IT’S FINISHED: Trump Just Made a HUGE Change to ObamaCare that Will Save America BILLIONS

Source: White House

The Congress may have utterly failed to do anything about the disaster of ObamaCare, but that does not mean President Trump was gonna sit back and do nothing.

Today the President signed a brand new executive order that makes a MASSIVE change to US Health Care we desperately needed…He will open up health insurance companies to sell across state lines.

The result of this will end the government-controlled Oligopolies and establish a real marketplace with competitive pricing and plans.

According to the President, the new rules will also mean you do not have a 3-month window in which to purchase affordable healthcare plans before the market shuts and the rates change. He PROMISED the results will be a great, cheap, widely available healthcare plan for Americans to access.

It also will establish “health care reimbursement accounts” for businesses to¬†put money into their employees so that they can select their own, cheap plans and business can still write off the difference.

It’s not perfect, but it’s certainly a start and a lot more than Congress has been able to deliver even with their majority.

Now the left is trying to run cover saying it will take months for Americans to start saving money. That’s right, SAVING MONEY.

This is amazing news, plain and simple. It needs to get out so let’s make it happen. Thank you, Mr. President.


  1. Sounds Great, but its not the problem with the current health Care. The Greedy Doctors, Hospitals, and other medical associations Price Gouging thats crippling the health care in America

    • You really believe what you said ? The Drs. and medical professionals have to have a staff just to keep the Government off of their backs and get paid. Did you grow up in the days when a Dr. had a nurse, sometimes his wife, and that was it. The nurse did the billing and scheduling of appointments, basically running the office and that was it. the more the government sticks its nose under the tent the worse things get. It’s the bureaucrats that have made it so expensive, read “non-essential personnel”.

  2. Trump has promised all kinds of things, yet all we’ve gotten is shit.

    Anyone stupid enough to believe him now (or ever) needs to be taken out of the gene pool.


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