Trump Just Gave Hurricane Survivors a HUGE Surprise From His Own Wallet

Source: White House

President Trump has managed to be a man of his word since the day he took the Oval Office back on January 20. Love it or hate it, when the man makes a promise to the people, he comes through to the best of his power every single time.

Just a week ago, he promised he was gonna give a MILLION dollars personal donation to the Hurricane victims. The media said he was bluffing, but look what just happened over the weekend…

President Trump gave his promised $1 Million to multiple charities that needed it!

The charities he gave to were:

  • The American Red Cross – $300,000
  • The Salvation Army – $300,000
  • Samaritan’s Purse – $100,000
  • Reach Out America – $100,000
  • ASPCA – $25,000
  • Catholic Charities – $25,000
  • Direct Relief – $25,000
  • Habitat for Humanity – $25,000
  • Houston Humane Society – $25,000
  • Operation Blessing – $25,000
  • Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies – $25,000
  • Team Rubicon – $25,000

Now, what did I tell you? President Donald Trump gave his word that he was gonna donate that money and he donated every last cent. Still, this was not him trying to prove the media wrong.

The President went and met with people from Texas, Louisianna, and Florida. He talked to them and heard their pain. This donation is for them and them alone.

So we all know this is the point where the media bury this. You know, now that Trump came through? Help make that now happen by getting this shared around to everyone before they can.


  1. Trump always follows up with actions. He is the best president I have seen in 70 years.
    He doesn’t lie, he doesn’t have a brothel in the White House, he is compassionate of people in pain,he isn’t selfish and stealing government money with elaborate vacations!
    Most of all he is actually WORKING to clean up the mess that has been handed to him!
    Do we realize how close we have come to being a third world country? If you want to make the USA great again, start helping and stop griping about high heels and Russian


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