for one day. Let the healing begin. God bless His people with wisdom to understand what is good.

  100. They are employees,,,,,,, they have to obey the boss or else,,,,, any business they can have dress codes, have hours you work or don’t work, days of the week, cussing or swearing on the job can be reason for termination. sexual harassment is a reason, if he tells you you need to stand with a book in your hand or anything you say yes sir or yes mam. kinda like the armed services. they say jump and you say how hi . if you don’t like it then leave the job or be fired, (military can’t leave of course) but you get the point, These guys are being so disrespectful to our nation, our flag, our anthem, and especially to all of those who gave their lives defending this flag….. or those whom lost limbs, or can’t stand because of giving them for the country. and even all of us that have served our great nation. these bastards are saying SCREW YOU to our faces and rubbing our faces in mud. or shit. where are the balls of the coaches and owners, (Locker room talk) I personally don’t think many of htem have balls,

  101. I don’t feel they should be fired but hit them where it hurts. Fine their asses. Every time they kneel or whatever hit them with a fine. $100,000.00 every time. When they start running out of money they’ll stop.

  102. I don’t know what happened in the last 65 or so years, but when I was a little boy growing up, we were taught in school that we should respect the nations flag, the national anthem and to respect our elders. We were taught to say “Sir” “Mama” “Please” and “Thank You”, so what happened? Where did it all go wrong, someone please tell me, I am so confused, is there any way we can find our way back and regain our respect and honor?

    • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That is what President Trump is trying to do!!!!!!! Give our Nation respect and honor..

      God Bless President Trump!!!!!!!! All the creeps are coming out of the woodwork because the don’t know how to obey rules……

  103. It’s always been this way and it should continue .the NFL shouldn’t hire foreigners on their teams that have to do the kneeling because of their religious beliefs let them go back to their own country and start their sports and kneel all they want as far as the players kneeling to make a point those smart elics should be fired and in the future don’t have anyone with religious beliefs that have to kneel on the team unless they sign an agreement that they won’t kneel and also keep Ray Lewis out of the Ravens business he should not be welcome anymore it’s obvious that he is nothing but a trouble maker that no longer plays football and should stay out of what goes on in the NFL

  104. Disrespecting the flag and our National Anthem is being unpatriotic and not thankful to the many men and women who fought and died for the freedoms we enjoy today. I am in total agreement with President Trump. God Bless America!

  105. I don’t know anybody else in this country who is allowed to protest while on company time. Insulting your audience is not the way to get your message out and garner support for your cause. Listen to your viewers and don’t waste my time with your politics. Your freedom comes with responsibility. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

  106. Pres. Trump, I agree with you on this,
    I put this on NFL facebook; Do your players have a clause in the contract on their behavior, if so time to show them the door, or WE THE PEOPLE will have to show you all. Mr. Trump can handle himself, but show this type of disrespect for our country and we well have to show YOU and I do mean you as you are allowing this to continue just what we feel about it. Remember you income counts on our spending, we can and will show how WE THE PEOPLE are not going to take it anymore. There are more of us who are not happy with the way things are going, like the falling money spent on movies your wealth does depend on us and we have better things to do with it. Real Hearoes do not play games for lots of money, it is time you all remember that.

  107. Everyone should listen to President Trump. After all is said and done, HE’S STILL THE PRESIDENT….he’s only asking players to do what they’ve always done….respect our flag! If you don’t, you should be fired!

  108. Our family has very strong patriotism. Both fathers fought in WW2 and Korea. Husband retired Army after 25 years and son and grandson have served. We watch football. It’s what we all do thru fall and winter. We’ve all agreed no game will be watched if anyone kneels showing disrespect. The spoiled players are disrespectful to the fans, military, police, and those who gave their lives for freedom around the world. The US isn’t perfect but instead of causing harm they should lead in a positive force for change. Find a helpful way to protest instead of negative in words and action.

  109. I’m a step ahead of you Mr. President. I already have stopped watching and will not attend any games until this nonsense ends. Let’s see how devoted the NFL commissioner is to his policy condoning this behavior when his organization can’t pay the salaries of these disrespectful turds and he personally starts loosing millions of $$$.

  110. We as private citizens are not encouraged and sometimes forbidden to express our beliefs at our places of employment. These gentlemen are working. There things at my places of employment I don’t fine agreeable with my beliefs. But I there to do the job for which I was hired, not cause disruption. By my actions I can Preach a better message than by protesting.

  111. I am disgusted by the players, coaches, team owners and the NFL for supporting the players actions that kneel or sit for our country’s National Anthem. I am not a football fan, never have been but I have spent a lot of money over the years buying tickets, team jerseys, jackets, etc. for my 4 sons and 10 grandchildren and because of this disrespectful act I will not be spending another penny to support the teams. Several of my uncles served in Korea, my husband, cousins and many friends served in Nam, I have a son that is retired Special Forces and many nieces and nephews that served and are still serving. Disrespecting the flag is like spitting in their faces! The players doing this need to grow up, they are acting like little kids throwing tantrums and it needs to stop! Thank you President Tump for stepping up and speaking your mind and always putting America first! I highly respect you, your family and our Vice President and anyone on your team that supports you. Keep doing whatever needs done to make America great again! The disrespectful NFL players need to feel the rath of us patriots and the best way o do that is by hitting their wallets, the same with the coaches and owners that allow the B.S. to continue!

  112. All Americans should stand, and boycotting the NFL, in all its entirety, will hit them where it hurts, in their pockets. They are such a bad influence on our youth.

  113. They are all entitled Brats.. Respect our Flag. Respect Our Country. Respect Our Military. or #GetTheFunkOut #BoycottTheNFL #BoycottTheNBA #BoycottTheMBA

  114. I totally agree! If it wasn’t for the flag, we couldn’t enjoy sports anytime, anywhere! There’s wonderful power and strength behind the U.S.American flag!

  115. I’m with Trump! Respect your first amendment and the reason you have it! It is people with such a lack that is divisive to America not our President.

  116. I agree with our President Trump! Showing respect for a Country’s flag is not a frivolous matter. – it is just what it is, respect! If every fan would challenge these players, these players would “shape up or NOT play ball”, losing that big salary! I am a sports fan but I will boycott every team that will not pay tribute to our FLAG!!

  117. A more respectful way of protesting would be to stay in the locker room until the anthem is over! I have no respect for these losers!

