CAREER KILLER: What Robert De Niro Just Did to the President will Make Everyone STOP Watching Him

Source: WochitEnt

At this point, so many of the Hollywood elite celebrities have made it clear that they do not want Trump supporters watching their movies. Now we get to add Robert De Niro to that list.

De Niro, a longtime friend of sexual assaulter Harvey Weinstein, had some sort of crazy breakdown on stage during the Annual Hudson River Park Gala where he started rambling about benches then BLEW UP on Trump.

“One of my pleasures will be keeping people off my bench who don’t deserve a view of the park like Donald Trump.”

“F–k you, Donald Trump. It’s a horror with this motherf—er.”

Now, the reason that he was talking about park benches in the first place was that the Gala was thrown do celebrate them dedicating park bench to De Niro. I guess he thinks he can ban people from sitting on it? He is so wrong…

In fact, I think it would be pretty funny if some Trump supporters in MAGA hats went and visited the Hudson River Park (located at 353 West St, New York, NY 10014) and take some pictures on De Niro’s beloved bench.

Oh, and while we are at it, let’s quit watching his junky movies anyways. No big loss there. Help share this out and let’s get back at Robert De Niro


  1. DeNiro is a commie perverted old scumbag who also got ahead by way of the casting couch. His restaurant in Tribecca was often frequented by Weinstein and his various victims of sexual perversions. Heard their menu wasn’t great but then it probably wasn’t the main entree. F Clooney, Affleck, Bannon, and all the sleazebags of Hollyweird.

  2. And after sitting on his bench wearing MAGA hats,post them all over social media so his followers( if he has any) will be sure to send them to him.

  3. He’s an embarrassment to patriotic Italians who came here LEGALLY and have contributed to the USA for decades. I implore Italians to go the park and fart on his bench.

  4. Man, I miss judged him. I liked him as an actor but no more. Yes he has his rights this is America we all have rights. But to disrespect our commander-in-chief regardless of our personal feelings should be against the America’s law. The people elected him and he deserves our respect. Just because an actor is a liberal Democrat does not give him the right to lower the standards and discriminate on a daily basis our commander-in-chief.

  5. These fools are coming out of the wood work. My list getting longer and longer. These actor and actresses think the American people can’t do without them. Welcome to the real world the American people can get along without all of you prem a donnas.

  6. Robert De Niro has a fowl mouth I was surprised he has Communistic tendencies. I should have guessed this with him erratic behavior of late.

    His anti-Trump tirades can be expected from a far-right person. He is anti-America, it’s Constitution, Anti-God and anti-freedoms. He is to be prayed for so the Holy Spirit will come into his heart.

  7. he’s not worth getting in an uproar over. he’s just a guy that puts his pants on one leg at a time, no matter how much he thinks of himself. i certainly won’t lose any sleep over his tirades.

  8. I have not watched deniro since he did the interview where he said that “If there is a god, I want to meet him. He has some explaining to do.”. This is such a ludicrous statement that shows real ignorance and an arrogance that is beyond description. “If there is a god” (God does exist), bob will be scared speechless because of idiotic statements such as this. He will be in big trouble. The arrogance of these hollywood cronies. We make them who they are and people like this don’t deserve it so let’s let them try unemployment until they have a little humility.

  9. LOL–he thinks that he is someone important because he got a park bench named after him?? Hollyweird is full of foul-mouthed, self-important narcissists. I have no desire to watch any of them in their extremely trashy movies.

  10. Why do all actors and singers want to be political ? Do they think it makes them smarter ?
    Just stick to what you do best and we will all be happier. We don’t go to movies to hear political
    opinions, we don’t listen to music because we like your political opinion. We don’t want to know
    your political affiliation, your sexual orientation or your religion. Just ply your trade.

  11. What a shame. Soon I won’t be able to watch movies or TV. So many actors are getting on my **** list. I need to make my own list of the ones I still respect.

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