Sick Taunts After Eric Bolling’s Son’s Death Should Leave Leftists Hanging Their Heads In Shame

Source: Youtube, Fox News

You know leftists are sick when they start making fun of an innocent young boy’s death. Eric Chase Bolling reportedly died on Saturday under mysterious circumstances. He is the son of Eric Bolling, a former Fox News host who was fired over allegations of sexual harassment.

Bolling Jr. was only 19 years old and a student at the University of Colorado when he died, apparently suffering from extreme “emotional torture” over his father’s scandal, according to TMZ.

Most of the responses to the news were overwhelming kind and supportive, but a few were truly sick. Apparently, the ‘compassionate’ left is really into things like ’emotional torture’ and actually lauded Eric Chase Bolling’s death, according to the Daily Caller. Here are some disgusting comments from around Twitter:

There are just a few. You know I hope these leftists take a good hard look in the mirror and realize how callous and cold hearted they sound in the face of terrible tragedy. It’s a sad day when a man loses his son and the first thing that comes to mind is karma.

(h/t Daily Caller, TMZ)


  1. this is terrible. for a parent to lose a child, is probably the most horrific thing that will ever happen to them. my heart goes out to the Bollings. their pain must be incredible and stifling. the world has lost a young man who had so much promise. anyone who talks like some of these people are the most hideous and moronic people that can be imagined. when their time comes, they will find their words were pathetic.

    • I agree justus1. Nothing more painful than losing a child or grandchild, then these hateful liberals have to rub the Bolling’s face in it. Do they honestly believe that kind of behavior is acceptable. Yes, Karma is a bitch, and just wait until Karma comes knocking at your doors for emotionally torturing a young man and his family.

  2. like the left: Talk smack on a keyboard, and hire a group f Nazis to do your bidding. They’re all beginning to look a lot like an enormous group of kids with zero heart for what they believe and too much confidence from the schools systems to not go around slapping their gums about everything they feel is trump. Bunch of pussies is what the left is. They’ll cheap shot you, or gang up on you, but they won’t one on one stand up against ANYTHING.. They’re a bunch of pussies. Don’t let them bring you down Eric, they’re the epitome of false narrative and zombification. It’s incredibly sad that students and left wing pussies use this type of incident to again get a national podium, but just remember, it’s your job and the service you provided that keeps these dimwits from having enough common sense to make a logical point on air. You did your job, and now the left hates you for it. Nothing different from just a few weeks ago, however you’re minus a loved one. We (True Americans) got your back buddy.

  3. Eric and Adrienne Bolling – my heartfelt condolences for the loss of your precious son. I can’t even imagine your pain. Mine and my family’s thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. This is Bob’s wife.

  4. To the insensitive jerks’ comments re: the death of Eric Chase Bolling: maybe Karma will visit you soon – what goes around, comes around! This is Bob’s wife.

  5. As a Mother who lost her 4 year old son to a sudden death, I find these insulting remarks by sub-humans disgusting and absolutely cruel. They should never have even been printed. There is no greater pain that the loss of a child and this pain remains in a parents heart until the day they die themselves.

  6. Karma, Karma,Karma. There is no such thing. And you cold hearted people that have nothing nice to say. I just hope you never have to go through losing a child. It’s not Karma you have in your hearts it’s Satan.

  7. When all this turns out to be the same sick liberal plot to destroy Eric Bolling just like the 4 other people (we know of) from Fox then you will see the true tragedy come out. Lies kill! The liberal who have planned the actions they have taken against these people and have started so many lies have the ultimate “karma” to look forward to. It’s going to suck to be those liberals! What a world we live in!

  8. I did not realize that they fired Eric Bolling, I thought they were going to investigate, what happened to that? More than anyone else on Fox I enjoyed Eric Bolling. He told the truth whether you liked it or not and was extremely loyal to his party. I had kept hoping to see him back on The Specialists, which was the only reason to watch the show. Now it looks like the show is no longer on and instead Shepard Smith is taking that time slot as well as the 3:00 slot, this is the person that needs to be let go. He takes every opportunity to defame Trump and questions his every decision, not very “fair and balanced”. My tv now changes channels twice a day from FOX, once at 3:00 and again at 5:00, CST.

    • Thank you Sheltermom ! I sooo agree with you ! Why are the allegations against Fox News celebrities challenged ????? I am praying for Eric Bolling, Bill O’reilly, Sean Hannity and more, that they fight hard against these allegations,,,,, Oh dear God, I know that everything happens for a reason, please show your favor upon these people we so admire for their courage and truths and faith in You. I too, shut off Shep Smith every time I see him appear. Don’t waste my time with his cheap shots at all.

  9. Nothing worse than losing a child! My heart goes out to his family. For anyone saying anything negative at this time is unforgivable. I hope the pain it causes goes back to them three fold.

  10. I just realized that I did not leave a reply for Eric and his wife…may your son rest in peace and his memory be your guiding light through this trying time.

