Detroit Lions Owner Just Came Up with a BRILLIANT Way to Make Her Players Stop Kneeling

Source: Youtube

It’s clearly been a big issue dealing with NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem. Clearly, you cannot simply fire or even suspend all of them at this point, so the owners have been DESPERATE for a new solution.

Well, instead of threatening them with firing if they kneel, Ford thought of an even better solution: She decided to REWARD the ones who respect the anthem.

Martha Ford reportedly has now incentivized her players to stand by offering up donations and her name to the Charity of their choice IF they respect the anthem.

Lions running back Ameer Abdullah told reporters,


“We do dance around the topic a lot and Mrs. Ford has come forward and said that as long a we compromise as a team and unify and make a unified demonstration, she’ll back us financially. So I’m definitely going to hold her to her word.”

Now some people may see this as nothing more than simple bribery. I don’t. I see a billionaire owner putter her money where her mouth is to defend the Anthem we all love.

And the Result? Well, standing players of course. Now they get to help causes without insulting our soldiers. Let’s get this out everywhere quick and see which NFL owners are willing to do what it takes to get the results.


  1. All the NFL players, coaches, owners, staff and even vendors are paying the price for these few disrespecting NFL players. Those same protesting players would be screaming bloody murder if anyone cost them a dime because of something they disagreed with.

  2. What selfish, childish players, you have to bribe them. Will they put their hands on their hearts and act like they except this?

    • Should not have to bribe them to do what they should do if they were real Americans I despise the violent criminal foreign racist cult members and women children baby and doggie abusers Forget it NFL I will not watch until the terror types in spandex are gone

  3. Bribing spoiled NFL PLAYERS so they respect the American flag with more $$$ is a sad joke. If players were willing to donate to a cause or charity of their choice they should do so on their on without any monetary incentives. WTF!!!

  4. Buying loyalty to the Flag and Country doesn’t cut it, either they do it from the heart or nothing……..tell the individual play to do something for his people. Remember JFK, in his inaugural speech ” ask not what your country can do for but what you can do for YOUR country”

  5. Oh hell No !!! She will be donating to blm,isamic terrorist groups, planned Parenthood, antifa, hillery, down with Trump parties…..rewarding the clowns is giving into them !

  6. she should not pay people who have no charactor. and are moral degenerates. disgracing our dead, that gave us our freedom. is an unforgivable act. and doing in support of criminals. makes it even worse. the NFL is dead. as far as i am concerned, they have turned it into an unamerican activitiy,

  7. She’d be wise to find out what their favorite charities are before making such a claim. I certainly hope she doesn’t end up supporting ANTIFA or BLM. That being said her pay to stand promise is tantamount to bribing them to do the “right” thing, kinda like Washington or Oregon paying gangs to stop their tomfoolery. Am I wrong or is this like paying the Mafia for protection? At this point, I don’t care what they do. I will never waste my time with any of the hoodlums. Screw every last one of them.

    • Agreed. All done with NFL. I watch college football and if they start up with this nonsense ill stop watching them too.

      Boycott the NFL and their sponsors. Anheuser Bush, papa John’s, Campbell soup, courtyard by Marriott, Microsoft.

      DirecTV is giving refunds to customers who bought NFL Sunday Ticket and are fed-up with these racist players disrespecting our flag and country.

  8. If they don’t want to stand and respect our Anthem, flag or Country then they should not be aloud to play our American game without pay! They can take their protest elsewhere! It doesn’t belong on the field.

  9. this sucks the idiots who call themself football players should be proud enough to stand up for this great country and get over whatever it is causing them to kneel, if not they should find another country to go to and see what respect they would get. i will not whatch a pro football game until they get their heads screded on right.

  10. How about adding, “In God we Trust” and “God Bless America” to their helmets, with the American flag? If they don’t want to wear the helmet, they don’t play. Simple.

  11. I see somebody who is afraid of losing more money , more fans and sponsors. Call it what you want but she is bribing them. They should be showing respect on their own .

  12. A billionaire buying off millionaires ? If I was an owner, I’d fire anybody not following the NFL rules on standing for the Anthem and respecting the Flag. I’d like to know if violating the NFL rules, getting yourself fired for doing it , would result in breaking your contract and losing the money.

  13. I’m sure she means well, however you can’t fix disrespect by paying somebody to be respectful. They have to be taught how to have respect. The disrespect these players are showing are just the beginnings of another agenda to destroy America. You watch, this is just another step to destruction. I won’t be a part of paying these disrespectful people. I will be boycotting NFL until these protesters are removed and replaced by respectful players. If NFL goes down that will be their choice.
    These protesters have a right to protest just as I do. Just don’t do it during your job (game) or on my dime. You are nothing without we the people

  14. Brilliant way? Or a cowards way out? I think the latter and respected more from the Fords this is a completely disrespectful act and it is not like these morons do not have any other way to express their grievances with the sports reporters always shoving microphones in their faces. This is a concerted effort to further decide this country and perpetuate their pity party for issues that happened 200 years ago. They have self segregated themselves from the rest of civilized society by addressing the selves as hyphenated Americans instead of manning up to address problems in their own communities and their societies. They have bought into the Democrats demography and they have been played for decades.The Democrats have spoon fed them trinkets to keep them on their plantation and they for the most part have bought into it, hook, line, and sinker.

  15. All I can say is Boycott and products for advertising during the games the sponsors will pull their products therefore the NFL will lose money. Boycott the games turn your tickets in and get refunds demanded refunds or stand for the anthem the American people have to do this together.

