The President Just Walked up to Cameras and Revealed REAL Reason for Fight with the NFL

Source: White House

The Propagandists on the Left have been working overtime to try and spin President Trump’s attack on the NFL to their favor.

First, they said it was because of all the Black players in Football. Of course, most Americans are not dumb enough to believe it, so they moved on. Then today, they claimed he was so “pre-occupied” with Football that he was ignoring the country. WRONG!

That’s when the President decided enough is enough. He walked out in front of Cameras today and let him know the real reason he went after the NFL…He was not “pre-occupied”, he was ASHAMED!

The President told the crowd of reporters,

“I don’t think you can disrespect our country, our flag, our national anthem. To me, the NFL situation is a very important situation. I’ve heard that before about ‘was I preoccupied,’ not at all, not at all. I have plenty of time on my hands. All I do is work. And to be honest with you that’s an important part of working, it’s called respect of our country.”

If anything, I would hope ALL US Presidents would be willing to defend our flag and the REAL American heroes the way Trump just did. This is not about race, it’s about millionaire athletes using their privilege to disrespect people who give way more and get paid way less.

Trump has now made clear his intentions, so let’s help him get the word out for all Americans to see by sharing this out everywhere. Let the President Speak for Himself.


  1. Thank you President Trump I’m so ashamed of the games. Sad you can’t enjoy football, or anything else. If their so unhappy in our Country why don’t they go live someplace else. Of course I don’t know what other Country would put up with their stupidity.

  2. I honour you sir, for your decision making , fulfilling your election promises (hard to find from today’s politicians) to make America great! Well done Sir! Keep on! You will succeed under & with God help.

  3. Thank you President Trump! The reason I voted for you you tell it like it is! You are not a career olitician you are a true American ! I love the fact you love our America! I love the fact that you have raised loving kids!

  4. NFL is dead to me. No more watching on tv, going to games or buying products from companies that advertise during the game. If the NBA, Baseball or Hockey starts the same stuff I will boycott them too! And I don’t care if the NFL apologizes when they see ticket sales, tv viewing and companies dropping their commercials I still won’t watch RIP NFL and good luck to all the players finding a 9 to 5 job.

  5. Once again you came up with the perfect word. Ashamed. Ashamed of the NFL the entertainment fraction and then the socialist left in general. Ashamed that they are so bent that they can not accept that they LOST.

  6. Thank You President Trump.I love the way you speak your mind.You Sir are a a true American.Thank you Vice President Pence.You both are doing a great job. I Sir would Love to Meet you personally.I would Love to give a piece of my mind to ALL OF CONGRESS AND SENATORS SOME THINGS TO CONSIDER. EVEN SO CALL DEMOC RATS.MAY GOD BLESS YOU BOTH AND YOUR FAMILIES.KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

  7. I am a Gold Star Mom, my son was killed in Iraq, CW2 Dennis P Hay, Thank you Mr. President These protests are not appropriate. Although is is a right. just because some thing is a right, doesn’t make it appropriate. Protests are fine but there is a time and a place. During our Anthem is not one of them. Thank you for taking a stand. Our last Potus could have cared less.

  8. Thank you sir for loving this country but must of all for standing up for our LOrd and Savior Jesus Christ. Your are the first president that has kept his word and fighting to do what you said. I know you have a lot of people fighting against you but you have more for you. Most of all you have God on your side. Dont worry God is with you.

  9. Thank you for taking this stand. It will cause turmoil, but it needed to be said. Sorry the coaches and owners didn’t take care of the matter !!! God Bless You, PRESIDENT TRUMP, AND GOD BLESS AMERICA.


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