Susan Rice Just ADMITTED the Sick Thing She Did to Trump’s Campaign During the Election

Source: CNN

So it turns out that Susan Rice is exactly the LIAR we all knew she was. It turns out she LIED when she told CNN earlier this year that she did not unmask Donald Trump campaign staff during the election.

Well, forget that because she just gave a private testimony to the House Intelligence Committee and guess what…She admitted that she did unmask Trump campaign members during the election.

But wait, y’all…There’s more! Rice claimed her reason for unmasking Trump officials was not because of Russia. Instead, it was because she was investigating why a Prince of the United Arab Emirates was visiting with Kushner, Bannon, and Flynn without telling Obama first.

So apparently their whole investigation started with a search into a Prince of the UAE and then jumped to Trump and Russia.


The UAE said that the meeting was simply an attempt to build a relationship between the future President of the United States and their country.

If Rice and Obama were hiding something like this, though, it makes you wonder what else they could be hiding. Hell, here is the actual interview where Rice claims she didn’t do the unmasking that she admitted to today.

The media is trying to spin this story and make it against Trump. It is not against Trump. This is either her caught in a lie or the predecessor to something BIGGER than Watergate for the entire Obama Admin.


  1. These politicians should not get away with their lying and corruption. She should be arrested as well as anyone that knew about and authorized her to do so! They need to be made an example…clean house from top to bottom! Will Obama and his cronies get away with it! This is not about racism, if that’s what they would like to claim (as usual), it’s about lying and not upholding the law; which applies to them also!

  2. The whole Obama Admin. was up to no good last year. In fact, for the past 8 yrs, they’ve committed treason over and over again. They should all be investigated and prosecuted, because of the way several issues were handled. They were totally unAmerican.

  3. I don’t know why you even report it….it’s not like she will be held accountable. If you are a Washington crony the rules go out the window…everything, no matter how illegal is legal. Makes me sick. We have been hearing for months now that they got the smoking gun on Hillary and the emails and Benghazi and Obama and his crooked ways but are any of them behind bars, no and they never will be – but just let your average Joe get caught jaywalking and he will be sent up the river. This country is all kinds of seriously screwed up!

  4. When these kinds of lies are exposed. What else might come out?? The undermining of Trump as Trump was the unknown as to how Trump would do in the political with his deal making business ways that Politicians hated?

  5. An entity identified as the Lord has just descended from the clouds with a mighty hand and outstretched arm. Liberals demand a test to identify political beliefs and want proof of male or female identity. Female liberals insist they have inside knowledge that he is a she and votes with the left. All agree God is an Obama/Hillary supporter and dislikes Trump. CNN claims they have been chosen for the first interview.

  6. None of the 3 men who met did anything wrong. Obama still in the white house i’m sure he did a lot of lying. Plus where did she see it was any of her or Obama’s business. It wasn’t any of their business. That i’m sure was a lot of secrets and lies in that administration.

  7. That same Arib prince was ushered quietly into the white house a few weeks before the election to see Omuass…. What Is like to know is WHY in and out so secretly

  8. DRAIN THE WHOLE Swamp entirely! GO TRUMP GO, WE ate all praying for you & your family, your ADMINISTRATION. Trust you instincts.

  9. This is just further proof how Rice, Comey, Lynch, and Obama are the guilty parties who lied about it at first. While none of the false charges they initiated against President Trump, turned up anything.

  10. Wow! It took her 8 months to come up with this excuse? To quote a notorious person, “one would have to suspend disbelief in order to believe” this story!

  11. America Wake Up. Fake News needs to be stopped.People need to work with Trump not against him.Trump loves America. Drain the Swamp is necessary to Make America Great Again.Too many people,darkness in high places and people that are trying to destroy America.

  12. Please tell me with all the overwhelming evidence against the obama administration hasn’t anyone been held accountable!!! The American people are sick and tired of all the mafia type activity going on in Washington

  13. She needs to be indicted and fully questioned under oath by Trey Gowdy and Jeff Sessions in a Federal court of law with jeopardy of perjury if she even attempts to lie under oath. She needs to have criminal charges filed against her and she should have her passport collected and suspended. She must be arrested and placed in a windowless jail cell and held throughout her trial so she can not skip out of the country than she must be prosecuted in a Federal court of law. When found guilty she must be booked in a Federal prison under solitary confinement under strictest security. This sentence should be for the rest of her life. The same fte must be done to all criminals invoked in the ring of crimes. No
    Mercy or immunity from prosecution shall be granted under any circumstances. People demand justice be carried out swifly with out delay. Hillary Clinton and James Comey must be prosecuted. The Russian investigation needs to be suspended because no one in the Trump administration is invoved since no Trump administration were involved in Collusion with Russia. Only Democrats have been involved with Collusion.

  14. With what Obama is doing about “teaching” it would not surprise me in any way to find he has been subverting the office of the President for his ideals which are detrimental to this country. In place of just printing what these people are guilty of doing when will they be punished for doing it?


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