Right When Tim Tebow Met With WW2 Vet, He Reached Up To Do Something MIRACULOUS

Source: Twitter, Tim Tebow

Former quarterback Tim Tebow has frequently been mocked by the left for being a Christian. Tebow just lets it all roll off his back and uses that faith to do good works and serve his community. That kind heart and gentle soul was on display in full force on Monday, as Tebow, a Florida native, spent time at a hurricane shelter with evacuees of Hurricane Irma.

One person he visited was extra special- and elderly World War II veteran who seemed so happy to chat with Tebow that he brought out his harmonica and played a little tune! Check out this sweet moment in the video below:

Tebow said the veteran “totally uplifted” his spirits, and from the look on Tebow’s face when he’s listening to the vet, you can tell he means it.

Tebow also posted a picture with the hard working Red Cross volunteers who run the special needs shelter:

Tebow was a star quarterback for the University of Florida football team, and went on to play for the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets. He later switched to baseball and now plays in the New York Mets’s minor league system.

Tim Tebow is a humble, kind celebrity who is frequently spotted showing enormous grace and class. He’s exactly the kind of guy we need in popular culture for kids to look up to and emulate. SHARE this out if you agree!

(h/t Fox News)


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