  118. I was in the military for 30 years and spent 4 years in Vietnam. You don’t respect the flag and country, you don’t respect me. I no longer watch the NFL and I do not buy from those sponsors that support them. Get your high paid butts off the ground and stand for the flag and country.

  119. Stand up to the American Flag at a sporting event that God and Country has blessed you to be able to play the game and earn a VERY GOOD salary. You would not be able to have this privilege anywhere else in the world. I am with President Trump. First Amendment is a PRIVILEGE and not a necessity! And the salaries are a privilege NOT a necessity. So Stand Up and praise God and your country respecting all involved in this Great Country, the USofA!

  120. We will not be watching this year. They should take a look at those protecting all of us. Keep your politics to the voting booth, not at the playing field. The majority of Americans will not support these disrespectful players.

  121. It comes from leadership. The owner and coaches are just as guilty as the players. They should stand up and enforce respect. If the coaches can’t do that, fire them and the players. If the owner is letting it happen he is worthless also. Boycott the team and put him out of business. Just like a Café, if the food is no good you don’t go there again and soon it is out of business. Rome fell just like we at falling. Our grand children will have nothing.

  122. To all Kidds , you live in a great country. Following like sheep to get praise from a sports person is easy , it’s like dribbling a little ball down court.yea, that’s right,like when you were in school. Be a man, respect that brave man who laid down his life for you and for me.know your history before these people throw it into a garbage can like they’re doing with your rights , your compassion and your freedom .Believe in your Mom and Dad , not some jock with a ball in his hands or a rock star with a mic.down his throat . Thank you and if you have a faith, bless you.

  123. These people are payed MORE than most of us will ever see in a life time! If they think that gives them the right to disrespect this country and our flag, THEY are WRONG! They are full of themselves jocks and DO NOT deserve our respect! THEY HAVE RUINED America’s pastime!

  124. I support President Trump 100%. The spoiled brat athletes disrespect the flag, the first responders, the military warfighters, and our country. When I watch a game, I do not want to see idiotic athletes not focused on the game but on their stupid politics.

  125. So other then not standing (very disgraceful) for everyone’s flag, how are these athletes helping their cause? I haven’t heard of any positive action by these so called Americans who choose to disrespect not only the entire USA,they are also disrespecting the men, women and families who have sacrificed everything for our Freedom. Give me one example of benefit that Kapernick s actions have done for the so called oppressed people. Definition of opressed: To treat people in a cruel,unjust and hard way. That is exactly what all of the athletes are doing by not standing for the flag. They (athletes) are being unjust in their actions toward the fallen men and women who have given their lives for this country. What have the athletes given…….. entertainment that cost so much that not all Americans can afford to go because the so called football players think that what they do (play a kids game) is so important and should receive millions of dollars, so who is oppressing people now? Not the flag!!! Stand for America, sit in groups and gave meetings to figure ways to help those in need.

  126. When those who disrespect our flag that our soldiers fought and died for for our freedom,I will not watch their silly games! There are many ways to protest something but the American flag should never be used to do it!!!President Trump is right and I proudly stand with him! STOP BEING IDIOTS AND SHOW RESPECT FOR OUR FLAG FOR WHAT IT STANDS FOR!!!

  127. So sad we’ve come to this! How easy it is to uphold & sustain our Great Country! These black men who play football, live in fine houses and drive luxury cars. Millionaires all of them!!! They are so far from those generations ago when their ancestors were in slavery. What is so interesting is that blacks sold their black brothers into slavery. This is a matter of historical record. And then the whites purchased these slaves from them. They are ALL into the deception…. That is still happening now… the whole mess is one big deception!!!

  128. I love this country. Many service people have lost their lives serving our country and its people. All people in our military need to be respected and honored for the job they do. It is an ultimate sacrifice in some cases and they give their all.
    These athletes make big money and have the opportunity to be in a sport they enjoy thanks to our military sacrificing their lives to give them a better life. They need to respect this and stand when the National Anthem is being sang.
    If they can’t do this, go live in another country if you can’t show respect for America and it!s military.

  129. My feeling about this is that these people kneeling were not raised to respect our flag and anthem and have never had to go visit the grave of a family member that died before you were born to put flowers on their grave, or get a letter from the mother of your pen pal in Iraq telling you he was KIA(Yes I crumbled on the floor and sobbed) so I go to DC and run around Arlington looking for his plot to pay my respects to him. RIP Andrew Aviles.` I will never be ok with THIS being a form of free speech. Some disagree- and I dont care. I see a flag being burned or stepped on- that person will get knocked right on their ass.

  130. Trump is correct!
    I also aqgree that they are so stupid that they don’t even have a clue that they are disrespecting their mother and father for bringing them into this world free and protected. They should be deported to an ISIS held country to have their children, wife raped and all of them tortured, maybe then they will understand, uhhhh, NOT! ISIS may hire them to play football and basketball and they pay by raping your sisters, and little brothers, some role models these guys are!!!

  131. As a Vietnam Vet I totally agree with President Trump! Turning off the NFL requires no second thought. These Spoiled Athletes think America continues from day to day because they play a game. They need to be corrected…..America continues day to day because American Patriots put on the Uniform of America’s Military not an NFL or any other sports uniform!

  132. Yes they should respect the flag and our country. The football field is not the place for protest. Fire or suspend them. I will or watch or attend any NFL game where the players are allowed to disrespect our flag and our brave soldiers

  133. Destroy professional sports forever. We don’t need those traitors and those who disrespect our warfighters who made the ultimate sacrifice. If they can destroy all of our historical statues, we can destroy professional sports too. Idiots!

  134. ITS WRONG PERIOD! They were kneeling BEFORE Trump took office so dont blame him for this one. It is disrespectful to our MILITARY men and women who have fought to give them the right to play and earn the millions…..I am done! HGTV is on every TV in my house! I wish all those that find the need to kneel to be placed one week in a battle field…..Lets she how they feel then. God Bless the USA and those that defend it!

  135. If the “heroes” our youngsters are watching continue to disrespect our nation anthem…what do you think that generation will be doing about it later? There us no patriotism in those athletes. Why do we pay them so much money and our military put their lives on the line and get squat…this country needs to open it’s eyes before it’s to late and remember what is really important and what we used to be about.

    • They are even doing this for the 8 year old football players…….INSANE!!!!!!! Dear God …….bring back our respect to those who risk their lives for us….l.l..
      People…….please pray for President Trump, his family and his administration…….for they are fighting evil after evil ……….

