SMOKING GUN: It Just Came Out What The San Juan Mayor Has Been Hiding And It’s Bad


The liberal media has been constantly attacking President Trump and is trying to blame him for the terrible suffering in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

The San Juan Mayor has slammed President Trump as well and really came after him on the media. It has just came out why her township is not getting any aid. Here is what she said earlier today.

According to the Conservative Treehouse,  Puerto Rican born Colonel Michael A Valle, Commander of the 101rst Air and Space Operations Group and Director of the Joint Air Component Coordination Element, 1st Air Force, responsible for Hurricane Maria relief efforts has now made the following statement:

…They have the generators, water, food, medicine, and fuel on the ground, yet the supplies are not moving across the island as quickly as they’re needed.

“It’s a lack of drivers for the transport trucks, the 18 wheelers. Supplies we have. Trucks we have. There are ships full of supplies, backed up in the ports, waiting to have a vehicle to unload into. However, only 20% of the truck drivers show up to work. These are private citizens in Puerto Rico, paid by companies that are contracted by the government”.

This means that Teamsters Union drivers didn’t show up to work. Only 20% of drivers are there to distribute supplies. This isn’t Trump’s fault.

It gets worse.

The San Juan Mayor has been invited to the FEMA Command Center and has refused to even show up.

This isn’t Trump’s fault. It’s being turned into a hit job against our President. Don’t let the media spin this. Share this out there to every patriot you know and show them that Trump is doing his job in Puerto Rico. It’s just a disaster.

you can donate to the Puerto Rican American Red Cross effort here.

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  1. I’m with Trump, He’s doing his job, its all these maggots that just want to spread rumors and make trouble, this san juan mayor needs to get to FEMA and get drivers there to transport the supplies, she/he is the problem, not Trump.

    • You are absolutely correct! And, our Pres was right when he said they want someone to do everything for them! My husband had said that very thing this morning! Nothing will happen to the truck drivers who aren’t showing up for work!!

        • Unions are big business. They have been for many years. And they have always been political. Polls show that less than 30% of union members agree with the union’s support of political backing. But then they are very corrupt. And yes that includes the teachers union!

    • Everyone needs to pull together and get the job done!!!!show RESPECT by showing up and doing your job!!!!!! Everyone has a job to do!!!GET IN GEAR!!!!! AND STOP LAYING THIS ON OUR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!

  2. Please, someone, get a picture of the ships lined up waiting to unload at the Port in San Juan and POST IT!!!


  3. Gloria VanDerbelts son needs to get a job that really suits him. Passing on trash and trying to discredit our President hasn’t worked for him in the past and certainly isn’t working now.
    That mayor is certainly not suited for her job either. Stop your whining and get drivers for the trucks to distribute all the needed goods backed up in the ports. Stop hoping someone will do your job for you and you get the credit. You’ve had your fifteen minutes of fame now remove your face from the screen, roll up your sleeves and get your lazy duff busy helping!!!
    People like that are a disservice to their community!!!!
    President Trump is doing an astronomically fantastic job with all the disasters that have happened in the last month!!
    I’ve been in a situation like that and I can tell you now it is not easy being without electricity for over a month, no phones for over a month, and trying to take care of a baby , cook meals before it got dark on gas appliances and be ready to dig out candles at dark. The hardest part is no ice or water or being able to get food as easily as before a disaster of that magnitude.
    It seems harsh to say but suck it up, roll up your sleeves, stop whining and make do until things get better.
    If myself and thousands of others have suffered through it so can you!
    I’m sorry you’re in that situation. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone because I know how hard it is. Look for ways to make things as comfortable as possible until it gets back to normal and stop whining!

    • Been there, too in Charleston,South Carolina in 1989. Wonderful people came down to cut up the trees that had fallen, people brought bottled water and then there were the gougers who would charge you $10 for a chunk of dry ice. We had no electricity for a month, no water, we were a tad smelly and it was hot. But everyone helped everyone out and I had 3 kids.
      You have to do what you have to do and for the people in Puerto Rico, help out your neighbors esp the elderly and for Heavens sake stay out of standing water because if you have cuts, who knows what’s in the water, it will get into your cuts, you will get sepsis and you could die. Use a canoe or a raft to get around in deep standing water.

    • He’s not her son.. She disowned him years ago when he was found out about being gay.. And he’s not in the will when she passes..

  4. That right! delivery of aid to the victims has been hold back by the truck unions. on a radio show they expose the union officer saying that Fema needed to roll at their terms..really. once the interview got on social media and became viral, the sabotage was over and trucks began to roll. In reference of her doing TV is right on as well. A police officer call in to a radio station to beg for the Puerto Rican on the main island to be the voice for them the major as well the governor were holding back the release of aids, evil. Kudos Paris

  5. If all this is true, why does Trump not deal with it in a mature fashion? because it ain’t true and he ain’t mature – unless narcissists can be mature. Sad, very sad! SEE – anyone can do it.

  6. If what their mayor said about the size of their island is true 100miles x34miles in the middle of the water the have to be crazy to inhabit the place in hurricane country. And that wind bag needs to shut her mouth about our President. He could say I’m sorry for your loss and look the other way, but he didn’t do they need to get off their sorry butts and put forth an effort to help the people trying to help them.

