SECONDS AFTER Arriving In Florida, Jaws Dropped When People Saw What Melania Had On Her Feet

Source: White House

First Lady Melania Trump managed to wow the entire nation once again today. Not with her super model looks or her unbelievable displays of kindness. Nope. Everyone was wowed by WHAT was on her feet.

I’m sure by now all y’all remember that little incident in Texas where the media lashed out at Melania for working in high heels. Well, she was not gonna let that happen twice.

The media even TRIED to make fun of her shoes when she got ON the plane this morning. As you can see, she WAS wearing some stylish black designer shoes. Of course, that did NOT last very long…

Source: Youtube

However, by the time the Trumps landed in Florida for their visit, Melania made a very BIG change.

She switched her designer shoes for Converse Sneakers to shut the media up for good! The MSM are hating this picture right here because it proves how petty and hateful they really are.

Source: Based Patriot Youtube

Ouch. Way to go, First Lady Melania. You clearly know how to look great in ANYTHING you wear. Plus, this was not about clothes, this was about Florida.

Now it’s up to you to help get this shared everywhere to let the First Lady know that real Americans have her back.


  1. Way to go Our First Lady! You look good in everything you wear and the Dems. are jealous> They are still acting like a bunch of spoiled brats because they lost the election to a better candidate that the people want.

  2. The focus should be on Florida, and the devastation there, rather than talking about Melania is or is not wearing. It would be A ok if it was Michelle Obama wearing designer shoes, rather than sneakers, but not ok for Melania. But she did wear sneakers when she got off the plane in Florida. The media is always trying to take down our President and First Lady. I am sure it is really bothering Pres. Trump, though. He usually does what he wants to anyway, and more power to him and Mrs. Trump.

  3. A bunch of nosy jealous people just can!t stand the beauty of our First lady, No matter what she wears is so no ones business but hers, Get over it already!!!!!

  4. How petty to focus on what is on her feet versus the fact that she is there to lend a hand and give moral support to the victims of this terrible storm. The low class remarks about her and the President shows that ignorance, Jealousy, and low standards are alive and well in America. !!!

  5. any one who only has something to say about what a person is wearing as they board a plane does not have sense enough to get in out of the rain

  6. Again with the shoes Melania wears is this a shoe conspiracy? Melania as usual came off the plane in Florida with sensible shoe apparel sneakers. If this is what CNN and the rest of the fake news media hones in on then they have made them selves as is usual into laughingstocks that will not admit that Trump has handled 2 catastrophes in the most presidential manner of all time. In the end the fake news media will eventually bury them selves up to their neck with false and fake accusations against the one and only man in America that will more then likely change the course of history for the betterment of America.

  7. I am thankful that we have a President and First Lady who care enough to go where the need is the greatest! And, I am ashamed of the media! They have abandoned the people of this nation with their half-truths and blatant lies! If they want to live in a globalist nation they should pack up and move!

    Most likely, though, is they like the $$money$$ being handed to them by Soros and his cronies!

    I pray for this country, that revival might be known throughout the states, and we once again become One Nation Under God!

  8. What pathetic morons to dwell on ‘clothing’!!! Why don’t these losers get a REAL job and stop wasting paper, print, and time, in their feckless attempt to appeal to their useless peers!

  9. Some idiots will attack Our First Lady anytime i see her in public. She carries herself with class everywhere she goes. Some people will attack her no matter what she wears. Just ignore the idiots that dont know how lucky we are Mr. Trump is our President.Look at the type of people complainiing, they dont know how to dress!! Or realize the danger Hillary would have put us in. Thank God she failed in all her lies and cheating in 2016.

  10. SWEET, Melania, is making FOOLS of ALL of these Politicos and Media Maniacs…Continue ON, Mr.President and OUR First Family!!!The Left Wing is ON it OUTER LIMITS Days…Amazing FDR’s Japanese Citizen Immigrants WW2 Internment Policies, without ANY Court Actions to PROVE Innocents or Guilt…”WE”Do have LOTS of Desert Closed Facilities that could Hold several Million People,IF”WE”Gon with a NO COURT Action…Remember, FDR ImPrisoned ANYONE WHO Apposed His POLICIES, EXCEPT HIGH RANKING PRESS and Republicans…That DID HAPPEN…They Released them after the War…That is a FACT!!!

  11. My first Lady is “Da Bomb”……She does look great at any point in time! The haters are jealous and is always looking for the negative!


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