DESTROYED: Secretary Mattis Just Revealed the Secret that NBC Never Wanted Getting Out

Source: SecDef Flickr

Earlier today NBC News released a report claiming that President Trump wants to increase our nuclear arsenal 10 fold (from 4000 to 32000) and was forcing Secretary Mattis to do the dirty work.

When Trump stepped forward and called them Fake for their lies and attempt to tear our country apart, they all cried wolf pretending like he was infringing on their rights. Unfortunately for the MSM, they forgot all about Mattis.

There is nobody in the current administration who commands more respect across the entire political spectrum than Jim ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis. That’s why you know NBC’s goose is cooked when Mattis himself came forward to declare the report “Absolutely False”.

“Recent reports that the President called for an increase in the U.S. nuclear arsenal are absolutely false. This kind of erroneous reporting is irresponsible.” – James Mattis

Those are some very strong words from a man who tends to keep his thoughts out of the media whenever he can.

The reality of the situation is that Trump is calling for a complete upgrade and modernization of our current nuclear arsenal, which sits around 4000 warheads. That way, North Korea and Russia won’t have better bombs than us anymore.

This kind of reporting is wrong, it’s divisive, and it’s dangerous for our country both internally and internationally. I love the First Amendment. It is part of the core of our Republic. But that does NOT mean the citizens should have to put up with media lies. If a company like NBC wants to play this game, they should have their network TV spot up for grabs. That’s how capitalism works, after all.


  1. NBC YOU ARE DOWN RIGHT DISGRACEFUL!!!! You are definitely not for the good of the Ameticans! Get off your demon horse because your ride is taking you toward a hell of destruction. NBC play with the devil or play with fire and you Will Get burned!!!

  2. Time to pull NBC’s license as well as CNN,ABC,CBS and MSNBC . They are the indocternation arm of the Devilcrat Socialist Party.

  3. NBC, how low can you get? Or, how low have you gone? You need your license revoked! As a matter of fact, all MSM should have their licenses revoked. It used to be that when you watched the news you could depend on them reporting the actual truth. They were conscientious, truthful, and were respected. This no longer is the case, you have become liars, embellishers, and political. We do not need your opinions, we want the news reported.

    • I don’t, I only watch Fox,..and you can pretty much tell who on Fox are bias towards Liberal Dems.
      Like Shepard Smith, and Juan Williams. I don’t care for either one of them. But I love Hanity!

  4. The media has gone too far. Lies, lies, lies. When I was young, there were REAL reporters and new. Now all they do is spew trash!

  5. Although we have the first amendment to protect our rights to free speech, I would think that purposely reporting false news would (and should) result in at least a very heavy fine for first offense and license revocation for next offense. The public relies on truth in reporting. MSM is very responsible for the division of this country. Being first to report “breaking news” does not mean out and out lies. This is Bob’s wife.

  6. MSM = Malicious Slimy Media
    Time to close them down if they can’t report all the true factual news with integrity which they no longer are capable of doing.

  7. It’s fun to talk about pulling NBC’s license, and God knows they deserve it, as does their affiliates and the rest of the left-wing media who knowingly and routinely lie while ignoring important information that doesn’t fit their agenda. But let’s remember that Obummer would have been happy to pull Fox’s license when he was in power, which is why everyone’s first amendment rights must be protected. The only correct way to deal with this crap is to ensure that they are exposed for the liars and charlatans that they are. Yeah, it’s an uphill battle, and most people, especially libs and dems, want to hear only what feels good to them, facts be damned, so it’s incumbent upon all of us to educate the uninformed and the misinformed.


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