  136. Yeah, those dang commentators talk about respecting the player, what about respecting Pres. Trump’s opinion as well, but they don’t so don’t preach to us about respect..they have a double-standard

  137. I believe they should stand as a sign of respect. They don’t have to sing or put their hand over their heart, just simply respect the beliefs of the country your in. I remember when I was in school there were kids that did not say the pledge of allegiance or put their hand over their heart, they simply stood as a sign of respect as the rest of us recited the pledge.

  138. Why are the players kneeling? are they praying or just being rebellious?
    I love America. I think everyone should respect the flag. When their hearts are unclean they are like a loose cannon. Righteousness is unclear to them. They need a change in their heart. The best implant is the Spirit of God. I recommend him to everyone. Let your voice be heard Mister President.

  139. Those ungrateful athletes who are disrespecting our flag have been given the choice by our wonderful country to make their millions of dollars which most people do not have, and should be ashamed of themselves for behaving in such a crude manner!

  140. I don’t normally do a lot of this but i’m pissed. They stood for the English anthem? What? Are these idiots aware that England attacked America on 2 separate occasions? They killed many of our forefathers burned our capital. Read your history jocks, or did you miss that because of your basket weaving 101 class on your way to a million dollar contract? The president is only saying what most Americans think. Go Donald!

  141. If these NFL fools don’t show respect to our country and the flag then they have no right to live in this great nation. Let’s stand up together and boycott the NFL games till they show a respect to the country and the flag. If they continue disrespectful mixing up with a respectful national game with the politics then they have no right to play and they should be fired immediately and keep them out of job then they will realize the cost of not showing respect to the country and the flag. They should go to the hurricane and earthquake effected areas and help to rescue and rebuild the locals.


  142. I lost my wonderful brother in a fox hole in Germany, while fighting for this flag, and his twin was wounded, I cannot accept this idiots who do not have respect for our country and our flag.If you cannot show respect, leave the country.perhaps you will be happier.

  143. I think you owe America respect. And you show it respecting the flag and the national anthem. Not everyone in this world has such a country, such laws and such God. In other countries they would have shot you when kneeling.

  144. God Bless our President, you should always stand for the national anthem, boycott the NFL and any other big games that decide to sit !!!!!!!

  145. Yes. First USA, second USA and third USA. Civility! We live in a civilization; we have to be civilized. Where are ours principles.

  146. I nolonger watch professional football nor basketball. I will, also, NOT buy any product nor use the services of any company that sponsors those two professional sports.

  147. President Trump, you have never stated it better! My husband served, and for 34 years he provided information, education, and entertainment for our troops around the world with AFRTS. We have great respect for our military, our country, and our flag. Let’s BRING BACK THE DRAFT, which of course would include all football players. Then their tune might change. Why is the NFL tax exempt? How did the owners and players become millionaires on our dime? That needs to be changed! My schedule is now NFL-free!

  148. It is a privilege to live in this country. If they don’t feel the respect for the U.S. GET OUT!
    Go to North Korea where there is no respect for citizens at all! IDIOTS!

  149. As long as these athletes are “on the clock”, they should not be allowed to protest. If they continue, they should be suspended or fired. In their “off time”, they can do what they wish.

  150. Those unpatriotic ,spoiled brat , and super money hungry…should chose between Shame and Fame……….they do not deserve a country like the USA and a president like Donald Trump…………America love it or leave it ……whoever your and whatever you do……………

  151. When anyone kneels showing disrespect for our flag which is total disrespect for our country then they apparently have no disrespect for the MONEY that they are making by playing sports in this country! What a bunch of hippocrits ! Protest on your own time you are their to play football and nothing else!
    Why don’t you give your MONEY to the groups that you support or is that not that important to you because you won’t be getting the MEDIA attention that you want?

  152. I totally agree with the President !!!! I know a lot of these people have had family serve in the military, are they so stupid to realize they are disrespecting their own family ?????We have needed a President like Mr. Trump for a long time, one that speaks his mind and want take anything off of anyone, that’s why everyone hates him, bc he is no one’ puppet!!!! He will make America great again whether you like it or not, so either get on board or get out of the way !!!! God Bless you President Trump !!!!

  153. the players should be ashamed of themselves for such a sickening display that I witnessed today on the patriots game and the giants game.. the players should not be ler out on the field until the national anthem is completed, that would put an end to this DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR.. if they can,t be seen doing it and getting their 2 minutes of fame they won,t do it.. they have to remember that both BLACK AND WHITE men and women died for their freedom and by doing this they are DISREPECTING ALL BLACK men whogave THEIR LIVES FOR THIS COUNTRY.. our tv went OFF and we will no longer watch any football games the rest of the season.

  154. Yes, they should. That fool that faises his black panther fist everytime he tackles a white player should be fired and dragged from the field in front of the whole world!

  155. I agree with the president. Respect our flag and country or give up your million dollar contract. You do not deserve to earn a paycheck on the backs of American dead heros while disrespecting our gteat nation.

  156. I am so sick and tired of hearing about how embarrassed and offended by these a/holes are by being an American. They sure aren’t offended to cash their multimillion paychecks, aren’t they? Let them go to another country and flap their big mouths and see how fast they disappear off the face of the earth. All you sports fans should stop supporting all these teams and let these “privileged ” jerks get a real job and work like the common person for a living.

  157. I agree with our President, everyone has a right but the National Anthem and all the people who have died so we can be free deserve respect.

  158. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP and everyone else who stand up to and resist the message from the spoiled little whinney rich kids who have no idea what oppression is. fire or suspend and get back to what is right, to hell crappynick and his little legion of losers. I served honorably and was proud to do so they are spitting in our faces.

    • I am embarrassed that our President used bad language and was not a good example to ALL our country, young children like the one who mowed the White House lawn and his own son. He sounded like a bully and King ordering people to do something. Mellania is AGAINST bullying! He should be also. He is supposed to be a Christian and we don’t use that kind of language. He owes us an apology, all of the U.S. for the language and not being a good example. I have backed him all the way but this time he went too far. PLEASE make sure he sees this. Now look what he has caused.

  159. The head of the NFL sure jumped in to defend disrespect of our country and anthem quickly. If only he jumped in as quickly to defend the police at a time when false narratives are being spred across the country. When are they going to admit the truth?

