A DAY After Being Suspended, Trump Took Down ESPN’s Jemele Hill With This One Epic Tweet


This morning, Trump went on a tear. He attacked ESPN host Jemele Hill for her awful job as a member of the ESPN line up.

If you didn’t remember, ESPN recently fired Jemelle Hill for tweeted the following quote out: “created a problem for his players, specifically the black ones. If they don’t kneel, some will see them as sellouts.” Her post references Jones’s statement and said that any Dallas Cowboys player that “disrespects the flag” will not be allowed to play.

Trump tweeted the following today.

ESPN’s ratings have recently “tanked.” It’s because of their crappy political talk. People come there to watch sports. They don’t come there to watch politics.

I know that we are all getting sick of all the football kneelers. They overpaid, over-pampered babies. I get, get, get so mad thinking of all the soldiers that have died for this country. Many in the NFL have gotten second chances for horrible crimes.

Share this everywhere patriots. It’s time to END ESPN for good. It stands (E)xhibiting (S)ports as (P)olitics (N)etwork. Disney should be ashamed that they still own it.

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