  11. I agree with sheltermom 100 percent! I just keep hoping the door will slam in idiot Shepard’s face! My God! Fox gives him another show?????? I do not watch him, can’t stand him! I have almost completely stopped watching FOX NEWS!!!!! I have been a loyal listener for years. To HELL with Fair and Balanced!!
    I want a Conservative Network to watch!

  12. I am so sorry for you and your wife’s loss. Losing a child is just horrible. My prayers are with you all. God bless you both. You were the reason we watched the five and the specialists. they are not so good now.

  13. There are lots of people that still love and care for other humans. We just done Speak up like these evil people that want attention. So delete before you read those hate messages.
    Eric loved you on FOX. Praying for you and your wife and family. God has a plan and purpose for
    every thing even when we die and we all will. Your son just went before you and look at it this way
    He is waiting on all of us. Hang on to Jesus hand. He loves all of us and died for all of us. Just those
    that call on Him will go to Heaven. I know what it’s like losing someone very Special to you and
    it helps knowing others share you hurt. God Bless You! And I miss You.

  14. How awful; liberals I have learned have no hearts! How dare any of you that are involved in these heartless attacks on Eric you disgust me! Think about how cruel you are and yes karma will probably come your way for your evil remarks!

  15. Don’t like what’s happened to Fox tThey are letting go the best people. I heard the 2 sons of the owner of Fox are the reasons for the change. I want o’reilly, Bolling and other conservatives back.

  16. I miss you Eric , however I no longer watch fox . I now watch OAN , IT IS A BREATH OF FRESH AIR SO FAR , HOPE IT CONTINUES . WITH ANY LUCK THEY WILL HIRE ERIC .

  17. How tragic; the death of Mr. Bolling’s son, and his undeserved dismissal from The Five. He must be suffering intensely. My prayers are for him and Ms. Bolling…….that faith in our heavenly Father will sustain them, and that the pain of such loss will diminish sooner rather than later. You are loved Mr. Bolling, contrary to how your circumstances will try to convince you. May God bless you and keep you in His loving care despite the losses you’ve suffered. He loves you and cares for you as no other. The darkest hour is just before dawn.

  18. It is “TIME”!
    Time to try in court, a leftist accused of of a crime that caused the death of an individual. If found “Guilty”, remove him/her immediately to his or hers “Home Town” “Public Square” for all to view the penalty they will receive. Their Parents are placed at the front to get a good, so painful a view of what is about to happen to their child ( age makes no difference, their always your child). “All Fake News” Media cameras are 2nd in line to capture the entire punishment that is about to be administered!
    Let the “Show Begin”!!!
    First, strip them nude( humiliation faze), next Shakle their Legs & Arms to a “Logging Chain” that is secured at the other end to a very large, strong “Draw Hourse” ( their Horror Faze). Next, on a “Loud Speaker” for all to hear ( the guilty one too) start the count from 10 down to 1 slowly( more Horror Faze). At number one, “Draw & Quarter” them. Let their bloody, screaming body ( what’s left of it), “Flip/ Flop” on the ground. It won’t last long before they bleed to death. Now it’s the parents turn to feel the horror and emense pain. Time for “Fake News” to rerun their recorded moment, for the world to see and know, “This is the punishment you will receive if you choose to cause the death of any innocent person who is an “American Citizen”. The choice is all your’s!
    I’m not demented, a Physco or anything but an American who is frustrated as to what needs to be done to get the attention of the “Left” to behave in a Civil way. It’s okay to disagree but not by rioting, causing dearh, destroying property or burning our Glorious “American Flag”. Just disagree in a Civil way. That’s all.
    This horrific punishment must never and I mean never be allow to re-enter society. I just feel, it’s like spanking a child for a wrong they did. As the father of 7 children ( I have the experience), you’ll only have to do it 1 maybe 2 times, the word will spread and the problem will be no more.
    These hateful leftists must realize too, their day is coming when they’ll be answering to OUR God Almighty for all their ill actions. That day is coming for all of us!

  19. How heartless! These horrible remarks are the lowest! Eric Bolling was a great voice for conservatives and we will miss him. I think Murdoch’s sons’ wives have had a lot to do with his “dismissal.” These women (Hildebeast afficianotos) are screwing up a good channel. Where else is the Right going to get the truth? Losing a child, no matter what age, is one of the worst things a person can endure. Watch out haters–what goes around comes around!

  20. Eric I am deeply sorry for the loss of your son Eric Chase. May God’s mercy and grace help you and your beautiful wife during your grieving time. Blessings

  21. We lost a daughter to suicide by drugs, last July. I can tell you, there is nothing to compare to the pain of losing a child, no matter how it occurs. My heart is with the Boling’s during this grievous time.

    Eric Boling was railroaded, without proof of accusations. So wrong.