  160. Don’t worry President we agree and are already working on the teams the owners the sponsors and anyone affiliated with them next baseball. I am going to pay my house off early with the savings.

  161. We watch sports to get away from our person issues not watch over paid Athletes take a knee to the very principles and the sacrifice for these slackers to do this .And the President is 100% right.

    Fire them they are undeserving give there funds to the wounded warriors and the families of the fallen.
    And it appears that a very high percentage of those taking a knee are black do there not realize that more then
    90% of ticket sales are from white Americans.And if this continues white American ticket holders are suckers for giving them a platform

  162. People have the RIGHT to protest. But not respecting the flag witch stands for the country and the millions who have fought and many died that gives you this right is unacceptable to me. The only way it is going to get better is for the stands to be empty. No money coming in will get their attention better than mere words.

  163. I believe that the American flag needs to be respected. Men and women have died for what our American flag stand for. Our freedoms are being taken for granted by these athletes that have no problem getting their huge salaries from the American people. Stand up and salute our flag.

  164. I stand by everything the President said. It’s not about your First Amendment rights it’s about respect for the flag and the people that died to give you that right. All you millionaire ballplayers should be thankful your living in this country. I think this flag has given you plenty of rights that alot of good Americans don’t enjoy. I will never buy a ticket or support the nfl in any way and alot more will do the same. I know a man that turned in 4 season tickets at 2500.00 each because of this kneeling crap and hopefully more will do the same. You all disustainable me.

  165. Thank you President Trump, yes everyone should stand for the National Anthem. Be thankful you live in the United States and have the best Constituion stand behind you.

  166. I AGREE with President Trump on this issue. While living in America (the land of the FREE), you should respect our flag. It is the symbol of the freedoms we have and many died to give us those freedoms. It seems so disrespectful to not stand and place your right hand over your heart while the flag is being raised and the national anthem is being played.

  167. If they are entitled to their opinions so are NFL fans entitled to theirs. If they think they have a better way to spend their time and money, then watching what they think is disrespectful they have that right. These fans made these guys rich and paid for stadiums with tax payers money, and these guys pick this as away to protest. I think it time to take away their non profit tax break. The NFL is not a non-profit organization, they make millions of profit every year. So let’s treat them like what they are a business.

  168. Thank You, Mr. President. We the People agree with you. If players don’t stand they need to be sitting on the bench for the rest of the game and do not pay them. This also goes for the managers, head coachs and coaches. What are they teaching their players. If they don’t like it, they can go to another country and play football. When in the USA do as President Trump says.

  169. God blesses President Trump the N F L is all about money and don’t care or respect the American flag the can say what they want. And their child like reasoning but they are wrong should not protest against the American flag it did not do anything against them in fact it gave them the chance to be who they are if you can’t understand that then your not a true American this athletes think that they are helping B L M or they believe that people are being discriminated against doesn’t add up they should look at themselves and say what a great country i live in it gave me a chance to prove myself to be a good person and live a good life .unfortunately some people are lazy and have low self-esteem and want to blame everyone and authority that its their fault that can find a job or do well for themself but they are their own the choices you make are yours alone don’t be blaming society and other people for your choices that you made.

  170. I would like to see them blackballed from football in the United States completely also I would Exile them out of the country for a minimum of 10 years to a Far Eastern country where they want their people to live they can live with them

  171. So these overpaid under talented wimpy sissy men want to kneel during OUR National Anthem, huh? Good, maybe they should find another country that is more to their liking where they get paid millions of dollars to play a game. Oh yeah, that country doesn’t exist. Listen you moronic imbeciles, you think you’re going to effect change by kneeling? How about effecting change by giving some of those millions to those who are in need. Get out there in the streets of places where drug addiction and hopelessness are running rampant. Get out there and help the folks that are living in poverty and dying daily while you feast sumptuously, drive expensive vehicles and live in mansions. YOU PHONIES!!! ONE OF THE GREATEST FREEDOMS THIS INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL COUNTRY AFFORDS ALL IS THE FREEDOM TO LEAVE!!! GET OUT AND FIND ANOTHER COUNTRY WHERE YOU WILL BE TREATED SO WELL!!! RICCARDI 4 NJ GOVERNOR @TeamRiccardi

  172. I think he has as much right to express his opinion as the POS’s that are disrespectful of our country and flag! I happen to agree, so I will not be watching any NFL until things change!!

  173. It’s not gonna hurt these players to take five minutes of their time to show respect for their Flagg an their country!!! So yes I totally agree with Trump fire these people or suspend them from the games if they can’t show the respect needed!!!

  174. What NFL?? I no longer watch. They have become an embarrassment and nothing more than a millionaire’s sports league. Quit supporting the television Advertisers and cut off the money!!

  175. Professional sports and hollywood type people have outgrown their usefulness. They are all overpaid for the products they perform. Once everyone in America and around the world realize you are getting hosed for your money and time and start putting your hard earned money to better use these pampered celebrities will soon get the message, your all not that good and certainly not worth my time and money. Professional sports and entertainment in general will become secondary activities for the American public which means it will be no more exciting than any other activity you do in life. The bottom line is we created their big heads and privileges by paying any price they ask for their products. Stop doing it, you are the blame not the the ones who show childish behavior.

  176. I agree wholeheartedly. My team, the Steelers are a disgrace. On team member who is a patriot is Alejandro Villanueva – HE IS MY HERO! The rest of the team can go to hell, or better, go to Russia. I’m not watching a team I have backed for over 50 years. My nation, my flag are more important.

  177. I am proud that President Trump is standing up to these unamerican, ungrateful players. They are not making a statement, they are disrespecting every soldier who has died protecting our freedoms. They do not deserve the right to even be here. They have no respect for our country and are setting a disgusting example. I think they should be suspended and ultimately dropped from the team. What is wrong with the NFL management?

  178. I will stand for the National Anthem whenever it is played, to honor the nation and for all of those who serve, including my son Senior Master Sergeant Brent H. Baker.

  179. Respect Our Country and it’s “Flag” and “Anthums” or leave the team. Go find a job that pay’s what you make playing in the NFL ” No Fans Left”.

  180. President Trump is absolutely 100% right! He is our President. The NFL needs to demand that their players respect the flag and our country or if not the owners of these leagues need to lose all their backing too! If you don’t like America and our values LEAVE!

