Ben Carson Sets Internet On Fire, Says The One Thing That Will Shame Liberals Forever

Image Source: CNN

Ben Carson just hit back hard at his liberal critics. Hard. And there are a lot of them. Because the left is a jealous.

Of Ben’s success, of his story, of his past – everything because Ben destroys the phony narrative that the Democrats have been crafting behind the nanny state.

Ben is opposed to it because he, unlike Nancy Pelosi, knows what the heck he is talking about. He lived through some tough times and in some rough places and he knows what it takes to come out the other side intact.

When he was named Housing and Urban Development Secretary by Trump the left went nuts. Said how could Trump pick Ben for such an important position.


They asked what his qualifications were but Ben just stayed quiet and went about the business of transforming that failed agency with a dose of good American ingenuity.

According to the Free Beacon, Ben was speaking at the Hill’s Newsmaker Series event when he was asked about the hardest part of his new position.

“What were some of the obstacles that you saw,” he was asked, “Was it maybe not thinking outside the box, that idea that you just raised. Have you changed the mindset at HUD?”

Carson said HUD was run “like most other government bureaucracies” and detailed how that is a soul crushing existence for all involved. Full of useless rules and regulations and petty nonsense.

Turf wars and politics and pensions were what drove the workers not the actual job of making people’s lives better.

And that is the problem with the Democrats. They have failed so miserably they have given up on new ideas.

So Carson said he has started small and made HUD start to look towards the end goal, not look at the small rules and regulations that stifle innovation.

Then he was asked about his critics and Ben said,

“When I first came a lot of people were saying, ‘But you’re a doctor, so you can’t possibly know anything about housing, how can you possibly run HUD?”

The he looked into the camera and said the one thing that will shame liberals forever,

“You know, people are so stupid.”

Correct and by that he means you liberals. Share if you agree with Dr. Carson.


  1. I love this man. He is intelligent, worldly and righteous. He came from humble beginnings and remained humble throughout. Trump made a very wise choice.

  2. DrBen Carson knows success comes in cans and failure in can’ts his strength was inherited from his mother booth believed in them selves to succeed she did and through her son God bless them both Joseph G Whitchurch USN I wish you fair winds and following seas

  3. So funny an educated, conservative down-to-earth African American man tells it like it is and the liberals can’t seem to stomach him. Just not politically popular. So they ignore him. He doesn’t fit their narrative, their politically correct prejudice view of African Americans as in “need” of “Government Help”. What a crock. Thank you Ben Carson for being the man you are!

  4. Sounds like Ben Carson is doing what is needed at HUD! How lucky that our country has a man of his intelligence and foresight to lead this cabinet post You can bet he will change HUD for the better!

  5. It so fricking utterly offends me that a great man, a world class pediatric surgeon who had dedicated his life to saving children should EVER HAVE TO ADDRESS much less be in the same room with this degenerate baby murderers!!!!

    • Dr. Ben Carson is a very smart man. Thank God he took the job as head of HUD which I might add was in dire need of good leadership!! Keep up the good work Dr. Carson you’re doing a great job!!!

  6. I agree with Dr. Ben Carson. President Trump all along. He knew which of those in the Republican side he could and would ask to join his Team. Before he asked them he studied each one, how they reacted, how and what they said. When all was said and done President Trump saw he was right and the men he was looking to find were sure enough the ones best chose for tho job. Dr. Ben Carson was one of them! As President Trump knew then who would be right for different parts of his team, Don’t you all think WE should have learned to trust President Trump and his fantastic team? I am glad Dr. Ben Carson proved to be the best and smartest for the one he faces with honor!

  7. I think President Trump made an excellent choice in Doctor Ben Carson. I love this man. He is humble, intelligent, and honest. I guess that comes from his Christian background and great Mother who must have loved her children very much to raise them with good moral values . Thank Doctor Carson for all you are doing for the American people. Keep up the good work. Be safe and may God Bless You and your family.

  8. I love Ben Carson because he is an honest man and he is in the right path to freedom. I love him because he is not afraid to say what he believes. He says exactly what needs to be said and he is so unafraid of Maxine Waters and all of the others who are berating him . I love you Ben Carson. Keep up the good work.

  9. Ben Carson was my first choice for President. I am a conservative, so I voted for Trump.. I still have my Ben Carson sticker on my 96 Jeep.!!!!!

  10. God bless you Ben Carson, you have more brains than all the idiots in Washington put together. I for one am glad that you’re Housing & Urban Development Secretary as I believe you know first hand what these low income housing people have had to deal with in the past administration. We are proud of the work you are doing to clean up that department of losers for the country.

  11. I love Dr. Ben Carson. He will do for HUD more than anyone else has done who came before him. Wait and see he will make changes that need to be made. Thank you Dr. Carson for helping to make America great again!

  12. Ben Carson is a brilliant human being. I take seriously every word he speaks. I agree with all his above statements. People can learn from him.

