SNEAK ATTACK: McConnell Put a Nasty Surprise in New Debt Deal that Dems are Gonna HATE

Source: Youtube

Y’all should know by know that I, Danny Gold, give credit when and where credit is due. And boy does Mitch McConnell deserve some major credit for that genius counter move he just pulled on the Dems today.

Remember that debt deal the Dems made with Trump for Hurricane funding? Well, Mitch slipped a little surprise in at the very end that they are NOT gonna be happy about.

At the last minute, Mitch used his position as Speaker of the House to slip in a provision that bumps the debt ceiling negotiations back a whole year! That means Trump gets Hurricane funding and the Dems got nothing worth while.

Senator McConnell actually went and bragged about his big move to the New York Times,


“Since I was in charge of drafting the debt ceiling provision that we inserted into the flood bill we likely — almost certainly — are not going to have another debt ceiling discussion until well into 2018.”

“One of the advantages of being the majority leader is you control the paper,” McConnell bragged to the Times. “I wrote it in such a way that it does not prevent what is frequently done, which is the use of extraordinary measures.”

“The minority leader and his team were trying to get us not to write it that way, but I did write it that way and that is the way it passed.”

Seems like this is a big win for Republicans who were hoping not to have more debt ceiling negotiations until AFTER the 2018 elections. Still, President Trump has yet to comment on McConnell’s move

If y’all are glad that Mitch McConnell actually did something as the Majority Leader for a change, let him know it by getting this shared out on FB, Twitter, and whatever else you can think of.


  1. I do not think this was done for the American people. I think this was done for him and a slap at the President. Time will tell but I just do not see this man nor Ryan doing anything for us or the President.


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