This Teacher BULLIED Melania, She Regrets It Now That Melania Pulled Out Secret Weapon


Melania Trump is an easy target for the left and the mainstream media for a number of reasons. To name just two: she’s beautiful and married to the most powerful man on the planet, the man the left loathes more than any other man on earth – and possibly of all time.

Who can forget the way liberal reporters jumped all over Mrs. Trump not long ago when she dared to wear high heels before boarding Air Force One for hurricane-ravaged Texas? The nerve of that woman!Liberals are still out to get Melania.

How else can you explain why a school librarian from Massachusetts would turn down books donated by FLOTUS? Because that’s exactly what happened.

The White House chose one elementary school from each state and donated 10 Dr. Suess books their way. In Melania’s note to the school, she wrote, “As I was thinking about your return to school, I wanted to send you a special gift. Dr. Seuss’s Oh the Places You’ll Go! is a book my son and I have read over and over again, and one that we want to share with all of you.”

Nice, right? Not to librarian Liz Phipps Soeiro, who not only refused to accept the books but wrote back a letter of her own wondering why the White House wasn’t sending books to “underfunded and underprivileged communities that continue to be marginalized and maligned by policies put in place by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos?”

Ah, it’s Betsy DeVos’s fault now. Good one!

Soeiro would rather deny students at her own school Dr. Suess books than be caught dead accepting anything from Melania Trump.

That’s liberal logic for ya.

Now, Melania has responded with this classy statement…

First lady Melania Trump fired back Friday at a Massachusetts elementary school librarian who rejected her donation of Dr. Seuss books, claiming their illustrations are examples of “racist propaganda.”

Stephanie Grisham, director of communications for the first lady’s office, said in a statement to Fox News that the response was “unfortunate,” and Mrs. Trump wanted to use her platform “to help as many children as she can.”

“She has demonstrated this in both actions and words since her husband took office, and sending books to children across the country is but one example,” she said. “To turn the gesture of sending young students some books into something divisive is unfortunate, but the First Lady remains committed to her efforts on behalf of children everywhere.”

To celebrate “National Read a Book Day,” the first lady had sent out a collection of 10 Dr. Seuss books to one school in each state across the nation. The titles included: “The Cat in the Hat”; “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”; “Wacky Wednesday”; “Green Eggs and Ham”; and “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

She followed in the footsteps of her predecessor, Michelle Obama, who often read Dr. Seuss books to children. Former first ladies Hillary Clinton and Barbara Bush also read to children at Dr. Seuss-themed educational events.

“I wanted to send you a special gift. Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go! is a book my son and I have read over and over again, and one that we want to share with all of you,” the first lady wrote in her letter to students. “Please also remember that you are the future of America and that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.”

Don’t you just love our First Lady. She is such a proud and strong individual. God bless her.

Now, look what came out about the professor. She was pictured wearing cat in the hat gear. What a putz.

That’s the thing about talking smack on the Trump’s. It always come back to bite you. Share this if you stand with Melania.

H/T: Washington Examiner, The Right Scoop


  1. Nice work FLOTUS…..your the best…love to see these out spoken liberals get caught with their
    pants down…..I’m sure she will end up in some College as a Professor….exactly what their
    looking for…ugh….

  2. I am sorry, but this so-called “teacher” is akin to not only being immature beyong words, but pretty much, in the words of some of my elders – and I am elderly, now – she is a “spoiled brat!” To bite the hand that is giving the children a free classroom book series is pretty classless and unneccesarily hurtful.

  3. The moron who refused the books should be fired. Obviously she is more interested in making a political statement and getting her 15 minutes of fame than the children. Other first ladies read these books to children. I wonder if this dummy would have told MO she was reading racist material. Fire this woman she doesn’t need to be near any children ever.

  4. This So Called Teacher Is A Piece Of Trash That Needs Taken Out To The Curb And Dropped Off , She Just Robbed Them Children Of Some Very Fun Filled Books ; HEY TEACHER , YOU SUCK…………

  5. The mailman must have taken the books to the wrong school. I don’t think this school was qualified as a School of Excellence. Their teachers are rude, impolite, have no manners, and take their political views to work. Very poor role models for the children. What student would not be over joyed to tell people they were the only school in the state to get books from the White House! The teacher just took that away from them!

  6. how can she refuse the books. they were not for her but the school as a whole. looks to me like she should get reprimanded by the school board. and it is also childish for a grown woman who is a teacher to act like this and be molding our kids for the future. no wonder they are not going to have a chance in life.

  7. Good God, SnowFlake! You are certainly too immature and too self-obsessed to be teaching or mentoring children. To put your own personal beliefs ahead of the needs of the students is going a little overboard. Honey, you ain’t that damned important. If the school has any sense, they’ll replace you.

  8. I. Believe. The first. Lady. Is. Giving her all. To. Our. Children, she is a loving. And very. Educated. Lady! You go. First. Lady! I will stand with you. ,

  9. Since when does this lowly Libarian think what’s best for children to read. Something that has been around for a long time. Enjoyed by children who grew up to smart, famous, useful adults.

  10. Continue being your classy self, FLOTUS!!!! The liberals, especially the women, don’t like you because they could never match up to you. Any liberal men who would not like you, it likely would be because they can’t have you!!! You are GREAT, we love you so just ignore these goofy classless people!!!!

  11. I don’t know where this school is but it is usually not the librarian’s job to decide what books may be allowed and which ones are not. The school board should make a decision if she remains in her job or not and make that decision public.

  12. Who gave that liberal lunatic the right to reject books for the school library…? I’ll bet she welcomed transgender and gay books with open arms, so why reject books with high and normal moral messages… liberalism is a disease… they normalize the abnormal and abnormalize the normal… insanity.

  13. THe Nerve of some in Education field today is relly sick…I am so glad I do NOT have young kids who will have to ndure this BS! The Librarian should be fired and blackballed …but you and I KNOW the liberals who are DESTROYING our Nation dsy by day all becaus of their Hatred!

  14. Liberals apparently believe that they have the right to make their workplaces into political arenas. Where are their managers and why don’t they deal with this politicization? If religious people are prohibited from proselytizing their religion in the workplace, why should we have to put up with the liberals trying to inflict their “religion” on others in their place of work?


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