Right After The Game, Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin Did Something HORRIBLE to Army Ranger Who Stood For Anthem



This Sunday, NFL players made a point to unite together against our President and our military.

The Pittsburgh Steelers made the ultimate cowardly move and stayed in the locker room during the national anthem. Only one player on the team, Alejandro Villanueva, had the courage to go against orders from the coach and stand on the field for the anthem.

Villanueva is a former Army Ranger who served three tours in Afghanistan and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for Valor. He wasn’t going to let politics come before his patriotism.


But instead of praising Villanueva or understanding why standing for the anthem is so important to an Army Ranger, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin TRASHED his own player claiming that Villanueva was “disrespecting his team”.

Tomlin said in a post-game press conference that he was looking for “100 percent participation” in whatever course of action the team took during the national anthem.

When asked by a reporter about Villanueva coming out for the anthem, Tomlin said,

“Like I said, I was looking for 100 percent participation, we were gonna be respectful of our football team.”

Apparently Coach Tomlin cares more about having respect for his football team than he does about respecting our veterans.

Tomlin also took a sideswipe at President Trump saying that he didn’t appreciate being dragged into politics this weekend.

Someone needs to remind Tomlin that it wasn’t Trump who inserted politics into football, you can thank your whiny, entitled, attention seeking football players for that.



Video of Tomlin’s disgraceful reaction can be seen below….



  1. Y’all chose to put youselfs into this, Not the president you want to make a statement and bring politics into football. BIG MISTAKE ON THE NFL

  2. THE BOTTOM LINE IS … I’m a long time Steeler fan but I’ve had enough, politics does not belong on the field and as long as it’s there I will not watch another NFL game, more specifically my Pittsburgh Steelers hat is retired until further notice !

  3. Your Team Was Only Drug Into Politics Because You Let It Happen , You Are A Worthless , Your Team Are Paid Performer’s And Paid Cert Damn Good , And Your Lousy Playing Sunday Was God Telling You That Everything That You And All But 1 Player Done Was “WRONG” , The Steelers Suck.

  4. This man just proved how dumb he is and who has a low understand of our great country . How one way he is about freedom of speech when wants to show support his country and he wont allow it you should give up your job and go on t
    he streets

    • I completely Agree Coach Mike Tomlin is another self important entitled A$$hole, who thinks everyone should cave to his point of view, he said it himself. ((““Like I said, I was looking for 100 percent participation, we were gonna be respectful of our football team.”)) Emphasis on ( I ), this was not about the team, it was about him wanting to make a political statement, granted he might have had the support of many on his team, but HE and his team should also respect the values of the individual players as well, he had no right to expect any of his players to ignore their own beliefs for his view.

      Coach Mike Tomlin, you had no right to demand this of your team and players, nor do you have a right to trash the stance and actions of one of your players for standing up for his views, your team is not more important then the American values, that men and and women have fought for, shed blood, lost limbs and died for, to give you the opportunities in life that led to you you even being able to be on the fields you play on, in a sport that pays you millions. LT Alejandro Villanueva and his fighting brothers and sisters, their risks their sacrifices are far more important then your team and need to for you to make your ignorant political statement!!

  5. Agree with all said above. President Trump didn’t bring politics into the game. They themselves made their choices to put on a show. They are paid to play football nothing else. Just like Hollywood they are paid to make movies. They are entertainment nothing more. Their all snowflakes without brains to know the difference.

    • I believe there are more things that Trump the clown should be worried about! He has NO business sticking his
      big nose in where it’s not called for! M

      • I guess you don’t love our country? And what it stands for. and our president’s #1 duty? FYI dummy: the President has EVERY RIGHT to take action and speak his mind on the amount of disrespect these entertainers (notice I didn’t say politicians) are showing our beloved country. I’m proud we have a president who stands up to the highly regarded NFL players who decide to jump into the arena of politics, instead of entertaining with their JOB. You think it’s OK for football players to disrespect those who lost their lives so you and the players can have a free opinion, yet don’t like it when the POTUS gets on the real big stage and calls them out for it? You’re a terrible hypocrite btw.

    • So NFL players shouldn’t be allowed to have free speech? Stop being hypocritical they have the right to do what their doing as much as you have the right to post that ignorant comment. You are the one that’s triggered snowflake.

  6. If you claim to be professionals, then act like professionals. Don’t blame the President for your ignorance. Congratulations to the former Army Ranger who stood up and showed respect. I highly doubt that the rest of the team even know what respect means as they think they are
    “Entitled”. God bless America, our President, and all those who have served and are serving.

  7. This moron can not be any more stupid. Disrespect the team, give me a break………..what respect do we owe the Team of overpaid, overrated lumps playing a game?

  8. Tomlin should be fired. I blame the NFL and the owners for all this upheaval they have. They could have stopped it from the very start. Now it’s rather out of hand.