  22. Fox has NEVER offered one shred of proof of him being guilty. I guess these days if you are just accused, but not proven guilty, Fox is gonna fire you. Well, I’ve got news for Fox, it’s gonna come back to haunt you one of these fine days. I will personally never watch Fox News again.

  23. No one is asking if he might be innocent. I thought people were innocent until proven guilty. There were a lot of accusations floating around at Fox News. The accusers haven’t had to prove anything. Hannity said he was hirring an attorney. So did Bill O’Reilly. I think it is strange, that all of these
    Accusations have been made and the station has become more of a liberal
    station than a conservative station.
    All of that aside, it is so low rent and degrading for someone to blame a parent in the midst of their grief and the altopsy incomplete. Only a jerk would do that.

  24. This is the true left for you. BUT it does not surprise me that they are acting this way. They really do not care about people at all, they just pretend that they do. I have lost a son…. it is hell on earth. You are Never the same. I pray none on the left,right or where ever suffer like Eric Bolling is suffering. May God bless you Eric and slowly brings you some peace. It takes awhile.

  25. So very sorry ERIC–having lost a young son myself I know how this tares your heart apart. This nasty stuff so many have written is unbelievable. Just try not to read any of it. I hope to see you back on the air sometime. I do not watch much of FOX anymore. With out you and O’riley it is crappy.

  26. What has happened to Eric Bolling and his wife is a tragedy. It’s amazing to me that these sexual proclivities only happen to Fox News anchors. Is this a left-wing purge? Does it happen to the left-wing networks, too? Maybe not, because most of the women on the left-leaning networks are too ugly to be pursued. If sexual harrassment has occurred, why isn’t it reported? Sad, sad day when political adversaries resort to the death of a child with such hatred, no matter who his father is.

  27. Why are my comments “awaiting modification?” OK, the Libs can spew their hateful rhetoric but we conservatives’ comments are “modified..” is your site a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

  28. The nasty criticisms about Eric Bolling and his son are cruel and disgusting! This is an example of how even ignorant people with no compassion for others can voice their opinions on social media, hiding their faces and spewing their hateful dialogue! That is the DOWNSIDE of free expression! My sincere sympathy to Eric and his family! No one deserves this animalistic criticism, especially when before social media, they couldn’t even finish a sentence. Now they have an audience, much like their heartless selves! Shame!

  29. Amen to the 3 and 5 o’clock tv changes. God bless you Eric in this time of immense sorrow.
    Sad to see so many hateful people in our country.

  30. My condolences to you and your wife. This is the worst thing that can happen to any parent and to have these insensitive people say these cruel, evil things is shameful! Every single one of us will be judged by Jesus Christ one day. Yes, even them! Leave all of those lost people to our Lord and Savior. Know that there are many more people that are praying for you and your wife. I pray that you will rest in the arms of Jesus and He will help you through this. I know with all my heart that you and your wife will be reunited with your son one day and even though you can’t see him, he is near. God bless you and your family every single minute, of every single hour of every single day! God bless!

  31. It’s a special kind of psychotic to even imagine insulting a grieving parent.
    The prayers of 10s of MILLIONS are with Eric and his entire family.
    We KNOW the suffering they are feeling.
    So sad…so very, very, very sad.

  32. Fox is more left now. Bill O’Reilly, now Bolling. Tucker Carlson will have sexual misconduct accusations next, followed by Sean HANNITY! Eric Bolling is absolutely wonderful. He loves his wife and loved his son! I have been praying for them since this happened! So sad, what is happening to America! Thanks Soros and Obama!

  33. I really enjoyed Eric on Fox as he was knowledgeable and never seemed to have a hateful word for or about anyone, even Obama. I suppose that makes me a Jewish bigot right? It seemed that everyone liked Eric Bolling. I certainly did and respected him. I was shocked when Fox used the same people that blamed everyone for overt sexual behavior. Once is probably true, twice maybe, three times and you are looking at someone dependent of being a victim and belonging to victim hood, more and I get suspicious that perhaps there really is a conspiracy. Come on people. Most leftists live in urban areas where they see such crap. It seems they should have learned something but no, not even empathy. I’m sorry that Eric and his wife lost their son but for people who are sadists who project beliefs on others to make life terrible – ah, I hope Mr. Bolling does well in whatever else he tries.

  34. Boy talk about a– holes making fun of Eric Boling’s son’s death. Those jerks are true A-s holes. Worse than. They need stomped to near death!

  35. There are no words that will take away the pain of losing your son. Our prayers of with you and may our Lord give your family strength.

  36. I’ve always been a fan of Eric Bolling! I think he is a great guy! I can’t imagine what he and wife are going
    through! I have always said that the pain of losing a child has to be the worst pain imaginable! I lost my husband of 42 yrs., and I was devastated! But, at the same time, I would never be able to recuperate from losing a child or grandchild! My heart goes out to Eric and his wife! I pray that God will give them the peace
    and strength to carry on, knowing that he is in the arms of the Lord! God bless them and their family!


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