Former Trump Adviser Roger Stone Just Looked Into The Camera and Dropped A BOMBSHELL on The DNC E-Mail Hack

Source: Youtube, Fox News

Political consultant and former Trump adviser Roger Stone stopped to talk to reporters before giving a closed-door testimony before the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday.

Ston outlined that he thinks there is strong evidence to support the DNC email hack being an inside job- that the Russians, in fact, had nothing to do with it. Rather, Stone brought up the possibility that someone from within the DNC with insider access to secure data downloaded the information and sent it to WikiLeaks on a thumb drive.

REPORTER: Is it still your view that Russians had nothing to do with the hacks of the DNC or Mr. Podesta?

ROGER STONE: That is my belief. I subscribe to the view published in The Nation magazine several weeks ago that the computer science seems to indicate an inside job. So, I don’t know whether the DNC was hacked at all. I don’t know that it was hacked by Russians. 

Now on the basis of this report, I tend to believe that it was an inside job meaning the data was downloaded to say a thumb drive and spirited out of the building. I would point out that Craig Murray who was a British diplomat has said for the record that he received information from the DNC on a thumb drive and passed it to WikiLeaks.

Stone was referencing a report compiled by The Nation that raised questions over the DNC email hack. You can read the full report here. Watch Stone’s whole interview below:

Few people have openly questioned the DNC election hack by Russians, but more evidence is piling up, raising more questions. Either way, Americans deserve more answers and more concrete proof that Russia hacked the DNC emails.

(h/t Real Clear Politics)


  1. It’s unbelievable how these Deep State criminals drum up these stupid lies forcing our Great President Trump to take his eye off the ball. I have not watched the lying, moronic mainscream media for over a year. Now, wealthy control freaks r trying to take out YouTube news. The only place u find the truth.

  2. It is treason by the dem party to knowingly spread this propaganda for the sole purpose to bring down the elected President. this is almost akin to an assassination attempt. it is absolutely assassination of our political process by the dems just because they lost.

    The Democratic party should be banned from American Politics for a substantial period of time. but of course since the swamp spans both major parties, they will most likely allow this behavior just to keep the power structure in place.

    We the people however, are not beholden to this malignant political structure. we can kill this system at the ballot box. as we should. the current elected base may not be repairable, we most likely need new blood to get a system in place that will weed out this type of corruption before it takes root. Term Limits are now Mandatory for All elected officials. without limits, we will never get rid of the organised crime within government.

    • We need to have a bunch of Constitutional Amendments to line up with Biblical principles. Repeal 16th amendment, no income tax, get rid of FRB and national debt. Amendment to make govt officials appointed, no more elections and govt corruption. If someone doesn’t do their job, they are replaced. Need Biblically trained judges, teachers, doctors, leaders. No ins needed for HC. Make America blessed again! One nation under God, with life, liberty and justice for all. We wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t global warming. As long as there is seedtime and harvest, the earth will remain. We need to be responsible to keep us safe.

  3. I’ll take a wild stab at this, that it was the Awan’s who were the ones who downloaded the information and that Wasserman Schulz knew as well. It’s a sickening thought that a possible representative in congress were very willing to allow this family to sell secrets to our enemies and then have the nerve and gall to call it “progress.” It’s a sickening display of their arrogance and contempt for our country and her citizens.They all need to go to prison. We are so lucky that our President just happens to be a real estate mogul who can build a wall and new federal prisons. It’s a total win-win for patriotic Americans.

  4. unless these animals are held accountable this is going to go on and on, and on. there has to be a time to go after the big ones and make examples out of them and make the rest stop. they have gotten away with murder, Sessions has done nothing. the evidence is in plain view for all to see for Gods sake get cracking and make examples out of them, we are tired of just words, back the damn thing with actions


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