  7. I would not donate one darn thing to the Red Cross,the people that head them make like 650,000 dollars year,so hardly any money go to to the people’ The Red Cross is nothing but a scam,they are only for themselves!

    • Absolutely not the Red Cross. Samaritans Purse, UMCOR (United Methodist-100% contributions go to designate need) Salvation Army seems good and there are others.
      The Adventist Church does a lot! There are others!
      If you want to help rebuild, I don’t know how you donate to them the the Amish were amazing when an F4 tornado hit my hometown. They showed up working with their own tools and materials a put up houses! Fast!!

  8. Dies the nomenclature “lazy” still apply in the face of life and death? Where the Puerto Rican citizens to help distribute, and not steal supplies?

  9. This mayor of San Juan not a leader, shed follower easily got manipulated by these evil
    bias media and evil democrats got nothing ti do but criticise our President. President Trump ,please confront this worthless San Juan mayor of Puerto Rico nmon ur visit on Tuesday. Takes here to all the ships that full of aids ans show here our heroes working over time helping the country. Ask her where are the nationals of Puerto Rico to help distributing necessaties to the people and help rebuild the country? The USA cant do all of helping .Chewed her up do bad since she wants to be noticed on the news and on tv.
    Say it as it is Mr President, be like President Duterte of the Philippines. That will shut her up, maybe. God bless you Mr Presidenr Trump.

  10. The Governor needs to declare Martial Law and bring the National Guard to drive the trucks,get the roads cleared, and get the supplies out to the people. This just makes the Mayor look like she is waiting on her kickbacks form the teamsters.

  11. All Puert Rico’s mayor has in mind is hiw to attack President Trump. She has no interest in helping P. R. and the people otherwise she would join FEMA and the National Guard to help distribute the supplies in the port.

  12. The MSM and CNN are public enemy #1 and #2 nothing but hate for Trump and he is getting it done in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

  13. It’s all rehearsed by the libturds. If I were there, I’d be behind the wheel of one of those semi trucks moving supplies. Sitting on their butts doing nothing is only hurting their own people. Get off your butts, take pride in your people and move the needed supplies.

  14. Do not donate to the American Red Cross! Their executives make huge salaries and they do not put the money where needed, The lack of coordination has resulted in horrible waste. Donate to the Salvation Army or Samaritan’s Purse. Samaritan’s Purse sends help all over the world, including doctors who donate their time for surgery, nurses, they put up tent cities, deliver food and water, etc. Money donated goes to the people who need it.

  15. They are not telling you that the drivers are on strike, wanting $50 an hour..this butthurt Mayor is doing nothing to help the people, she is telling lies, and being deceitful about what is going on in the country to make our POTUS look bad.

  16. What she is doing I am sorry to say, but her behavior is demonic. She needs Christ. I will say this, because I know God, she should be ware of God , He has a mighty long arm. He sees and hears ALL. It will not be pleasant.

  17. There are 77 mayors in Puerto Rico-and a Governor… hmm 1 Mayor stands in front of supplies and lies- the other 76 and Governor says ” President Trump , US , Military , Fema are doing everything possible to help. Instead of Lying and complaining and trying to make it a Political , Biased , Liberal Democrat agenda, why not admit that Puerto Rico is Bankrupt, the money put in pockets instead of making sure infrastructure , Electrical Grid was up to par. Oh and the Complaining , Lying Mayor was a Bernie supporter.

  18. If ever there was a time when politics and unions should have put everything aside and worked for the good of human beings this was it!!

  19. So what happened to the CNN-supplied “we are dying” shirt? Outed too much yesterday? Wow, so creative of the Lying News producer; give him a slap on the back or the back-side in the case of Anderson.

  20. these are just more Liberal scumbags that are not doing their job and helping to get aid to their people and then like normal scumbag Liberals Blaming it on the government and our president , there is no way these people should ever re elect this scumbag traqsh.

  21. The containers of supplies were in the warehouse but the dock workers were on strike. Was she protecting her voter base by not ordering them to go to work? So people starve while the food sits rotting? This is an emergency mayor!

  22. You took the time to print a t shirt and hat instead of working to help your people, you take the time to bash the pres of the United States. You are one of the many reasons why I WILL NEVER EVER VOTE DEMOCRAT or Independent again. I am appalled at all of you!

  23. This shows the way the Left and CNN twist things and out and outright lie to create problems and and make things look a lot worse. They show nothing of the things that are working well. The TV interview with the governor going on about all the need, but standing in front of stacks of water and supplies…..all she had to do was to turn around and look….ships are waiting in the harbor waiting to be unloaded their union is on strike…..surely they could at least unload all the supplies that are there…..they need to help themselves sum….that supplies are not there is a lie and CNN is doing there best to make it look even worse…CNN should be avoided as much as possible they do not report news they create news in their bias and determination to bring President Trump down…..

  24. I feel sorry for the people that live there…..definately not those in charge who are not involved in making things better for their people….the unions and the administration’s need to step up like in Texas and Florida.

  25. Pres. Trump got their 180 million dollar debt forgiven. I don’t know if we paid it,or he talked the note holder into canceling it. I can’t believe that bitch of a mayor. She should have to suffer.


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