This Girl Is Age 42, Doctors don’t Want You To See Her SECRET To Staying Young


Lure quickly became a social media star on the Chinese social media Weibo. She lives an active leisure life and is very popular in all of China and Tawain.

4. She stays away from sugary drinks, like Coke.

Although, there’s some cake in that picture above. Apparently, she’s not that strict.

5. She drinks water every day.


Lure says that drinking water every day is a huge part of her diet. It’s the reason she has such youthful, healthy looks.

6. She drinks a cup of black coffee every morning.

The rest of her health secrets should be worth millions. She has some very simple health secrets that Hsu swears by. Click the next button below to see more of her simple health secrets.


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    • Excellent idea. I am 73 and look like I am in my late forties. To me it is irrelevant what age I appear to be. They must be running out of news! lol

  1. This has got to be linked to some sort of sales promotion. Anybody notice the almost total lack of people iin the background in the city scenes? And anybody notice that there is no one that looks to be of any age in any picture? And very few males. Just this gal and a few others. I’ve spent way too much time on this subject – I’m done with it.

  2. Most Asians look young and have no wrinkles. I am Asian and 76. I have very little wrinkle. Like her I drink black coffee, a lot of water and do not drink any sodas. Do not use any artificial sugars . Do not drink milk (lactose) or cheeses. Do not use use salt or sugar.


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