  181. the president has the right to voice his opinion, i just happen to agree with him, and i have already dropped the NFL from my viewing menu, and i may never pick it up again,

  182. This is becoming a third world bullying country. sad very sad. Glad I am old. This country is going to the dogs ..( or maybe just to the wealthy whites.

  183. The NFL is a friggin joke, and these million dollar athletes ain’t got anything to bitch or protest about, they make millions playing ball, so if they cant stand for the Nation Anthem, then fire their asses right on the spot and don’t pay them the salaries either.

  184. Thank you President Trump for your love of our flag and the national anthem. I can’t believe they are trying to persecute you for standing up for the united states of America and her flag. As of this very day our family will not be watching football- we really can do without it- it’s our way of defending our great country. God Bless You Sir!

  185. I agree, if they can’t show respect for the country that has made it possible for them to play and make millions, then they are disrespecting everyone who has given their lives for their freedom . I say the owners are also disrespecting our country by allowing it! Fire them or don’t let them play until they show respect for the country who made it possible for them to fulfill their dream. Sham on this h owners and players- you are a disgrace. I will not watch another NFL gam until his ends and will try to persuade all my family and friends to do the same.

  186. These players and teams have a legal right to protest peacefully as they choose. Those of us who respect our flag and national Anthem also have a legal right to make our views known about their disrespect, and we should vote with our feet and wallets by refusing to watch or attend sports events where our country’s symbols are publicly disrespected.

  187. Why does the message sent by their kneeling ring hollow? They like their counterparts in the entertainment industry are just that. Entertainers! What makes the m so smart and why do any of us pay attention to their immature actions and trite quips?

  188. Donald has an awful lot to say about someone disrespecting those that risked or lost their life fighting for this country when it comes to NFL players drawing attention to the injustices of our country. However, he’s the main one disrespecting those very same people that want to fight, have fought, or are continuing to fight for this country when he calls for transgenders to be banned from the military.

  189. Respect for the Flag and all that have given the ultimate, and those who have returned to family only a memory or resemblance of who they once were. This all for us who have life abundantly. Yes there are promlems, but don’t magnify by disrespecting the flag.

  190. Where I come from to kneel is to show respect, more so than just standing. I think these ramble rousers should be told to pray while they are down there. God knows we all need the prayers!

  191. Ibelieve that can protest but not on the job & like it or not they are on their job! If we were to do that on our job what would happen? We would be fired and not paid! So what’s the difference?? They need to take their salary money is the only thing they understand!!!

  192. I turned them off last year. I miss the games but not that much. I would not spend five cents on them at the moment. I actually demand apologies from the players union and the NFL League and owners for this disrespect. Simply to stand is no longer good enough for me.

  193. Remember America, If you are not satisfied with your life, ‘disrespect the flag and country. You will feel better and some poor saps may feel sorry for you”. I wish the hell you all lived in a country like North Korea because you complain only once.

  194. A football game is no time for political debate. It time for a football game. If I buy a ticket to the Game I come to see a game NOT political discussion of any kind. There is a time and place for political discussions not at a game. I would ask for money back and never attend another game.

  195. I agree with President Trump. I think that all who take a knee should be fired. I also think that anyone attending such a game should get a refund and leave!!!

  196. I commend the President for having the courage to stand up for our American soil & what it means to have the privilege of being able to breathe air in this country! To disrespect our Flag and kneel in a National Football game or any game you should be out!

  197. Please explain to me: A football team deserve more respect, but the most important symbol of our nation NO?
    Many years ago a goal keeper of a national soccer team in South America because he was upset took the National shirt off, throw it in the ground and stomp it, very simple he was banned to play for the National Team for life.

  198. I am from Pennsylvania and I’m so very disappointed in the Steelers and Tomlin. They should all be fired. Come on, you’re part of the entertainment industry. We really don’t care how you feel personally, but you are a citizen of the US, so start acting like one. Stand up and face that flag!

  199. I did not see the begunning of the Bears/Steelers game and the anthem, but I saw an entry that said the Bears players stood united while only one of the Steelers players came out for the Anthem. Fortunately for the BEars, the Bears won in overtime.

  200. They need to respect our country, it’s symbols, and the lives lost to preserve our freedoms!! If they don’t, they should find another country to live in!!!!

  201. I stand with the President, these guys are, or should be a role model to the youth of this great Nation, to see these players disrespect our Country’s flag is disrespectful and downright wrong! We live in the best possible place on the planet, and rather than disrespect the flag we should honor and cherish it with all our being! Shame on those who don’t!

  202. These idiots are making millions in this country and refuse to support it…..tell them to leave the country and try to lead their lavish life style somewhere else….. they have been ripping off the public for years with the high prices they charge to go to a game…..

  203. FIRE THEM. And then deport them anywhere but here, these traitors don’t deserve to live in America. It was Kaepernick’s BLM girlfriend who told him to kneel in the first place. This really isn’t about oppression or police brutality, BLM has made this about black vs. white and used the NFL to further their agenda. Lol, it’s backfiring in their BLM faces. Bye bye NFL, lol.

  204. According to pages A62-63 of the NFL’s own league rulebook:

    “The National Anthem must be played prior to every NFL game, and all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem.

    “During the National Anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American flag is in good condition. It should be pointed out to players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country. Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses.” ……..

  205. These athletes are so spoiled. I would have dared them to kneel in front of Pat Tillman. I personally won’t go to another pro sport of any kind. They can obviously get along without my ticket purchases.

  206. So sad the let a bunch of millionaires athletes ruin a great game. Now even coaches of grade schoolers are telling them to kneel Shame on you for disrespecting America and our flag
    I will not watch or support this disgraceful behavior

  207. If a player doesn’t respect the flag or national anthem then they should not be on the field with the other players. There are many more players who would love to be in their place and probably play the game just as well. This is America and a nation pastime here. If you are a foreign man and don’t Respect America then go back to your home country and show your respect for them. You are hurting your fellow players by leaving the stadium’s empty and the salary will dry up. Or is that what you want??

  208. I really don’t care what they are protesting but i do not want to pay to see them protest! Let them do it on there own dime!!If they kneel i would walk out simple as that!!The President has the right to have his say just as much as those who choose to disrespect our flag does! It offends me when they do this so i choose not to watch!What are they protesting the guys who rob stores or the drug dealers that have been shot?? Not really sure what they are protesting!!If it is because you are oppressed get a job or some of these millionare players can help you find your way!!