  9. I saw yesterday the nfl rule book and on page 62 it states that all personell shall stand at attention quietly during the national anthem so why doesnt the spineless commission er fine and suspend all the players that disrespects ojr country our military and first responders

  10. This coach is a gutless spineless coward. And has disrespected his ancestors if he could read a book he would find that out.

  11. Alejandro Villanueva has my admiration and respect for honoring his oath and choosing to honor our flag, and the men and women that have died defending it and the American way of life!

  12. Mike Tomlin is anti-American. He demands that “his team” respect each other but only on his conditions. He showed zero respect to a man who obviously respects his team. Mike Tomlin doesn’t care that Villanueva served three tours in Afghanistan while most of these Steeler punks were having pool parties and playing ball. Mike Tomlin doesn’t care that before becoming a member of the Steelers Villanueva was a member of another team, The United States Army Rangers. The Elite! That is who Villanueva is. Yet Mike Tomlin demands that Villanueva respects who Colin Kaepernick and his followers without getting respect in return. Mike Tomlin also stated that taking a knee during the Anthem or cowering away in the locker room is not making a political statement but those of us who are offended by it are making a political statement. The Anthem has nothing to do with race or the effects of young black thugs following a life of crime. If they want to make a point then they should have found another platform. The point Mike Tomlin, Colin Kaepernick and The Steelers are trying to make is one of hate towards this country. That is why they refuse to find another platform. They hate this country, that is the bottom line. There will be an end to football before their spoiled a**es ever decide to show anyone any respect. This is a political statement and we heard it loud and clear. I am done with them. Forever. I hope Villanueva finds a team worthy of his strength and spirit because the Steeler’s know NOTHING about honor.

  13. You made yourself a political spokesperson. You wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for our fathers, husbands, sons and daughters serving. Your ungrateful. Why should the guys have the right to stay in and show no respect and this ranger can’t expess his rights. Oh yeah, remember he’s the one who did fight for his. You bigots are all alike. If it’s not your way it’s the highway. All you are is a glorified black panther.

  14. A player for the bears stopped short of scoring a touchdown sunday because he wanted to show off. He cared more about being in the spotlight than scoring the touchdown for his team! This is how NFL players feel about their country. They care more about trashing America and being in the spotlight than they care about the game they play! We should all boycott the NFL!

  15. Who are the sponsors for this team? That’s Where to make a stand. Boycott the sponsors. That’s where they feel the pinch. Contact the sponsors tell them why you are boycotting them.

  16. Hey, if you don’t like the way Villanueva didn’t follow your political agenda, I’m sure there are 31 other teams that would love to take him off your hands.

  17. Coach Mike Tomlin is shifting blame for HIS decision of inflicting HIS opinion and intention of disrespect. How dare him to deny freedom for one who tried to follow protocol! YOU DIVIDED a Team against Country with YOUR DISTORTION. Rationalizing is not going to cut it.

  18. It’s about time a new coach is put in place of Tomlin as coach….he, along with the 99% players that stayed in the locker room should be fired. They will lose many fans now, NOT BECAUSE OF TRUMP, but because of their ignorance of being an American. They will be on their knees soon enough before the man above. At that time they better be ready to tell Him why they gave up on our Country.
    Send these jocks to fight for our Country when the time comes…..let them show us how strong their beliefs are then…put their coach as their Sergeant…..see how strong they are then.
    Don’t put Trump as the problem….they know very well if they had not been kneeling Trump would not have confronted them in the first place. SHAME ON THEM

  19. No more football for me. Now I have more time to do things FOR MY COUNTRY! NFL can go to BLAZES! You ruined it, you’re pathetic and un American coach! You deserve all that you get from the fans!!! Coach, you need to be fired! God Bless The Ranger for standing!!!!

  20. I wonder what all these dis-respectful people will be doing when this country is destroyed. It is obvious to me they will not be paid for playing a game nor will their millions be enough to keep them safe. They should remember that when you walk in the gutter you must be ready to be sent down to the sewer.

  21. One man THAT stood for his country . Have LOST all respect for any American that has been a gift and did not have to serve their country.

  22. Just because we have a right to do something does not mean it is prudent. There is a time and place for protests, but hurting the game we love just stirs up trouble and is bad judgement in my opinion. Ratings were down yesterday and soon sponsors will start having second thoughts. The NFL has all kinds of rules that players must obey. Goodell blew this chance to keep race out of the game. Sad day.

  23. At least one player had the balls to stand for the anthem and salute the flag. Villanoveva is an army ranger who has served three terms and is entitled to express his patriotism. Tomlin should support him instead of taking a cheap shot at him. I do agree that there should not have politics in sports. The owners are not paying players to protest, they are paying them to play.

  24. Coach. All you have to do is Man up and support your country and flag and have your guys stand in respect. That’s it. You are the one making it an issue. You and only you so don’t deny it. More BS and lack of leadership.

