BACKSTABBER: Marco Rubio Just Did Something AWFUL for Trump’s Worst Enemy

Source: CNN

It’s been awhile, but it looks like Marco Rubio is back in business and this time, instead of helping Trump, he is out to get him.

That’s at least what it looks like from the voter’s perspective after he flew out to Scottsdale, Arizona just to give a glowing endorsement of anti-Trump Senator Jeff Flake.

The high-end lunch ran $100 to $500 per plate and was all praises for Senator Flake. Rubio was one of the leading voices in the choir


Flake has dedicated the last 2 years exclusively to opposing Trump. He even published a book this year called “Conscience of a Conservative” which was essentially him attacking the President for ending the age of Bush Republicans.

At this point, I would go as far as saying that John McCain is more of an ally for President Trump than Jeff Flake is, and McCain is NOT a friend of the President.

Marco Rubio tries to play both sides of the field constantly. That’s fine, let him do that. What we can do is get the word out and show the world Rubio’s flopping around like a fish out of water.


  1. An endorsement from Rubio the RINO is a sure win for the the guy he didn’t endorse.

    Flake is done for anyway, so wht’s the diff.

  2. Little Marco! Why do you keep trying to get your name in the news!? You know Flake is not good for Trumps agenda he hates Trump! But yet you still side with this moron. Well you will also be voted out you have shown your true colors once again you dam RINO ask Steve Bannon what he is gonna do to all RINOS including Flake! Good luck with that! Lol

  3. Typical of RINO Marco Rubio…he never knows what he is doing, what he really supports or who (except himself). He is no leader. At most he is a terrible follower. He has no backbone, he sticks his finger up in the air to see which way the wind is blowing, and then takes weeks to decide if he will run and hide or not. Look at the Florida Hurricane. He hid through it all whereas Pence and Trump were literally down there in the trenches doing physical labor. Rubio was probably hiding in a cave watching the news!!

  4. Someone needs to “primary” RINO RUBIO his next time around. A really two-faced, wishy-washy, no brains, no guts sort of guy. A disgrace to the Cubans who fled Cuba. He would probably send them all back if he had
    his way.

  5. Come on Marco, someday you may have a chance at being top dog but before that can happen you need to show you have what it takes and that includes saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Standing in front of the enemy and along side your countrymen. Pick a position you fervently believe in and stick with it. Show America you have the balls of Donald J. Trump and the Americanism to support them! It won’t be easy but you can’t cave at every dissension and swap sides. That is NOT leadership, that is being corralled and herded.

  6. Marco has been a phony since the debates. It has been obvious. And he said ugly things then about Trumps hands. Just shows the character of the man. Karma will bite him. never fear. It is unbelievable how these people let everyone see their true colors and they seem to have no ideal that people are watching and finding out about them.. So it is just a matter of time. short career for you little Marco. Maybe you can get job catching dogs. Be careful, they bite too.

  7. Common sense must be second nature to all Americans again.
    We as a people have lost that to take the easy way.
    Its not working.
    We are Americans, let’s roll up our sleeves, work for what is right, stop being lazy and expecting others to do our fair share, be proud of our attitude again.
    We must come together or we’ll fall.
    I want to do my part, be a part of a good people.
    GOD, bless America.

  8. Jeffy is one of my Senators and he hasn’t been bad (He’s better than John most of the time). The fact that he hates Trump adds ten points in his favor, and no, I did NOT vote Hillary.

  9. he may be bought and paid for by Soros but he was trained by McCain….Too bad, I liked him before DC corrupted him….That’s why Trump calls DC the swamp….


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