  209. i find each of them disgusting , good for you Mr President. I couldnt bring my politics to work, they cant either. I have and will not watch NFL again, What has our Flag and the Freedom it honors have to do with skin color or police brutality.

  210. We have a good President !! We are civilized people, we should show respect for our President !! Even a First-Grader kid knows this, GOD BLESS AMERICA !
    Thelma Clark Santiago

  211. I wish somebody would tell me HOW disrespecting the national anthem and US flag shows concern for those who think they are “oppressed” in this country.

  212. Mr. President,
    Thank you! I/we “STAND” with you to Honor our glorious flag and show our utmost respect to/for all who have served, are currently serving or will serve in the future, that we American people may enjoy our freedoms and the rights afforded by the hero’s of our armed forces.

  213. Fire them. When they wear their uniform, step on the field or represent their team in any way then they are at work. Do not protest at work. Their job is to play a game and entertain the fans who by the way pay their salaries. If they want to protest they need to do it on their own time and their own dime. Not ours. This great country gives everyone freedom of speech. But not while you are on the job. Do your job!

  214. Respect. Where has it all gone? I would like to see all of the players fired and with the condition that they never be able to play in an organized league again. I am so ashamed of them. But the more they don’t get punished, the more disrespectful they will become. The fans have been just as much to blame for this disrespect as the players by backing such behavior. Please get athletes who have respect for our flag and what it stands for. PLEASE!

  215. I am 100% in agreement with the actions recommended by OUR PRESIDENT. What I do not agree with is the language he used and the name calling used to attempt to make his point. Gutter language is NEVER appropriate and especially not from the President regardless of who he is. Mr. President Please,please Please stop picking fights with every Tom .,Dick, and Harry that ticks you off and concentrate on getting your agenda approved which will benefit all Americans,even the snowflakes,Hollyweirds,and even the Oppressed,overpaid multimillionaires playing professional sports. They are used to being bullies and pampered to from early childhood,probably attended public schools where they were never required to stand and say the pledge and put their hands over their hearts while the anthem was played. In addition,most probably never studied American History,Civics,or the Constitution. I recommend you have your Sec of Education require thses areas be addressed in ALL public schools nationwide.

  216. I will not support the NFL anymore until the man in charge does something about the players. Better yet don’t sign them next year. I’m sure there are many new up coming players that want to play.
    I will never go to another game.

  217. I stand with the President! Disrespecting our flag, the National Anthem and our soldiers is a horrible thing and shouldn’t be tolerated.

  218. Exercising your first amendment of free speech is guaranteed, but when you disrespect the Constitution and the rule of law, you nullify your right as a citizen to any protections per say. This is the era of ” political correctness ” due to the social engineering of the educational process, that has demented the minds at these liberal-oriented,progressive,communist universities, that have pervaded the student ideology of vile and contempt for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Those players in any sport that do not stand and show respect for our flag, have no respect for this country and should be fined and suspended. If they continue to be defiant, fine the owners and stop watching the NFL or any other sport that has no respect for this country.

  219. Suspend, fire, whatever it takes. I believe in protest, but this one shouldn’t even be considered to be protested. Everyone should be standing. I will not be watching participating in any kind of sport until things change. I love my country and I stand behind my troops, and they have been disrespected.

  220. i understand president trumps thinking. all these ball players are all mostly black players. they think they are making a point but instead its showing what a ass they really are and disrespectfull they are. they have no values for america. i think the NFL managers need to grow a set of balls and get there playes under control. stop paying them. stop watching them . hit them where it hurts in the wallet. its not all about black lives matter cause the ones in that group needs to be wiped out from this earth. they are making the good people look bad. coaches need to be fired.

  221. Yes, they should be penalized when someone who is paid millions of dollars and they disrespect the flag and this country .. Were all the lives lost fighting for this country in vain .. Why do the fans continue to spend money to see these losers?

  222. Get mad at Trump for speaking his feelings (?) but respect those who don’t respect the flag of the country they live in, raise their families in and make a good amount of money, doesn’t quite sound balanced. There has got to be a better way to express their concerns. Right now with the lack of respect they are receiving they are defeating their concerns, because most people aren’t happy about their actions and thus could care less about their concerns. They have a right to have objectives just as all Americans have, but showing disrespect to the flag of the country isn’t going to help. Because of their popularity why can’t they be men and try a different course of freedom of speech, one we can get behind as a country and work on.

  223. President Trump is totally right. I stand behind him 100% the DFL (Disrespectful Football League) No longer deserves to use the word National. Let’s stop paying owners to even play the anthem. That is tax payer money there. They never played it out of respect, its worth millions to them….look it up. Makes this even more disrespectful.

  224. President Trump is right see what players think when no one come to see them play the game then show them the same respect they gave national anthem by not showing up.

  225. Our President is right. Great men and women fought and died for our great country. We need to stand with one voice and say enough is enough. Anyone that disrespects our flag and what it stands for needs to LEAVE this great country that afforded them to be millionaires .ENTERTAINMENT should be ENTERTAINMENT not POLITICS . EVERY TIME you show disrespect you spit on the graves of men and women who gave you the right of freedom. Political correctness needs to be thrown out the window. Never has our great nation been so divided because of it. We must remember that money is the root of all evil. As long as the people that have it keep trying to run our lives in every fiber, they will feel that they can tell us what to do and say. I SAY TO ALL THAT FEEL THAT THEY CAN DO THAT> GO TO HELL>

  226. There is a time and place for everything. At an event is not the right time. These players are role models for a lot the children and they are teaching them that it is OK to disrespect the flag and what it stand for. I’m with the president on this one. Not watching any games until these athletes can show some respect for the men and women that fight for our freedom. Let them try this in any other country….they wouldn’t even have a job.

  227. I don’t care what these self entitled snots do. I wouldn’t give any of them another trial. Football sucks anyway. It is an inane stupid game!

  228. Most people are not allowed to bring/display/protest political or social issues in their workplace unless they want to be fired. Only wealthy celebrities (entertainers, sports figures, etc,) are allowed to do so with no disciplinary action. The workplace (football field) is not the place for such and the public has responded accordingly. I applaud Mr. Hunt, Owner and CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs for his stand on this issue. THE FOOTBALL FIELD IS NOT THE PLACE FOR SOCIAL AND/OR POLITICAL PROTESTS!

