Vice President Pence Barely Escaped an ASSASSINATION Yesterday and NOBODY is Talking About It

Source: White House

Yesterday afternoon Mike Pence was busy visiting Pennsylvania for the 9/11 Memorial honoring the heroes or Flight 93. It was during that visit that he escaped an assassination attempt.

Right before Pence flew into town, the Secret Service caught wind of William Robert Dunbar’s plan to take out the Vice President. Dunbar, a 22-year-old National Guardsman from New Jersy, was arrested on duty for saying, ‘If someone pays me enough money, I will kill the vice president.’

That’s right, Dunbar wanted to KILL Mike Pence. It seems like he simply lacked the courage to do so without some backing. Luckily, he was reported for his violent rhetoric and sent to the County Prison in lieu of his $250,000 bond.

Luckily for us, this would-be murderer was stopped in time and VP Pence and his wife were able to make their trip safely and successfully. They even released this beautiful video of Pence’s trip and commemorative speech for our fallen heroes of 9/11.

If you are glad that Vice President Mike Pence is still alive and the perpetrator was arrested, celebrate with an Amen. If you want to help warn him, Trump, and everyone else how dangerous and deranged these leftists are becoming share this and let the world know.


  1. Amen, a Thank You to the one who reported this. To threaten the life of another, no matter who you are. You should be arrested no matter your another Congressmen, movie actor,or activist. We live in a dangerous world with allot of crazy mentally ill walking around. By saying hateful, things you can rile up somebody who is unstable to do harm. So Thankful Vice President Pence and his wife were kept safe.

  2. Thank God for His protection on our Vice President yesterday. It is imperitive that we pray for our President and Vice President and their families every day for protection on their lives. God thank you for protecting them every day.

  3. so stupid. pence is a good man. the bible says that good would be called evil and evil be called good. we are there, folks. Jesus is returning for His people, sooner than we thought.

  4. Who writes this trash? A stupid statement was made and there was nothing more. Isn’t some type of action required to make and “attempt” to do anything? This appears to me to be and attempt to create another crisis when none existed.

  5. I am very happy that this stated act was interrupted and the person arrested! However, it disturbs me to see and hear, let’s say someone from Entertainment do and say more defined things and nothing done about it! There have been no less than a half dozen members of the entertainment world who have made similar acts! Where are they being arrested?
    Isn’t this a double standard?

  6. I’m glad the moron thug is in jail, but was isn’t the black Senator that stated she wanted Trump assinated, why should she be different, she also needs to be in jail, she is a moron thug too.

  7. So, if this is true: he gets the law come down on him, yet all those celebrities, judges and other leftist dirtbags get to walk and talk? I don’t understand!

    • You are so right Ivana! That all these celebrities can say things along the same lines as what madonna (she is no madonna – more like slutla!) and they are all getting away with it. Such disrespect! I didn’t care for obama and yet when I thought someone might try to kill him, I prayed no one would- he would have looked like a marytr while we all know he did all he could to further divide and breed hate between all peoples of this great country of ours. All the work of people trying to enlighten this country of the last 50 years has gone haywire- its a pure shame and sin against God and humanity! The left is so blind to the evil that is leading them astray.

  8. Thank God that piece of garbage was arrested and VP Pence and his family are ok. Leave it to the media to not mention one word of this…utterly disgusting.

  9. MSM deserves to be excluded from all organized press conferences or meetings of any kind . They seem to have no regard for their responsibilities of reporting actual , factual news which are necessary to enable the citizens of our country to be informed and knowledgeable of any and all threats to our nation . They show their support for the dims and libs and anti-American groups who oppose our nation’s efforts to restore our nation , but refuse to do their professional duty to inform the citizens of any progress attained anywhere . Their action and decisions endanger the protection and security of us all . Unprofessional behavior is unacceptable , and should be held to a standard of
    performance , or discarded .

  10. Thank you Jesus for covering our VP Pence from danger. It is especially sad when attacks come from within. Please Jesus continue to keep these great men & women who are trying to bring You back into American society and life. Praying for VP Pence & his wife.

  11. What I want to know is how someone with such a mental attitude was able to make it into the National Guard. Who else is lurking in our armed forces who shouldn’t be there?

  12. Praise God our V.President was spared as well as our whole nation from such tragedy. Thank you Lord for reveling the plan of the enemie.

  13. I thank God for you. I pray for your safety each day. God Bless you and your family Vice President Pence. You gave a lovely speech.

  14. Glad Mike Pence is fine! Thankful!
    The same fate that this person found himself in should be enforced on the movie stars and media who have called for or threatened President Trump!

