Nancy Pelosi Just Caught On Hot Mic Admitting Something Huge… This Video Will Ruin Her


Nancy Pelosi should run for President in 2020. Now, hear me out. She is almost as bad as Hillary Clinton for the Democratic party right now. If she ran for President, then they would have no chance.

Nancy Pelosi wanted to talk about a bailout for Puerto Rico, but reporters wanted to talk about “gun legislation.”

Pelosi muttered “oh God” under her breath. “Madame Leader, I’d like to get your thoughts on some gun legislation moving toward the floor…” the reporter said.

“Oh God,” Pelosi said.

“Yeah,” she muttered to herself when the reporter said the bill would “deregulate silencers and undermine concealed carry laws.”

“Well, in addition to that, it’s the silencers, it’s the, uh, conceal and carry,” Pelosi said, repeating what the reporter just said, “and it’s also, uh, uh,” she continued, before suffering a brain freeze for several awkward moments, before blurting out, “pier— uh, um, armor-piercing bullets.”

According to NBC, the NRA had a 42 percent approval rating.

The approval of Congress is at 8%, according to the Economist.

Pelosi has a 26% approval rating, according to the American Mirror.

Get this out there if you think that Nancy Pelosi needs to get out of Senate. She is ruining this country. Thanks for reading, y’all.

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  1. President Trump is very concerned about the lives in our country and also the world. He gives me faith that he has our interest at heart at all times. God bless President Trump.

  2. pelsoi needs to go back to wherever she came from, she is have mental problems and is a perfect reason for us to have term limits.


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