  25. Thank you Lt. Alejandro Villanneva for your service and for standing up for the country you served and not the football team. You sir are a hero. The lives you saved, the sacrifice you have made. God bless you and God Bless America

  26. Oh my goodness, this has gone to far. Maybe these guys have never been disciplined, lots of maybe’s but RESPECT for our country, our military, first responders, etc. RESPECT is that so hard to understand.

  27. Bravo to Mr. Villanueva – and shame on Mike Tomlin and the rest of those SOBs who stayed in the locker room. And where is that POS commissioner? There is a rule to be adhered to – check out the NFL rules. He suspends Zeke Elliot for 6 games even though no one has proven that he has committed any crime – but he allows these lowlives to break a football rule and go unpunished? They say a fish starts rotting from the head – Goodell, you are the rotting head.

  28. This whole NFL fiasco is the result of small minds trying to dictate how we live and think. If I was not a racist before, I sure will become one now!
    Football is supposed to be entertaining… too bad it isn’t any longer!
    I, for one, have tuned the NF L out. When I go into a bar I give the bartender 30 seconds to change the channel or I, and many others, are outa there.

  29. Trumper has NO business sticking his nose in where it’s not wanted. Don’t you think there are more important things he should be tending to.. Does he really thing we give a rats behind what he has to say.

    • He (President Trump) knows our flag and anthem stand for respect to our military not social issues…you evidently don’t respect them either!

    • your just a complete idiot! a racist bigot, like all democrats your self serving lover of yourselves and you couldn’t give a rats behind about what anyone else has to say! you don’t deserve the right to even live in this USA.. because you certainly aren’t American! your just another uneducated loser!

  30. He was not “disrespecting the team” he was respecting his country and the people who gave their lives so ignorant people could choose to disrespect the flag they honored and fought for.

  31. This coach is angry at the one player who respected the flag. As he kept saying they expected 100% of team participation very angry. So he’s saying because the black players want it it doesn’t matter how the others feel. They don’t matter???? What a racist. And President TRUMP did not start this.. it started with Colin. So your saying no one has a right to their opinion except your “gang”. Pitiful..
    We will never forget your political poll on this. You are racist and a disgrace to america.politics should never had entered into this but You And the nfl.sllowed it. I am willing to bet your days are numbered.as a coach. Wanna bet….

  32. What a scumbag this couch is. Alejandro Villanueva: apply for a position with the DALLAS COWBOYS…they still know what respect is.

  33. well, that HERO just can out with a statement saying he “Ran to far out of the tunnel”, he had no intentions of respecting of flag or country!! he says he sorry he “threw his team mates under the bus”. He is NO hero, he’s a anti American POS like the rest of ’em!!!!

  34. Tomlin is a jerk!! Respect his football team but the hell with our country and those brave enough to fight for our freedom. Want to keep politics out of the game put your 100 percent team on the field and STAND for our anthem!!

  35. Just boycott the games, their sponsors, and TV; block the channel or remove the services from Dish, Direct TV and cable….They need to learn a lesson in Constitution Law 101…they have no rights as players…and the owners better take action or they will be broke in a year or so with now one watching or attending the games… Go TRUMP, you are the MAN>>>>

  36. Pittsburgh has been my team for years…. no more… I will not watch them in the future.. I was sure they were better than that..

  37. you watch, if the money starts drying up…the NFL will be apologizing and making excusses to get people back. They will back peddle, and rationalize, and analyze and tell you they’ll stand for the anthem. The NFL will put out a order everyone must stand. But you know what, now I know thou, now I see the truth…not a ONE of them stands because they care for my nation, but for their pay checks. I’m done…they can all stand tomorrow, but I’m done with them, done with the NFL….what time are the Bruins on??

  38. To Bad, Tomlin probably wont give a rip, what I have to say or anyone else has to say! but ill say it anyway! Sir you are the most pathetic example of a Black man who has the opportunity to become a success in our great country as a coach for a great American football team! And what do you do, but trash it all for a false narrative that blacks are oppressed and that whites are racist, you and the players who do not respect our nation or our flag or the Millions of Americans who love it are not deserving of any part of it! I hope like hell you people will become jobless bums that’s what you deserve, I am going to do my part to help that happen boycott the NFL …

  39. One man, and I mean man, in every sense of the word, stood up to respect what he fought for, and many others died for. You are truly an American hero to me. I applaud you! I’m glad your ranger comrades stuck by you better than your football buddies. There are a million ways to make a statement. Disrespect what has been sacred for many years is not one of them. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the person you are. I am a noncombat era vet and appreciate every day I wake to what we have.

  40. you are a gutless person to knock a man who was a n army range rand put his ass on the line for his country, idon`t think you are man enough to do. you are a poor leader [n my opinion ,you are more of a follower. I don`t have respect for you what so ever.

  41. Mr. Villanueva, never be ashamed of your honorable patriotism and respect for our anthem, flag, or country. You EARNED that right by fighting for our country and our freedom and putting your life on the line. Stand tall Mister, and you did not throw your team under the bus, they crawled under there on there own. Never apologize when you’re right!a

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