  15. That shows all Americans should know things like that. It wasn’t even mentioned on n the news yesterday. I watch the news every day. I watch all the channels. What’s wrong with our media. It’s important when something like this happens

  16. I am so thankful that we have such great leaders and patriots like Vice President Pence and President Trump, leading this country back to God and greatness again. They are in my prayers each day that the Lord will protect them and their families and that they will listen to the voice of the Lord and be His humble servants, doing His will in all situations. God bless them for they have sacrificed much and gotten so little respect in the short time that they have been in office. People need to put aside politics, cast away the bias lies of the media, and open their eyes and see just what good has been accomplished. Time to unite as Americans and pull together, and become a nation UNDER GOD, so that we will be blessed once more. God put these men into leadership, it was by His hand only….Now let us respect God’s choice.

  17. Thank you Lord for protecting vice President Pence. I pray his guardian angels to continue to protect him and President Trump and their families.

  18. Amen God bless the Pense family. It is terrible that people have got so greedy and corrupt in our country this is why God has taken his protective shield from us and this is why we are having all the storms, and earth quakes. We have got to turn back to God then he will put his protective shield around us. We have got to clean up the correcption in Washington. With new people and term limits so our representaves will work for the people not for them selves. We need to check out their back grounds to see if they are Muslim, communist, socialist before we vote for them. We need good honest people with good morals. Americans need to wake up now and check out local, state and federal elections to get good people.

  19. I believe God’s protection and favor rests on V P Pence, but so glad those who are protecting him are on top of all of this………………I’m thankful satan’s plan was thwarted and cancelled, and I praise God ! Mike Pence is a fine person and Christian, and he is of great value to our President and our country………………..Jack and I plead the Blood of Jesus over him and his family, as well as Trumps…………………Now…………..let’s see if the court and liberal judges just smack the guy’s hands and let him go free…………………SHOULD NOT HAPPEN !

  20. STOP putting these sickos in jail get rid of them. if you don’t do it legally some one will take him out. we have had enough of there ignorance and showing again how little intelligence the liberals have. They represent evil satanic worshiping.thos that can reasd starrt or you will keep being used by criminals.Your choice.
    always lying .,murdering, showing there nothing of representing AMERICA. Send them to IRAN, they like violence.

  21. I guess we got some of those sensationalist double talk fools . He was shutting his stupid mouth that all , is good that they put this ahole in jail but you people posting fake news for money are fools .

  22. rosie,kathy griffen , michael moore many many actors and actresses have said as much ,, why aren’t they in jail ,, the actors and actresses get, oh, kathy griffin used 1st amendment rights ,, this guy will do time while they keep up the rhetoric of killing our president and vice president .

    • The so-called artistic/entertainment, also so- called people/humans in that industry – at least the ones putting themselves in the leftist-liberal dem category, anyway – are held, of course, to a MUCH Lower Standard of “Rule of Law”!! They had COMPLETE Free Reign for 8 yrs of Total Lawlessness & Godlessness under their demi-god, & then bho got to romp with & feel equal – so they Still expect the Same treatment now! It’s Just the Same as with killary & ALL her co-horts, obozo & His Entire admin., traitor/como & who Knows who Else in the FBI & other Security Services who sided with them!! NO One is EVER is held Accountable for ANY wrong-doing, but the Common Man – JUST Exactly who our current Potus fought So hard for & Continues to Do So & Those WHO Majorily – Elected him to Office & Will Keep him there Safely – Along with the Continuing Grace & Miracles of our God!!! Amen.

    • Does the term “Credible Threat” sound about right? All those Actors have big mouths and when it comes down to it, they neither have the guts or training to do it. But I’m sure the Secret Service is watching them closely. I think they pounced on this guy cause there was something that set off LOUD alarms. They wouldn’t take him away if they didn’t have evidence that he meant what he said. Maybe they sent an agent over and made him an offer.

    • Not necessarily…we don’t know how or what the Secret Service may have dealt with any of them. If anyone reads or sees any kind of threat to our leaders, the Secret Service takes it very seriously. They have posted that we shouldn’t just assume these people are just bluffing, but we need to copy tweets, emails, posts on social media, contact the Secret Service and ask to speak to an agent…you can tell them briefly what you have and they will determine whether to have you send them the documentation. It’s better to let them handle it rather than doing nothing, and seeing the person or persons carry out the threat. You can find the loca SS field office in you phone book, or look on

      I’ve been asked to forward to them 4 threats like this that I’ve seen on social media. To me, NO ONE has the right to solicit murder or offer to be a murderer for hire!

  23. Our Vice President’s life was threatened yesterday while remembering the heroes
    of 9/11 flight 93. This is not going to be in the newspapers nor on TV.
    Thank God our Vice President is alive and well.

