Paul Ryan Just Bent The Knee! Look What He Just Sacrificed For Trump Today


A new poll came out by the Center for Security Policy and Eagle Forum which says that 63% of voters think that it’s time to replace Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

43% also said that Republican leadership in Congress supports the swamp. 63% of voters want new Republican leadership – including 68% of Republican voters, according to the study.

Now, look what Paul Ryan said today. He seems to have gotten the message finally. He is finally sacrificing his stupid dignity to get the MAGA agenda done.


That’s good news. It only took about eight months for him to come around.

Speaker Paul Ryan: “This week the House is going to vote on all of the appropriation bills. This week the House is going to vote on all of the appropriation bills before the fiscal year deadline… It hasn’t been done in a long time. So the House of Representatives is doing its work. The House of Representatives is doing its job. And the House of Representatives is bringing all of these appropriation bills on budget, on time and that is an historic achievement… We are fully funding the president’s request to build a wall along the southern border.”

Share this everywhere and let’s show the world that Paul Ryan is behind the border wall. Let’s get this thing built!

It’s time to make Trump’s agenda reality. It’s time to make this country great again.

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  1. Paul Ryan can not be trusted. He and McConnel gave Obama everything he wanted. His outrageous spending which almost bankrupted America among other things like all the Overreaching Exec. Orders and opening up America to Muslim immigration including terrorists.

  2. President Trump is only echoing what is on the minds of the people. Does this seem to resonate to anyone who follows the Constitution. Let me remind those who have difficulty understanding this with three words “We The People”. Paul please take notes.

  3. I’m very glad to hear this. But we still need to vote the career politicians out of Congress and replace them with true citizen representatives. TERM LIMITS!!!

  4. Y’all waisted all this time now your afraid you should to ashame!! You need too step up when the President ask you to help our country. TAHANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

  5. I’m more than happy that he “appears” to be finally getting on board. But it will
    take more than one speech to make me a believer. I just don’t trust him.

  6. I don’t support Speaker Paul Ryan. I don’t trust him, he has back stabbed the President and the American People. The do nothing GOP Congress is no better than the last Congress, and either is the Senate. The Senate is more concern with Blocking the President Agenda. While traitors like McCain, McDonald, Graham, and others do nothing but complain and delay. 7 years they complained about ObamaCare, yet did nothing about it. Even when they have Control of the House and the Senate. I won’t doubt it if the Democrats take back the Senate, and watch the poor Republicans cry the blues. I for one won’t be crying with them. I’ll be laughing at the stupid jerks that had every chance to work for the American People, yet did nothing.

  7. If Paul Ryan doesn’t start listening, he’s going to be thrown out. The People of America are sick and tired of just sitting in the stands watching our Representatives betray us while they line their pockets. Honestly, most of us would just like to pick up a news paper and read honest coverage of what’s going on in America. We’re not politicians, we’re educators, farmers, office workers and just plain old Americans that expect our elected officials to work on our behalf. That hasn’t been happening and we were forced to get off the couch and vote. Well, I really don’t care if you don’t like my choice. I now expect and demand that our elected officials listen to us. If they don’t, they have to go!!!

  8. Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. Wonders never cease. They are going to do what we pay them for. Pay them more than 80% of us make.

  9. Good job, Paul, but it doesn’t resurrect your tainted image as a no-good leader. You failed pathetically when you signed all Obama’s checks to further plunge this nation deeper into debt, while you had specific weapons at your disposal codified in the Constitution to prevent that. You cannot argue yourself out of that disaster you brought upon the people.

    You’re only doing the right thing after you buckled under pressure. Our leaders should instinctively do the right thing. Doing what you and Mitch did forces the mob to push you in the right direction. That’s not good enough. What have you been doing when we weren’t looking?

    The majority of Americans will work to replace you sooner than you think and find a speaker that will do the job as promised.

  10. He’s only coming around because of the numbers against him sure give a little now make himself look like a team player but if reelected it’s going to be right back to the same defiant pos he truly is. He needs replacing no matter what he does from here on out he’s still a swamp creature!

