Bill O’Reilly Discovers Easy Way To Silence Fredrica Wilson And Expose Her For Fraud She Really Is

Source" Youtube OANN

Bill O’Reilly does not suffer fools. He may be a lot of things but dishonest is not one of them. And he knows Trump well – they go back years.

So if anyone would know the true story behind the Fredrica Wilson media puppet show it would be Bill.

And speaking to Newsmax, Bill blew the lid of the whole scam. For that is what it was all along – one big scam.

“The thing that disturbs me is Congresswoman Wilson,” O’Reilly started, “They were given a 24-hour day. The family of the fallen Army Sgt. [La David] Johnson, who was a Green Beret, was given 24-hour notice that President Trump would call.”

“They gave that information to Congresswoman Wilson, who is an anti-Trump hater and has been from the jump. She knew the call was coming in, she was in the car when President Trump reached the widow, Myeshia Johnson, 24 years old. Then, she goes out on CNN and says, ‘The president insulted Mrs. Johnson, made her cry. This looks to me to be a set up. It really does.”

Correct. It was a set up from the get go. Trump spoke about calling families and Fredrica decided to exploit what she knew was coming for political gain. To slander Trump to raise her stature with the Democrats.

To get the donations, to get the anti-Trump accolades, to get famous.

Well it worked but not the way she hoped. Sarah Huckabee Sanders came out swinging crushed her yesterday.

But the media wolves were not satisfied so General Kelly came out and told them all to cut it out and disgraced Wilson saying w e must leave some things sacred – like the call from a President to a grieving widow. And how dare she politicize it.

Speaking of Trump Bill said,

“I know he respects military people, so why on earth would a sitting president call a widow — just lost her husband in Niger — and insult her? It’s impossible. It’s inconceivable. They’re (the media) taking Ms. Wilson’s word for it. They’re not taking Gen. Kelly’s word for it, who says there wasn’t anything inappropriate. They’re taking Wilson’s. Why? Because they hate Trump. Everybody knows what the game is.”

Sad but true. Share this to all former corners of the globe so the truth about Fredrica Wilson and her media conspirators gets out.


  1. Thanks for putting this woman in her place. How disgraceful can these haters be? God bless General Kelly for sharing the story of his son and also putting this Congresswoman down for her statement in a very moving way that touched the hearts of America. She should hang her head in shame.

    • What is even worse, she goes on to exploit the mother. IMHO the mother was there also so she heard the same thing Wilson did. The mother says the president disgraced her son, but what I think happened is that Wilson who by her own admission DID NOT hear the whole conversation further exploited the mother by convincing her that what they heard was a disgrace. Wilson KNOWS AND CARES NOTHING ABOUT THE MILITARY – her voting record PROVES that. Unless you have lost a child you have to idea or RIGHT to say ANYTHING. I hope the voters in her district open their eyes and brains because she does not deserve to be in office.

  2. Yes she is low that way she throws everyone one the mud an then walks on them so she doesn’t get her feet dirty. She don’t care An beleave me that widow was the last person in the world she cared about. She was going for political gain An wipe her feet on the victom

  3. She just wants her goofy mug on T.V.!!! She doesn’t care who she steps to get what she wants!!! Reminds me of killary’!!!!

  4. This is such a non-story. I hate it. I’m sick of mainstream news. They need to start understanding that we can see them and we see them lying and promoting outrage with wild speculation. 2/3 of their News programs are triggers to excite the masses. I can’t watch anymore.

  5. Federica is a race baiter and Trump hater. She is a do nothing congresswoman who has done nothing for her constituents the whole time she has been in congress.

  6. What a sack of poo this congress woman is!! Stop showing her ugly face in her wild western hats
    over her wig. No more stories, she’s already a “Rock Star” which is what she set out to be in this
    whole endeavor. Florida must be as proud of her as we are of Shelia J. Lee and Al Green.

  7. Is incredible how all this black haters congresswoman acts, no one of them have done anything good for are country and much less for their blacks fellows, The mayority are a disaster, only some of them like Alan West , Carson, are in te right direccion !!!!

  8. How many stupid hats dose this fruitcake own? I didn’t think Florida was noted for cowboys and cowgirls. She would look better wearing an alligator hat, or even a live alligator if you could find one who could stand her!

  9. I should just start making news up. All I need to do is quote commentary, present it as fact and…

    I’ve made it…

    I’m a real journalist.

    I’m the last one to call out grammar on Facebook but this is supposed to be journalism.

    I don’t have to be grammatically correct, neither do you but….

    You should.

  10. I know she ripped off the state of Florida. She’s Trash. The people that live in the Projects have more class then this Witch.

  11. What a sad Congress woman. snooping in on a call from the President. Democrats wiretapped Trump Tower and now snooping in on a conversation.Are will still in America or Soviet Union?

