BEATDOWN: Trump Just Did Something BRUTAL to Iran Last Night that Will Change the Entire World

Source: White House

Late last night President Donald Trump shifted the course of the entire world by making doing something to Iran that Obama would NEVER have done.

The White House released the first document of their new Iran Strategy last night near 4 AM, clearly to make sure the Iranians got a chance to see it for themselves.

Basically, our trade partnership and alliances with Iran are OVER. We are going to realign our nation with other Middle Eastern countries to oppose Iran’s terrorism funding and deny them access to a nuclear bomb.

The President also called for the international community, specifically the United Nations, to quit glossing over the human rights abuses of the Iranian regime for their own benefit.

Oh, it also looks like from the Press Statement that we are gonna be setting up a whole new missile defense system in the region to help protect everyone from all the Intercontinental ballistic missiles that Iran purchased with all of the Obama money.

However, it is worth noting that the last line of the release says, “This behavior cannot be tolerated; the (nuclear) deal must be strictly enforced, and the IAEA must fully utilize its inspection authorities.”

To me, that means we are not gonna pull out of the deal just yet but President Trump is about to do some SERIOUS renegotiating. Do y’all like Trump’s new strategy or is he not going far enough? Let him know by getting this out everywhere with your own comments.


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