Pittsburgh Steelers Just Announced Their UNBELIEVABLE Plans for the Nat’l Anthem on Sunday

Source: Youtube

The Pittsburgh Steelers have one of, if not the, largest fanbases in the NFL. They’re right up there with the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, and Green Bay Packers.

Naturally, most fans were royally ticked off when the entire team refused to leave the locker room for the National Anthem. Well, the entire team with the exception of one player.

That would be offensive lineman Alejandro Villanueva, a Bronze Star-winning West Point graduate. Oh, he’s also a former Army Ranger.

Today, another offensive lineman for the Steelers is making some big news. Maurkice Pouncey just announced what the team plans to do during the anthem this coming Sunday.

Per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pouncey makes it abundantly clear, “I promise you one thing this week — we’ll all be standing out there for the national anthem. Trust me. We respect our flag and we respect the military. I think the bigger message was we were trying to stay out of it. That we should unite inside. It was all about the flag. It was just a big misunderstanding. Trust me, I’m very sorry to anyone who feels the way they do. I care about the flag dearly. Trust me, this team will be out there standing Sunday.”

BOOM! Now that’s more like it!

Pouncey added that the entire team will participate, “As far I know it’s 100 percent. We’re going to go out there as the Pittsburgh Steelers. If not, you’ll have something to talk about. As far as I know everyone on the Pittsburgh Steelers will go out there.”

Good. Now let’s see it happen!


  1. Too late, they have already shown their true feelings and are worried about their paychecks. They didn’t realize just how patriotic the American fans are. Which they should have because of the following they do. They evidently do not feel it as deeply as we do. Not their fault, they are or have been listening to the extreme left and their propaganda, however, didn’t they go to college? They should have learned how to think and use their brains, to analyze and hear what they say compared to what they do or have done. That doesn’t excuse them – they should not participate or get involved in what they know nothing about.

    • Schools don’t teach that anymore. They teach you to repeat back to them what they’ve told you and if you disagree with them they bully you.

        • You are correct. My daughter came home as a junior (education major) and had a book called “How Dare the School Build a New Social Order”. This thing was socialism from cover to cover. There was even a statement that said America has got to become less hostile toward the idea of indoctrination. It taught that schools should not emphasize the individual but teach only areas that are beneficial to the whole (the state if you would comrade). This is what they are teaching the teachers that will be instructing our kids. Although she is my daughter, I have already sit her down and explained that if she adheres to this mindset, she will be dangerous to democracy, America, and every child she has access to. Home school, home school, home school unless you like the idea of your kids being a Socialist on the next generation.

  2. Too late, What they did was force their protest on this country knowingly sacrificing the game. It’s one thing to go into the streets and protest something peacefully without disrupting anything but what the Steelers and all other teams participating did was force their protest on us while dishonoring our Flag and Anthem and criticizing us for disagreeing with their platform and statements. They turned their football field into a political field. They claimed they were not disrespecting this country but refused to find another platform because it was this country they were attacking. It’s to late, we tired to talk to them, they refused to listen. They gave us an option. We chose. We are done with them. Now we want all federal funding taken away from the NFL and the players. They turned this “conversation” into a fight and we heard them loud and clear. We are disgusted, we are done.

  3. Then why did Alejandro Villanueva have to apologize for standing for the flag he fought for??? You all should feel ashamed of yourselves. Villanueva is an American hero and you all shat on him! YOU’RE teammate! You all owe HIM a public apology!

    • After so many argued with them about kneeling and more and more knelt!! Deal with it! America has spoken back to you National Felons League!!

  4. After he jumped on the one player that stood last week and made him tell his team mates he was sorry that he didnt stay in the locker room with them instead he went out the tunnel and put his hand over his heart while the anthem played. The was I look at it is they should have all told him they were sorry for not standing with him. I use to like this coach but not after he jumped on this one true patriot for doing the right thing,

    • Rhonda not only was it a patriot player he jumped on, but one who has been i Afghanistan three times and got bronze star….Who the hell does this coach think that he is, and that he literally bullies him into apologizing, is what really galls me……..He is NOT fit to be a coach………

    Let’s give them a lesson by not attending to the game and be sure they keep their processes !!

  6. Pitt is our team. They made a mistake. They realize not to be sheep. They are going to stand on their own 2 feet for our flag. Cheers for them.

  7. My original comment mentioned that the correct way to respect our Country and Flag is not to lock arms, sit or kneel. It is to remove your helmet, put it in your left hand, stand with your right hand over your heart, face the flag and either sing along or keep quiet. Those who have gone before us and many living today have fought for that Flag and our Country for the Freedom of those who today disrespect that Flag. We must wake up folks; Blood is red and it flows in each of our veins, whether our skin is black, brown, yellow or white. We are all one people, under GOD ALMIGHTY. Pray for unity; pray for peace; pray for what has been given to us in life; pray for those unfortunate in this world of confusion. Thank God for what we have been given here in America, Let us not forget that. Lend a helping hand; not a fist of hate. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  8. I am happy to hear that even tho Dallas Cowboys are my team. If there is any type of protest it will still unacceptable. God Bless America

  9. They will in all probability lock arms for some other cause which will be disrespectful too. So what? Don’t fall for all of the Bull Chips stupid!

  10. NFL has every reason to be worried. I will never watch again. I know that since we scared the hell out of them, they will stand now. I don’t care, too little, too late. They must have forgotten about the BLM salute after tackling a white person. This is totally a racist statement. They are taking obama’s lead to destroy our America. I know there are millions of people like me who will not return.

  11. Too Little Too Late!! I don’t believe a word they say anymore……..they are just ‘posing upright’ to protect their luxurious way of life the spoiled little brats! They were told over and over by the American public exactly what the public thought of their disrespect and they continued to kneel in even greater numbers. So..to hell with them. We are done! No more National Felons League where their REAL average is an arrest every 7 DAYS?!Q?
    THAT tells more about them than any stunt they have pulled so far!!! Get a job! A real one! your ‘cushy’ one is over!

  12. Yes that would be proper and honor our country God gave to us. That is why everyone wants to come here, Love for fellow man and country. Great unity Steelers!

  13. Change of heart???? Really! Do you really think all the people you infuriated are going to fall for this ? You are seeing the fallout, your pockets are in real danger of getting emptier and you’re panicking. You have done permanent damage to the game and the lost viewers aren’t coming back.

  14. BOYCOTT the NFL. Too late. They have revealed their true ignorance stupidity and criminal backgrounds.

    Let’s see NFL unity on the “unemployment line” or performing “real manly work and labor with American men.”

  15. Don’t fall for this bs….it’s a convict apology……..we’re so sorry……that we got caught…..someone has sat these Einstein’s down and explained to them the free market system and no fans means no fat paychecks, their the racist, their the ones told the fans “if you don’t like it, Bye” they’re the ones brought their racism to the forefront with throwing games because a white player didn’t kneel, they’re the ones showing their racist pos by black power fist pumping over tackled white players, so they can take their crocodile tears apologises and shove them up their asses…

  16. Think it might be too late should have never happened! Shouldn’t have to be shamed into standing for your country! And the owners and big shots should have supported their fans you know the ones that pay big money to come to these games from all over! And the players that spoke to media and said they could care less about fans should be replaced! Shame on all of you!!

  17. Now that’s the best example of “Money Talks” ever… ha ha
    They made a little innocent mistake by the sounds of it… BS they knew what they were doing. They may be stupid jocks but no one is that stupid…


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