  24. Amen who are these goofy people—in jail on bond—he has totally messed up his life with a BS remark–
    this will follow him everywhere ” can’t fix stupid”

  25. Well, A stupid millennial spouts off and he’s in jail. If they caught him with a rifle or bomb I’d say it was justified….if they didn’t he’s just a harmless punk…..some days in jail should cool his stupid head

    • A small sentence will motivate more assassination attempts.

      We don’t hear this on the news because copy cats may come out of their closets.

      They ought give this ignorant man at least 20 years with no early out.
      Hopefully that would send a clearer message to other low IQ wannabe’s.

  26. So thankful Vice President Pence was not physically harmed; and saddened that his life was threatened. He and his family are in my prayers. God bless you Mr. Vice President and keep you safe in all ways. You are a blessing to our country every day.

  27. Yes we are so thankful as well that the assassination DID NOT happen . Our God is still obviously in control, and we are so thankful.
    We live in a very mixed-up and confused world and it’s not getting any better. The LIGHT of the GOPSPEL must shine brighter if evil is to be overcome May God help us all .

  28. Danny, how are you any better than the liberal liars when you exaggerate the headline to make your story sound bigger than it is? This was not an assassination attempt, it was a threat of an assassination. Yes Rosalinda, thank God that right thinking Americans reported Dunbar’s words, and yes it could very well have been serious but then Dunbar could just be another blowhard hater. Danny, if all you want is to be one of the top ten Millenials just keep on keeping on. If you want real credibility no matter the age of your reader, keep your ‘news’ straight and unembellished then keep the melodrama out of your headlines.

  29. I am very thankful that Vice President Pence is alive and well. I pray every night for God to protect President Trump and family, Vice President Pence and family from the harm of all the crazies in this world. Thank you Jesus.

  30. Umm…there must be a logical reason there has been no uproar over this in the media??
    Maybe it is without any basis? Until substantiated, I won’t hold my breath…

  31. I can’t believe people are trying to hurt Our President & Vice President they are trying to help our country & making it a better place for us to live in. They are far better than what we had Please Please leave them alone.

  32. if you want to report honest news you should have the facts straight. there was no assassination attempt, His remarks were reported and he was in custody as were his guns before VP Pence arrived, there are hundreds of attempts or threats on President and VP every year, it is not the work of leftists or rightists but most often deranged individuals with access to guns, by trying to take this attempt which we know about and make it a leftist action is wrong, we only know about it because it was handled by local law enforcement,. the secret service doesn’t publicize the ones they break up,

  33. idea from Above: approximately 25 years ago about 500 (total number of busts) peaceful hippies selling Lsd doses at Greatful Dead Concerts where sentenced to 20 years fed time (no cut in sentence!). Victim less crimes.
    People who merely threaten the lives of cops or politicians need to get whacked like that. then, let us see them boast!

  34. the left doesn’t understand God is intervening on behalf of these men.He has overcome the worlsd so the evil ones have no chance with God on their side. Darlene

  35. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, God go before our President Trump and our Vice President Pence, and their families, the world is full of evil, and they seem to be the target. You can keep them from having one hair on their heads harmed, for this we pray. God you are bigger than all of these evil beings, they are nothing without you. Keep our leaders in your loving safety. Amen

  36. He spoke so eloquently at the Shanksville site and stunned me with the news that that flight was only 12minutes out en route to The Capitol. God Bless this family.Amen

  37. One of our own service personnel! Just terrible. When someone threatens our President, Vice President or government people (or anyone) they need to be jailed!! Just like those that desecrated our statues !!!!!

  38. What it demonstrates is that patriotic Americans are the NORM, not the exception and WILL INTERVENE! …. stand warned you libtards… you have ALWAYS been a minority; albeit a loud-mouth bunch of mindless self-contradictory imbeciles…. BUT A MINORITY and we are watching you.

  39. This is the first that I have heard about this! May God bless our President and All the ones in the White House! Vice President is a God Sent to our President & to our world! It is not an accident that these two are in this very important position! This is how our God works! VP Pence was hand picked & it is not an accident that he is with us! May God bless you!

  40. The hate is just oozing out of every Trump/Pence post. I haven’t read them all, because it just gets too sickening. But, I’d be willing to bet there’s a lot more jerks like this, out there looking for a way to kill both President Trump and VP Pence. God save us and watch over both these fine gentlemen.

  41. The reason why, people can’t stand Pence and Trump, is because, they are not afraid of anything…They are trying to bring back America…But, two people are involved in this…Soros and Obama…

  42. Something about this doesn’t sound right. If he was in New Jersey he wasn’t a real threat. It was ridiculous for him to make a statement like that but….other actors and entertainers have made threats too and get away with it. Still glad our Vice President is safe and I’m glad he went to Penna.

