Chicago Idiot DETAINED for Vandalizing Columbus Statue With THREE Unforgivable Phrases

Source: WikiMedia Commons

Happy Columbus Day, everyone! Today is the day in which citizens of The United States commemorate the discovery of the Americas.

But not everyone is celebrating.

Certain leftist individuals seem to think that Columbus Day is “problematic,” so they’re fighting back the only way liberal activists know how — by breaking the law.

A 30-year-old Chicago man named Kyle Miskell and two accomplices were discovered this week defacing a Christopher Columbus statue in Chicago’s Arrigo Park.

They vandalized the memorial with the words, “All colonies are burning,” “Muerte al Estado,” and “f— Columbus.”

During their crimes, they shouted phrases like, “F— Columbus,” “F— the USA,” and “Die Columbus!”

(Columbus died in 1506 — but whatever.)

Miskell has since been arrested and is being held on $3,000 bail.

Comment “Happy Columbus Day” and SHARE if you’re celebrating our continent’s founding!

People are trying to kill off the holiday. We need to support it!

Mark is a recent grad from California State University, Long Beach. Despite several years of college indoctrination, he emerged as conservative as ever. He blames his dad -- who raised him right. Follow him on Twitter using the link below!


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