  11. It’s about time they start supporting President Trump…….We need to vote them out if they cannot back our president.


  12. This is quite a change for Paul Ryan. I just pray he is sincere and not just playing games. Politicians are very good at playing games. I honestly hope Paul Ryan is on the up and up.

    • Don’t Count on his change of heart to be sincere. A leopard doesn’t change its spots. Its Election time coming up for this Jerk and his polls are tanking big time… If he were to win re-election he would go back to his true nature… Just remember for 8 yrs he gave Olimpwrists everything he wanted… He’s been blocking Trump for 8mths and bragging about it.. Do you really think he’s had a change of heart ? He’s a NWO guy with a very liberal ex lobbyist wife…

  13. I think most of the Political Leaders are like bunch of Pimps and Prostitutes, not all but majority are! Paul Ryan and McConnel are definitely are! I must also mentioned the Schumer and Pelosi on the other side. These are the people and of course their followers are blocking the President Trump, every which way they can! But we the people can handle these people; the FEAR of not getting re-elected is our way to control them. Unfortunately there is a real danger is lurking around and it is getting more and more powerful; his name is OBAMA. I have read that he is going to have a conference in Chicago with the Liberal Socialist World Leaders, exchanging so called NEW IDEAS. Liberal Socialism is a new name for COMMUNISM Folks. It has to be out-Law in U.S.A. If we let this man, continue to interfere with the Government Businesses ina short time, America will embrace the Communism. Democratic Party is a Communist Party, it has been always like that since it was established. Their advantage is offering to the people welfare so that they can control them. Wake Up America!

  14. He finally realized that his job was on the line???
    And that his STUPIDITY was getting the best of him………..Nice, but even though, I do not think that I can vote for him, does not mean that I will just chuck it up……….

  15. It’s about time. Guess what Bannon said on 60 Minutes scared the pee out of him. Believe me, if he and McConnell do not get behind Trump, out they go. We are so done with them. They are nothing but RINOS. McCain and Graham as well and they know it too. They’re gone!

  16. It is high time this scum bag got the message as written by 63 MILLIoN AMERICAN CITIZENS last November. This is not enough to reelect him next November (2018). We have lost 8 months while this numb skull played his Anti Trump BS games. I hope the people of Wisconsin feel the same way. We do not need people who claim they are Republicans taking money from Soros. Ryan has betrayed the American people since he became speaker.

  17. If you want to keep your jobs you better pull your head out of your asses and stop sitting on your hands and playing yourself…you were elected to push Trump’s agenda through, not to block him at every turn.

  18. I don’t trust him he is lying to the American people. Is time Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell go. I don’t support them. They don’t want to move the agenda. They want President Trump fail. I know they will prefered Hillary Clinton because is part of the swamp like them.

  19. I do not trust Paul Ryann, Mitch McConnel, Nancy Peloci or Chuck Shumer and think all should have to resign based on not fulfilling their oath of office. Paul Ryann and Mitch McConnel both have thought the border wall was a big joke. WE WILL HAVE A WALL, TAX CUTS, END DACA and ABORTION EVEN IF WE HAVE TO GATHER A MILLION MEN AND GO TO WASHINGTON TO PRESENT OUR CASE TO THESE IDIOTS THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING FOR THE PEOPLE BUT LET THEIR PETTY EGOS GET IN THE WAY OF THEIR COMMON SENSE.
    Term Limits are way past due.
    But hey what do I know I am just a deplorable, combat veteran and tax payer.

  20. They are gone no matter what they do at this point. We can start fresh and have classes everyday for the newbies to run the government and throw out lobbyist.

  21. I do not trust Paul Ryan nor McConnell they both need to be sent home. And why is Obama allowed to have a meeting in Chicago? Where in the heck is Jeff Sessions? Maybe he needs to go too. He has snake eyes!!!

  22. I don’t believe Ryan on anything. He is a rino and isn’t to be trusted. No he didn’t bend his knee, he is no doubt up for re-election and wants to keep his cushy job. Once a traitor always a traitor.

  23. So glad the people are waking up about these three snakes. They are poisonous to our country. You see how they have separated the people along with Obama and Hillary. They need to serve some time behind bars. They are Terri blue people.


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