  13. Agree with all of you. Is it not refreshing to get a Dr. Ben Carson, as humble and honest and unafraid to tell the truth even if it is not politically correct, as he is? He restores my faith and trust on people.

  14. Ben Carson knows the Dems created the poverty of the blacks to keeps the blacks there and give them little bits and promise them more to keep them voting Democrat. How stupid can you get. Keep the blacks on the plantations of poverty and never give them what they really need. And Ben Carson knows it only too well. Now he is changing that and doing it right and the Dems hate him for it.

  15. Dr. Carson will do a great job wherever he is asked to full fill. Just too bad we do not have a lot of
    people like him to do the many jobs that need done. President Trump was wise to put Ben Carson in
    this position.

  16. I totally agree with Ben Carson… A doctor & a smart man that Trump could see that he was more than qualified for the job… The King

  17. Your honesty and humility are sublime, the Good Lord will be with you always. Please ignore the STUPIDS you can never change them.

  18. In all of the bureaucracy of the Federal Government, there is a rare 10 percent that actually work for the purpose of the department. Most just try to amuse themselves and get through the day giving no more than they have to getting overpaid and under worked until retirement which, again, is an over-payment for contributing nothing of value. This problem is not entirely the fault of the employees as certain rules are set in place to bind them down from being innovative and should they try to circumvent the rules and be productive, they are called out by their boss and told that they better conform or else. So, the choice for the employee is either just lay back and forget about doing a good job, or become frustrated. Of course there is an alternative, but none so lucrative, and that’s to quit.

  19. I’ve been extremely impressed with Dr. Ben Carson! He is such an intelligent man yet he is humble and is the right man for our country in any job that requires a brilliant man! He was one of the candidates that I thought would be a good President! I think Donald Trump picked us a winner!

  20. Dr Carson is a man to be respected. To become a PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGIST you need to be very intelligent and dedicated to curing those who are ill. The Liberals make fun of Dr Carson and he has responded in his very calm and quiet way.

  21. <3 Dr. Ben Carson! Trump chose him because he respects and trusts him and so do most people! Dr. Carson is loyal to Trump and is one of the most intelligent men in his Cabinet!

  22. Great man! He knows and may have lived through some of the requirements for his job! Thanks Mr./Mrs. Carson! Thankful you are on Trumps team!

  23. I forgot the name of the DVD that shows his history – he had an incredible mother who turned off the TV and had her sons read good books. He was an incredible doctor – the first to be able to separate siamese children to become two totally separate individuals, living the way two children should connected from birth. He’s far from a racist – God has given him divine gifts in many directions. If you are an intelligent person, you can use your God given gifts to be applied in many directions.

  24. I love Ben Secretary Ben Carson. He is a perfect example of what being an American citizen truly is. His life story is one we should all remember and most can use as a role model. Nothing held this man back. He came from nothing and became a total success story dedicating his life to study and helping others. In my opinion he is a god-send. And to hear him speak in his soft and honest voice is so encouraging. We can all learn from him. Personally I don’t think there is another person more qualified to be Housing and Urban Development Secretary.

    • I agree with everything in this comment can not express my thoughts any better ! I Love Dr Ben Carson , the person is the heart of Love he has for GOD , and people he is Truely a blessing and example of humility , hard work , success and remaining Humble , GOD bless Dr Ben Carson ….

  25. Dr. Ben Carson knows more about everything than all those lousy Democrats put together. They are just a bunch of stupid ignoramuses that need to be taken care of by being put out of office.

    Dr. Carson is the BEST!!!!

  26. I really cannot fathom these Liberals’ minds because even professionals, educated people are buying the lies that has been propagated all along? Is this what the Bible calls REPROBATE MINDS?? What is this believing , living , thinking, speaking all the HATRED, LIES, ANGER, GREED,CRIMINAL INSTINCT, ???? i DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW THEY HV BEEN LED TO BELIEVE ALL THESE? AND EVEN CHRISTIANS BELIEVING THESE? Did I miss anything???

  27. I am so glad that the Americans with brains prevailed and elected Donald Trump as president. He is smart enough to know that he does not know everything, so he has people who know about different areas of life around him and has THEM do the job in their area. Dr. Ben Carson is a perfect example. President Trump put Dr. Ben in a position and told “Go get it done,” and that is exactly what Dr. Carson is doing. The Dems. seem to think that the president is suppose to micro-manage everything, and that is exactly why they NEVER get anything done. This is also a big, BIG problem with Congress now and the reason we need to, “CLEAN THE SWAMP.

  28. Dr Ben Carson never ceases to amaze me. I know that GOD placed this wonderful man in our government cause America needed him. Thank you Sir and you & your family are always in my prayers. Blessings sent from Our Lord And Savior, AMEN

  29. You are so right on the money with everything. So happy you are a part of our government working hard to clean up all of the cheating scandals and corruption in the HUD DEPT. CORRUPTION THERE FOR A LONG TIME. GOOD JOB BEN!!!


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