    • She should be hung for spying on the President, they need to get rid of the jerk, and take all her hats with her, such an ugly moron

  12. Fredrica Wilson along with CNN is/are nothing but a Scum Bags. Why is she in congress? She shouldn’t even be there. I say it again,”Drain that Dam Swamp” and get rid of that lying liberal media. THEIR IS NOTHING BUT LIES…

  13. Rep.Wilson is a perfect fit for a Yahooo.The Dummo’as are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel.Let us hope the Dummo’s come to their senses.I know it is a long shot.But as the lottery spokesman says”Hay you never know”

  14. What an actress who lies through her mouth & takes advantage of the loss of a fine green beret who served his country with honor. His family is grieving & appreciated the President’s compassionate call to share their grief. For this Congresswoman to politicize this difficult time for these families who lost a loved ones is horrific. Shame on her, if she has any shame.

  15. She is now claiming to be the victim of racial attacks. You must really be sick to equate an empty barrel with a racial slur. It is obviously a description of her character. Let us hope that the people in Miami-Dade find a replacement. She’s supposedly trying toi raise money for her “foundation” This leads one to wonder if her foundation is a clone of the representative in Jacksonville who is going to jail for misusing the funds in her foundation?

  16. They do that all the time. Constantly lying and trying to deceive the American ppl. Do you think there to stupid to know every time they do that we dislike them more and more. I guess it’ll show in the next election,

  17. I have no idea why anyone would pay attention to the words of someone who dresses and acts like a Rodeo Clown and clearly has the IQ of a walnut. There is something to worry about though. People ACTUALLY voted for this person.

  18. This Wilson dame is just plain horrible. And now parents of a fallen
    soldier is on CNN complaining that the president never called them to
    apologize to them about the loss of their son 2 months ago. Their loss
    is heartbreaking, and I feel sorry for them, and pray that the Lord will comfort
    their hearts. But, the president is not able to call every family of lost soldiers,
    and 0bama didn’t do it, either. P. Trump may have been traveling when their
    son was killed. I may be wrong, but isn’t every surviving family graced by a
    They always used to be, and the practice may still be in force……if not, it should be.

  19. Bill I saw earlier this person claiming to be his aunt say President Trump did say it and then to the news caster said she would like to let President Trump he is an SOB. One I can’t believe what he is accused of, second the Congresswoman needs to crawl under the ROCK rather then think she is a Rock Star . I hope she really is exposed for any and ALL things wrong she has her hands in!!!!

  20. THAT soldier who just lost his life would be SO ASHAMED of his WIFE and HIS MOTHER for doing this to the PRESIDENT HE SERVED WILLINGLY and the COUNTRY HE DIED for and he would DESPISE that congresswoman. Another Navy Seal said what the President said would have been the highest compliment that could have been said to his own parents had he been killed.. SO WHAT WAS THIS??? YOU BET ITS ANOTHER SICK EVIL SETUP from satanic people on the left.. who are now not AMERICANS at all but ENEMIES we will be forced to fight!

  21. shes a hater that didnt get her way so she made up the story and i cant believe the lady of the dead soldier would help her lie its all about hate and the money. about like the trey story and all the others. all lies and money hungry

  22. It’s a shame that democrats can’t leave President Trump alone, and let him concentrate on doing his job instead of him hearing this bs.

  23. She’s a member of the Menopause Mamma’s club and takes her political advice from Maxipad Waters, which is… say anything outrageous, provide no proof and if someone question or challenges your statement you call them a racist, sexist, bigot or all of the above. This story will buckle under the weight of lies and innuendo. I’m wondering why she’s not outraged the Obama felt it was beneath him to call wounded and dead soldiers families to offer his condolences and had someone from the Joint Chief of Staff call them instead. He probably had a golf game to go to.

  24. The grieving widow Ms Johnson set up a go fund me account with a million dollar goal. She has already received over 600 thousand dollars.

  25. Bill O’Riley is a good honest man. The lady said what President Trump said to her. She said she cried bc he knew everything about him before he ever called her. He knew of all his accomplishments n he was a good man. Thank you Mr Trump. Bll thank you for telling the truth..

  26. How can a Congresswoman can politicize the death of a fallen soldier shows the length the left, Democrats and liberals will go to crush the hopes and dreams of American people. Congresswoman Wilson should be dismissed from Congress now. President Trump must do everything he can to demand her resignation. She does not represent any fair minded person living in the United States. She should lose her position immediately. President Trump must start to take action against these flagrant lies being told to the American people. She should be put in jail along with Hillary Clinton.

  27. So why hasn’t the widow come forward to clear the matter up? Was she in on the scam too? I find that hard to believe but you never know.

  28. What a foolish idea. For her desire to raise favor with the evil one, the devil. I mean the democrats. Hew own words and actions confirm what she is and decency dictates that I cannot state it here. One thing I could properly say is that she is the BIGGEST, MAS GRANDE, south side of a north bound donkey!


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