Eminem Just RUINED His Career After Making This Sick Threat Aimed At Every Trump Supporter


This was the BET awards tonight. Eminem went on a four-minute freestyle against Donald Trump. It’s really, really bad. Eminem used to be good, but now he is just a chubby, over-weight try hard.

Watch the video that’ll ruin Eminem. Take a look at the one line that he says at the end specifically.

Eminem is a disgrace. One person on twitter immediately responded rightfully and attacked him.


Eminem at the end of the video says that Trump supporters shouldn’t listen to his music.

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    • You are exactly right. He is an idiot. I don’t understand why these “entertainers” think bashing our President will make the more famous.
      What they are doing is making America pissed at them.
      Moron, hope he goes broke.

  1. Have Never Heard Of This White Trash Until Now An So Happy I Haven’t Because His Attempt At Rap Really Suck , Now If He Wants A Real Job He Can Join The Military Put On A Uniform And Try To Be A Real Man , Someone Needs To Slap His Momma In The Mouth For Raising A Dumb Ass.

    • HAHAHAHA, loved your post and totally agree with the slap his Momma in the mouth for raising a dumb ass part. This is NOT music, this is pure hate trash talk!!!! Hope he goes totally broke but knowing most black youth and some white trash, they likely will EAT IT UP!!!!!

  2. this really funny listening to people that have no meaning in life. and have no effect for us as a people. getting up and making trashy noise. this is another of those things the entertainment industry is not important and thier opinions have no meaning it is just noise. trying to direct sheep into the slaugther pens. wake up americans these people are nothing. and listening to them express thier misbegotten points of view is a waste of time and effort.

  3. I don’t think Trump supporters listen to him anyway. He didn’t end his career by telling his audience what they want to hear

  4. Who cares what this wanna be thinks? if he were any good he would be famous but uknow! A big FU to you whoever you are! And yes we voted for Trump so what!? What are you gonna do about it?

  5. Now they send a post saying I said something twice. HOW utterly dumb! Soros is at it again and Liberty Writers have their hands out. Why don’t you scumbags post the original post…I did not post it twice, you are great liars.

  6. YEAH white guy trying to be all that black, stick to snorting coke ok. Politics you need more brain cells buddy ok. Call Jazz Z or one of those guys and get a hug once in awhile, it might help ok. The Jazz Z might be busy making another child because his zipper was down again man, know what I mean and all that right you know right dude.

  7. I will for once approve of his statement to not listen to his words. Music????that is another matter I don’t even consider it music so I will not be missing anything.

  8. You call that music? I call it noise I never listen to rap music and I never will so you arent hurting we the people any. Dont know you scumbag and dont want to.


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