COVER UP: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Just Got the Worst News Ever In House IT Investigation


We have been reporting on Debbie Wasserman and her IT staffer, Imran Awan and his colleagues, for some time now.  It’s a HUGE scandal and it’s been remarkable how little the main stream media has reported on it.

It’s finally getting some traction, however.  Several House Republicans, all members of the Freedom Caucus, just held a meeting to interview witnesses about the ongoing investigation.  Check this out, ya’ll!

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Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller, told them:  “… misinformation, in both directions, has flourished as a result of an extraordinary level of silence from official channels surrounding the falsified billing and cybersecurity breaches on Capitol Hill. There are reasons to suspect that this secrecy is not because vigorous action is being taken behind the scenes.”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, told them: We allowed this group to run amuck in the House–take all this data and move it around–Lack of interest from both House leadership and executive branch.”

This group is Pakistani Imran Awan and his family members who, among other things, made unauthorized access to a congressional server 5,400 times, as reported by the Washington Post. But you see how they poo-poo the whole thing and Wasserman-Schultz’ potential complicity.

Pennsylvania Representative Perry (R) said this: “My concern is the wife goes, she’s got fourteen grand in cash. She’s allowed to leave the country…And I’m just concerned that, you know, we have a Justice Department ,FBI–we have certain laws.”  “…I mean you look at the Mueller investigation. Picking Manafort’s lock in the middle of the night drawing guns on him as wife for some white-collar infraction three or four years ago. I mean that’s like scorching the earth.”

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[H/T The Daily Caller]

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  1. The whole thing so far is disgusting! More than likely the reason so little is being done in the Congress concerns all the skeletons in their closets!

  2. Why is Schultz allowed to breath our “AIR?” There are many better things it can be used for. So My Gosh I just received an important News Bulletin: She is using the air to keep her head refilled as it takes a lot for that “Useless Air Head.” Please Debbie just disappear as you serve “No Practical” purpose here on earth other than to stir sh!t and take up space. Yep, you are a loser as well as many other Libaturds.

      • Ditto. No way do I want to see her disappear. Any politician, lawmaker (or breaker) should be charged as any citizen would have been. They should not be given a free ride. In fact, they should be held to the highest standard and receive maximum sentence than an ordinary citizen would have received. They are not above the law and, as a matter of fact, they’re the ones that wrote the laws. It’s too bad that this has to be brought to the Americans citizens attention via Freedom Fighters instead of or including MSM. It’s ironically funny that there has been no attention to the blatant corruption and collusion of the left but, nine months after the innauguration, the left is still chasing the illusive, non-existing Russian collusion by the Trump campaign. How many more months of finding nothing is it going to be, at the tax payers’ expense? Mueller should be spending his energy going after the left’s tangible evidence that right in front of his face. Who is going to further investigate Comey? Mueller and Sessions can’t. They need to hire a special council to investigate the left. Thank you Freedom Fighters for keeping the public informed. Also, thank you Hannity for exposing the corruption of the left and keeping us informed. The public wouldn’t have known otherwise. This is Bob’s wife.

  3. Looks like she has been taking it from the camel too much. She better double down on the Prozac b/c reality is about to serve her a permanent dose

  4. When they get done with her they need to investigate her brother Steven Wasserman – Steven is an assistant District Attorney in the Washington D.C. State Attorneys office – the very office that has gotten absolutely nowhere with the Seth Rich murder investigation. I have read that are not even looking into it anymore – it’s a closed case never to be solved. Awful convenient when you think of who is suspected of having at least some involvement in that murder and may have ordered it.

  5. The last few minutes will curl your hair. Pelosi and Ryan knew about it and hid the story? Why? President Trump needs to do something. The FBI needs to be fired and the doj. And start over.

    Very alarming committee meeting.

    Somebody needs to do something. What did wasserman know? What was she doing? Did she get any of this money? Was she getting information on other members? Was this extortion? Blackmail? If pelosi and Ryan knew about this even before the election this was a massive coverup and they both need to be criminally charged with hiding information from the people. What is going on up there? 40 house members don’t want to talk about it? Why? And now they are pretending it never happened. How did these IT guys work from Pakistan for these congressional leaders. This smells bad people. Can you say money laundering? Espionage? Fraud? Criminal embezzlement? Treason? What information did they get and who did they share it with? What other countries?

  6. Remember the words of the day as said by ex-president Clinton…”what is “is”? the required actions are being ignored and so far we do not have anyone (other than the President) with the guts to expose or do anything to these people. Sessions is yet again dragging his feet to stop the train and it seems to be working.

  7. It seems to me that Sessions has become no better than his 2 predecessors. of course — we don’t know everything that is going on behind the scenes but it seems to me that there is nothing going on about this. Bob Hunt may have it exactly right — they are all worried about their own skeletons coming out. It appears that again — the fbi is involved with another cover-up — what a big surprise. All of these agencies, under obozo the fraud, became nothing but organized corruption all protecting each other. This female is as dirty as the clintons, soros, comey, mueller and the rest of the obozo administration and NEEDS TO BE PROSECUTED.


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