  16. What a stupid old hag. She is not getting out of this easily with her money. Her non-solution is as disgusting as the disgusting players doing this and the degenerate offspring in strip club underwear. The one thing you can’t buy is morality. Shove your solution witch.

  17. Wow..I can’t believe she is bribing HER Team,,??? The NFL Rules Clearly state There is consequences for NOT honoring the Flag…

  18. Bribing is not how you are American, stand up for your flag is a American , Boycott the games ,and soon you will see them standing, it,s all about money. Support your Military,Support your Flag !

  19. I have boycotted and will continue UFN.

    ” Bribe “? Not so sure. Certainly open to doubt as to definition.My intuition says, ” don’t quibble. The nice old lady influenced a positive, IMO, very smart way to support the flag and charity and defuse hard feeling, IMHO!

    • According to the dictionary, a bribe is anything, especially money, given or promised to induce someone to act contrary to their wishes. Sounds like a bribe to me and no, it is a very bad idea and sets a terrible precedent. Next time it will not be bribery but rather extortion as these players now know how to extort money from their owners.

  20. I Think bribing/paying them to stand for the Anthem of these United States is a very bad thing, it sets a bad precedent, it is why we do not pay for hostages is just gives them incentive to keep on doing it. There is nothing that says you can not suspend or fire them all. People are abandoning them and will continue to do so. I think the NFL has shot itself in the foot, they have proven they do not care about this country and we need to find a new pastime. Quit supporting that which disrespects us. Foot ball is not the be all and end all — on your death bed you are not going to be asking yourself why you did not attend more footfall games and spend more time watching it on TV. No, you are going to be asking yourselves why you did not spend more time with your family instead of abandoning them to football or basketball or softball or all of them. Priorities need to change in this country — games are NOT WHAT IS IMPORTANT!

  21. What other countries pay millions of dollars for sports players = one.We are in it . Let them go to Canada or Europe and play for penny’s on the dollar . they don’t have a clue . only about ten percent would have descent jobs out of football.most would be digging ditches or some other kind of manual labour. Life is

  22. I, too, am sure that Martha Ford thinks she is doing the right thing by paying her NFL players to be respectful of our flag, National Anthem and America. The Detroit Lions is just another business and should be treated as such. If you chose to work for a company and they hired you, you would be considered a representative of what they (the Company) stood for and expected you to express as well. Unfortunately, today’s children do not understand, nor did their parents teach them about supporting the great things the United States of America stood for. So, we now have these uncontrolled, totally spoiled infant teenagers expecting the world to pay them for their somewhat athletic skills. They have nothing but brute force on a football field and a small bit of what is expected of them.
    Because of this, they have been accepted to play for an NFL team. This was a heady and a dream for most of them. However; a good portion of them have now decided not to stand for AMERICA. For whatever reason, they have decided to NOT SUPPORT THE COUNTRY (U.S.A.) THAT ALLOWED THEM TO BE THEIR HEROS.
    By their decision to take a knee or not to stand for the National Anthem, they have disrespected our country and everything it stands for.
    I will never support these ignorant syncophants – !

  23. Sounds like the players are mercenaries. No real loyalty to those they work for, just do what ever for the highest paycheck. They don’t have any love for anyone except themselves. Greedy, selfish, lying football players are worthless!

  24. How ’bout making the players contribute to a charity if they chose to take the knee. They would NEVER put their own money where there “knee” is. No matter whose life matters.

  25. She has the right to fire them if this is truly something that she feels is disrespectable toward America. However, that would really dig into the bank account. She doesn’t really want to hurt that much.

  26. Why doesn’t Goodall enforce the rules, he does on other rules that are broken or is
    He affarid of what might happen to his job if he does, also the owners are puppets to the
    Players there pulling the strings, now theses are mostly billionaires, if they ran there
    Other business that way and let the employees dictate what’s going to happen. They would
    All be regular working people. Just saying

  27. A great idea and a very genuine thought from Mrs. Ford. But these guys should have made donation and contribution of their time and money for black communities previously!! Do they really need a white women to tell them what they are lacking in their selfish life, what they need is a good kick in the ass by a team mate. Put them into action to work in the black community, and possibly share a little of their wealth. I believe Mrs. Ford has done her share for years. SHAME ON THEM if they take a dime!!!!!!

  28. As AMERICANS you should automatically stand for the NATIONAL ANTHEM and AMERICAN FLAG!! You should not have to be BRIBED by your Boss! I truly feel sad for grown men that have to be bribed to respect the AMERICAN FLAG! ⚓️

  29. You don’t reward bad behavior. I like the idea of firing them and banning them from being able to play in the NFL ever. For goodness sakes, it is in the rule book that they are to stand, facing the flag with their helmet in their left hand and their hand over their heart. Where is the NFL in this issue. I know where I will be on Sunday’s, Monday’s, Thursday’s, and any other days the games are played. I’ll be anywhere except watching NFL football. Idiots.

  30. This is so sad.. That the owners have to feel they need to pay their Players more money to Honor their own Country…
    We as America have set this up by the way we did not put our foot down with our kids when they were growing up.. Each generation changes to lessen consequences for their own actions..
    For Give Us Lord and Please Renew Our Belief in You..

  31. I have little respect for any owner or there players that want to protest our anthem or our symbol the flag. These use to be taught to our youngsters in school,when we said the pledge of allegiances every morning before class started. Which I think is not practiced any more. May I ask you what are we reaping from not teaching our youngsters to respect our country, the dumbocrat dumbing down our youth to one day being good little socialist


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