  43. There should be an automatic death penalty for any attempt on any top administrator in the federal govt. no questions asked just use the same technology for what was perpetrated.

  44. Both the President and Vice President are good men and they are Patriots. Despite what the people on the left coast and the media have to say. They are the ones that should put in jail for inciting this kind of behavior. They won’t be happy till someone actually takes a shot at these men or one of their family. These are sad times we live in.

  45. Thank God he protects his own- he has a plan snd purpose for this Vice President to serving as our leader along side of our President in a day such as we are living- God designed his life to be the light in our nation! God bless MIKE PENCE-

  46. Amen. So glad he and his wife are okay. All of these wackos that threaten people should go to jail for a very long time. I’s so sick of it. Disgusting!

  47. VP Pence is indeed a good man, which is of course why the left hates him so. There is nothing on God’s earth that annoys a leftist more than a good and decent person.

  48. Good! I have mixed feelings about sharing these reports as it also risks silencing others from voicing similar; it should, however, alert the military and national guard need to keep their eyes open and their ears peeled to such deranged traitors who may lurk in their ranks!

  49. Amen. When people open there mouth and speak, they talk about things they have been thinking about. It has been on their mind. Whether he meant it or not, he has been meditating upon it or he wouldn’t of said it. They did the right thing in protecting Vice President Pence and his family. Thank you to those who stand around about our Elected Officials, in this case, Vice President Pence and his family. You are definitely, armor bearers and a treasure to them and to us!!! God bless you all for your sacrafice!!! Thank you Lord that you are protecting those who you put into position in our Government system.

  50. Thank the Good Lord our prayers for Trumps and Pences are being heard and answered. I pray these people get saved and realize our President and Vice President are working so hard to make a better nation for us and them included. How can they continue when they are fighting against the plan of God?

  51. Amazing no media coverage on this. If this had occurred to former VP Biden when he was still VP, the liberal media networks would have been covering this all day long. But nothing on this possible attempt of this administration.

  52. Talk about cockeyed form of justice. I’m not condoning what Dunbar said BUT when we have had the outrageous threats on the President s life by the Hollywood demo rat pack one holding a fake head of our elected President and they are still running around flapping their hateful gums and we have Washington demorat eliteists sabotaging our ELECTED government but the idiot smuck from New Jersey gets arrested. Well I guess justice is blind deaf dumb and dying. Thank God Pence is ok.

  53. Hey Kristy and Freedom, You are both 100% on, all of them should of been arrested and jailed!! Just goes to show you what the almighty $$$$$$$ can get you away with.

  54. I thank God VP Pence and his wife are still safe. I believe God allowed Trump and Pence to win the election. We need to keep them in our prays 24/7.

  55. Some scumbags will sell their soul for money!! This guy needs to NEVER get out of jail. He needs to be put in solitary confinement so he wont be able to tell his story. Thank God someone had the moral integrity and guts to report this fool!! VP Pence and his family as well as President Trump are in my prayers everyday!

  56. The title of your article is SO misleading. This story was about a man who said if given enough money he would assassinate VP Pence. You went on to say that National Guardsman was arrested while on duty, but Yet you failed to say WHERE he was on duty. which leaves me to believe he was on duty in N.J. and PROBABLY most believe he was on duty in PA. where exactly was he on duty? If he was indeed in N.J. then Pence didn’t barely escape an assassination attempt. I’m not arguing that Dumbar was in the wrong, he most definitely was in the wrong and should be arrested for saying what he said. But if you journalists don’t get your acts together with your articles and stop sensationalizing things. just report the facts and only the facts, you would be much more respected and admired. People are fed up with both sides of the media! Tel the truth as it is, don’t stretch the facts to ‘sell’ your story. There are too many stupid people that believe bullshit and this article tends to be on the side of bullshit the way it was presented! You’re not alone Danny, you journalists are all the same, but you can RISE ABOVE the liberal journalists! I am a Trump supporter and believe in him.

  57. Amen. And thank God for whomever reported this deranged man. I greatly regret hearing that he is a member of the National Guard. As such he should be also charged under UCMJ. He should be made an example to others who might consider similar actions.

  58. Your post is inflamatory and not true. Journalists like you make a joke out of it.
    Grow up you little asshole and do some honest journalism!!

  59. It was out of character for VP Pence to be late for a ceremony, so I wondered what was going on, and then I heard about the attempt by the coward in the National Guard.

  60. Mike pence did not escape an assassination attempt. It was an assassination threat. Not an attempt. There’s a big difference. I say threats should be protected by free speech 1st amendment. It’s wrong to be prosecuted by harmless words. We have the first amendment for a reason. There was no action. It was not an attempt.


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