IT’S OVER! Paul Ryan’s Days Are Numbered, Look What Shocking Report Came Out About Him

Image Source: CBS News

Paul Ryan’s days are numbered. According to Washington Post, several influential House conservatives are plotting to get rid of House Speaker Paul Ryan. Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum are being talked about as potential replacements for Ryan.

The Constitution doesn’t technically require the Speaker of the House to be an elected part of the body. The chances are slim, but the fact that there are even talks about it means that Ryan is on shaky ground.

Here is Ryan mad that Trump was forced to take a deal with the Democrats.

Recently Paul Ryan said that he wanted the DREAMER amnesty to continue. Republican leaders have literally not passed anything, but they are fighting for the rights of Illegal immigrants.

The push is being led by Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), who is the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus. Steve Bannon is also pushing for Ryan to be removed along with Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) according to people close to the discussions.

Breitbart reported recently that Paul Ryan is as unpopular as Nancy Pelosi. The NBC News poll reveals that Paul Ryan is now totally bombing. 63% of people see Paul Ryan unfavorably while 64% of people see Pelosi in a negative light.

Share this if you think that it’s time to kick all the RINO Republicans to the curb. Trump is working with Democrats because the Republicans in Congress can’t get anything done.

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  1. The day he and the other RinicRATs are out will be the day America really starts to prosper again. The day that Obama, our illegal ex-POTUS, and lying Hillary are prosecuted for the damage they inflicted on America and the American people will be a new beginning and the day that the Nazi George Soros is prosecuted for sedition and treason will begin a new Erie where countries are allowed to prosper instead of constantly being turned upside down with the turmoil that this man causes where he sticks his nose in. Every country that Soros has worked to destroy should work together to bring this animal to justice.

  2. As speaker, he earns more than a Million bucks a year and yet, we see such horrible behaviour and the snaky way he does his business. He could get away with other Presidents but with Pres. Trump, work and results count the most and sadly he chose to cross swords with Trump. Time to pick up the pieces again.

  3. Hes as big a traitor as McCain, and thats quite a achievment considering McCains been at it since Viet Nam. They’re only there to become Millionairs, now that they sold us all out for money, why
    Don’t they just go away quietly since they have nothing to contribute.

  4. Ryan is an oily snake and must go.
    He’s not a Republican, he’s a communist democrat out for his own interests. HE HAS GOT TO GO. Further. DITCH MITCH.

    • He is not a communist and he is not a democrat — he is a self-centered Elite Republican who is petrified that the Swamp may be drained.

  5. He and many other so called Republicans and Democrats are nothing but Bull Shit Artist and we true Americans must put them on the street permanently. Also take away from the tratiors their Golden Parachutes. They haven’t done anything to assist our President or we the people.

  6. Plz put Newt in Paul Ryan spot as he would be excellent and true to his word with no back stabbing or leaks and has a long history of experience…….


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