  229. They should definately STAND out of Respect How hard is that ??Their all Millionares, how much would they be worth in Russia, or north Korea ?? Protest there and get Your Head chopped off,,,, You have a right to protest, But not In sports !! Keep Sports the way they are and ( or were) Keep at least ONE THING free from Politics..people like to go but not to listen or watch Protesting ?? Amen….

  230. I truly believe everyone has a right to protesting or voice their opinion BUT to disrespect our flag or our National Anthem they should be fired immediately by the owner of the team. The fact is the owner is probably the only one that can do it , so get on the owners ass to get it done or no football, basketball, hockey soccer baseball. This shit has to stop n now

  231. Please … Keep Sports out of Politics Period….People did
    not go to a game to watch You protest, They came to see You play and be entertained… Children Don’t get it, So don’t involve them…….. get that thru Your Heads, and everything will be just fine….. PLAY BALL…….(not politics)

  232. I feel everyone should stand out of respect of the military who have sacrificed so much for our freedom to watch these games. Many military families have lost their loved ones in wars and deserve our respect. When people are not willing to show their respect, they are sending a negative message to all Americans and the USA. There are many rules in the NFL that the players have to follow. Someone help us understand what the players trying to say by kneeling?

  233. If you don’t respect our flag and country there are planes that leave this country every day! They certainly would not get away with it in another country!

  234. The specific rule pertaining to the national anthem is found on pages A62-63 of the NFL League Rule book. It states:
    “The National Anthem must be played prior to every NFL game, and all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem.
    “During the National Anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American flag is in good condition…
    …It should be pointed out to players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country. Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses.”

  235. Is is ok for me to stand on the desk and protest my feelings and opinions at work. NOT AT ALL. I would get fired. It is not the time or place for such a ‘protest’ or freedom of speach. For that matter, they are ‘protesting’ injustic. They have the $millions$ to accutulaly go do something about it and all they do is make a foolish, disrespectful display when they are working. The people ‘protesting’ and establishment are not worthy of respect, time, or support. The NFL is a buisness. They will listing when they are no makeing any money. Trump is right.

  236. They have a right to protest the same as everyone else but during the national anthem is not that time. With their celebrity they could pick any other venue to stage a protest.

  237. Every American should be standing with their hands over their hearts when the National Anthem is being played! This has nothing to do with freedom of speech. It has to do with respecting and honoring America, the military and the families of those that paid the ultimate price.

  238. They should bring back the military draft and everyone of these kneelers should serve their time in the military and become men in place of trouble makers.

  239. Keep politics out of sports! Whats really going on?

    The specific rule pertaining to the national anthem is found on pages A62-63 of the NFL League Rulebook. It states:

    “The National Anthem must be played prior to every NFL game, and all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem.

    “During the National Anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American flag is in good condition…

    …It should be pointed out to players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country. Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses.”

  240. Stand and respect your country. This country gives you the life style you have by the men and women who fought and died you are choosing to disrespect. I agree with president Trump suspend,fine or fire. That is what happens if your self expression takes place in the end Zone. Come on NFL have some guts to take a stand. You are a private company and make the rules for those who work for you just like the hospital I work for.I abide by their rules or can find myself jobless.

  241. Read the football policy manual. Thank You “mommabear,” who wrote: “The specific rule pertaining to the national anthem is found on pages A62-63 of the NFL League Rulebook.” The football arena is designated for football and not for political dissent in another arena.

  242. I stand with the President, we all need to be united with our country and respect that nation which offers us each opportunities that many in other countries will never see. I really believe this is a left wing, liberal attempt to undermine our country one more time. This using men who make more money than most will see in a lifetime. I don’t begrudge their pay I do begrudge them using company time to exploit those who want our country as weak and minimal in the world scene. President Trump wants a great America and I agree with him on that!

  243. I agree with President Trump! When the soldiers returned after the Vietnam War everyone of them were treated with disrespect! I have been trying to reverse that feeling for years by shaking their hand, telling them thank you for your service and God bless them! History is repeating itself…by not respecting the flag and refusing to stand for the National Anthem is the same thing! Wake up America!

  244. It should be a privilege not an order. We are so disappointed in the players who do this. Last week we saw a coach training his 8&9 years old players how to kneel during the anthem. Every parent should protest this action and the coaches should be fired.

  245. Thank you Jerry, you are a true American. Also thanks to my President,Sir it is an honor that I can call you my President. I stand with you 100%.Praying that you are successful in moving your agenda forward. May GOD BLESS America.

  246. I am proud to say we have a President who really gives a damn about our great Country.

    I am also proud to be deplorable. Thank you one and all who agree with our President…..

  247. We agree with the President! And with the decision of the Dallas Cowboys owner who clearly states those who kneel during the anthem will be fired.

  248. If I was the coach, I would tell the players that anyone that kneels for the national anthem would be benched and miss a game check!

  249. They are not protesting !! They are showing disrespect to our flag,our country, and our fallen soulders. It should not be allowed !! They are also showing disrespect to those that pays their sallery…..THE FANS !! There’s poor people who loves football. And their greatest thrill is to out to that stadeum and watch their team play. At the beginning of the game we have a chance to honor our flag, country that we should love, and our fallen soulders who died for this great country. If they dislike this country so much, then they should move to another country and see if that country would like to see them disrespect their flag, country and the fallen.

  250. Next thing that will happen they will lay down on the ground and roll around like little babies saying I didnt get my way WAH WAH WAH

  251. God Bless America and the President. I will never watch another sporting event whether NFL, NBA, or MLB if one player kneels during the national anthem or disrespects our flag.

  252. I could not imagine anyone using the National Anthem to protest anything. Show some respect for your country !!!!!! I agree with President Trump, they should be fired.

  253. I don’t condemn anybody for voicing their opinion, but doing it on national television in front of millions of dedicated football fans is not a very intelligent thing to do. Like it or not the NFL players are reaping the rewards of the billions of dollars spent by loyal fans, who, for the most part are very patriotic and grew up saluting the flag and singing the national anthem! It is a part of football in America! To watch these icons kneeling and refusing to salute the flag with a hand over their heart is just not acceptable! I have said from the beginning that the solution to this situation is to let those who oppose the anthem and the flag stay in the locker room out of camera range until the opening ceremony is over. If they can’t accept that, then fine them!

  254. If you are lucky enough to live in America, stand for our flag!
    This is not about politics but recognizing our country and all of the people who have sacrificed so that you can have all of the liberties you enjoy.
    We are Americans first, stand for our flag!

  255. Most of the owners don’t seem to care what their players do!! Hit them in the pocketbook and don’t go or watch games. I think we should also start up the draft. The draft for the Army. They are all in good shape so they should go 1A.!!!!

  256. Not one of those football players taking a knee during our anthem has put themselves in harms way for our country. Not one of them have the gonads to fight the real fight. If they had, they wouldn’t be taking a knee. They would have pride in our flag and our anthem… No, I have no respect for them and no longer watch NFL…

  257. Keep them off the field until the national anthem is over or give them a monetary penalty. It is just disgraceful to see them kneeling. They should be grateful for the chance they are given to be on that field in the first place.

  258. If the NFL (or anybody else) does not respect our nation, our flag and our President should not be allowed to play on an American team. I hate to see anybody lose their job but they don’t deserve to be on an American team. God bless America and it’s time we turned our nation….our world over to God!

  259. As I have said before, I am 83 and still stand for our Anthem. Don’t tell me to do diff. We all have red blood. And it’s been shed for our country and you.many have been brave and gave thier lives for you.” NO MATTER THE COLOR” you who act this way go back to your country. Don’t be disrespectful to mine !!! GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  260. I agree with President Trump. These Football Basketball players and now some Baseball prayer are showing disrespect to our flag and to the men and woman defending our country. T been Boycotting the NFL for a year now and I will boycott baseball if they don’t do something soon. I am not a Nscar fan but I will be not that all the owners are cracking down on the crews of each car.

  261. How many of those players have served and fought for this country ?? Not too many so they just don’t get it.
    Come down to your local VETRANS ADMINISTRATION and look around maybe they will get a better picture.

  262. It’s not against the law to protest but if you are being paid fantastic money by fans you should not be disrespecting the people who pay you, period. People take our flag, our anthem and our country serious, you disrespect the 3 you will pay the price sooner or later.

  263. What a very sad day that this Country has had. These players are not Patriots. They clearly don’t care about our men and women that have devoted their lives and lost for America. For which our flag stands for. I will never watch another NFL game. I will boycott the products that keep them in business. Until, they show remorse for their spoiled rotten behaviors. Enough of the disrespect. Thank you President Trump for defending our men and women in the military. We stand with you.

  264. I never watch football (I know, I’m not a normal person LOL) but if I did this is one thing that would make me stop watching. These jocks (or more aptly named JERKS) are disrespecting the flag and the people who defended that flag in order to give them the freedom to live in a country where they could rise to do anything they want to do or be. I hope more and more people will stop going to the games, stop watching, etc. Maybe a good hit in the owners pocketbooks will make a definite statement. Then when it comes times to renew the players contracts there won’t be the money there to pay them their exorbitant salaries.

  265. Glad to see we have a man who puts America first. This man is trying to fix what his predecessor did. He’s not afraid to voice his opinion. He’s proud of the wonderful men and women and the sacrifices they have endured. It’s fine and good to peacefully protest but there is a time and place to do this. Let them do it outside of the spotlight not on the field.

  266. I agree with our President….who has courage to SPEAK THE TRUTH….The players have a right to free speech but NO RIGHT TO BE EMPLOYED UNDER THE CONSTITUTION…so at work people SHUT UP AND SUCK IT UP!!!!

  267. Most of them are just ungrateful severely overpaid little wussies. either stand up or get the hell out .respect those who respect everybody else

  268. One can only admire his heroic stand against the media and NFL. He is entitled to his opinion like everyone else but he doesn’t disrespect the symbol of this great nation to do that . He does not disrespect those who stood in the worst of places and gave their all to defend that flag. NFL folks have long been overpaid , spoiled children at play. It would be powerful if they chose to display honor, respect, and character. They are a great disappointment and it would speak well of us to walk away from their thoughtless demonstration.

  269. If these NFL players hate this country this much they should go live somewhere else…they won’t be making the millions they are making now. If you don’t respect our FLAG AND OUR COUNTRY…THEN FET THE HECK OUT.

  270. I hope more people start going to the college game of your choice, the No fun League is going down. AND if they start that in college start going to high school games plus there are enough football players out there that would love another crack at the big time, so keep doing what your doing and the replacement players will be glad to play at half the cost

  271. Protest as you will but when you disrespect the authority that gave your the freedom to protest that is where I draw the line. NO one should be allowed to kneel and claim it a protest when it comes to the flag. THAT IS JUST DISRESPECTFUL and that is NOT how I was raised. This is not what my son and the many other soldiers keep those freedoms for us do. As a matter of fact in Hawaii when Taps is played each and every day at the same time every day EVERYONE literally stops what they are doing gets out of their cars parked on the side of the road and stands at attention for taps to be played. If yall want the freedoms then respect the men and women and the Flag that gave it to you!

  272. Until they have fought, been on the front lines, left their loved ones for year, often several years when all is said and done, slept knowing the enemy was near, missed many milestones back at home, no fancy homes, at times barely making enough to support their families, laying it all on the line, making the ultimate sacrifice way too often, then these rich spoiled pansies need to stand! Because they get paid outrageous salaries for JUST PLAYING A GAME!! they somehow think they are more important than those who work a REAL job, than those who are the REAL HEROES, Law enforcement, soldiers, and all who risk their lives for our freedoms.

  273. My father and my son were willing to give their lives for this country. My father in WWII and my son 3 years in Iraq. And they can’t stand for the flag of our country and the national anthem. These millionaires need to understand who made them rich. You and me by watching the game and paying. I no longer or watch.

  274. If they put there lives on the line they would think different, but they only think of themselves so of course they never put there life’s on the line, there for they have no respect only spoiled brats, life has been easy for them so far but times are changing. Yes I agree this is a spiritual war good against evil, I feel that is why we are having so many world disasters you better be right with God or you will wish you where.

  275. they play a game that allow them to have broken bones and scrambled brains. think all their brains have been scrambled They get paid millions for some stupid sport the money should go to our military who risk their lives everyday to keep them safe. I am so disappointed in the people of this country who are not thankful for all they have and the opportunities they are afforded. I believe in Pres. Trump and wish people would support him instead of trying to bring him down, look at all the things we could be accomplishing. Congress needs to star earning the money we are paying them instead of making excuses of why it can’t be done.


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