This Gold Star Widow Just Revealed What Trump Told Her that Made Everyone Cry


The Democrats have tried their best, again, to condemn our President.  It’s how they spend their lives, trying to find ways to make him look bad.

The latest is surrounding his attempt to offer condolences to the families of soldiers recently killed in Niger.

But check this out, ya’ll.  We’ve got to get this out!  A Gold Star widow has shared her phone call with President Trump, saying:

“He was a great guy.  He was a boss.”

Natasha De Alencar  lost her husband, Army Staff Sgt. Mark R. De Alencar, in a firefight with Islamic State fighters  in early April.  Here’s what she said Trump said to her during his phone call with her:

“I am so sorry to hear about the whole situation. What a, what a horrible thing – except that he’s an unbelievable hero. You know, all of the people that served with him are saying how incredible he was.”

He went on, “[e]veryone tells me how great he was.” He told her “[h]e was the boss … He was their friend. They all loved him.”

(Courtesy of the Washington Post via

Trump knew everything about her husband, about their five children.  He put himself in her position.  She says Trump took the time to really express his heartfelt condolences.  What a tear-jerk moment!

If you are proud of our President and want people to know the truth, please get this Shared until it “trumps” all the fake news about this story.  Comment “here’s the truth about Trump.”

[H/T The Daily Mail]


    • They’re like children…..thinking there is no right or wrong, only what THEY see & think. Adults– most of us– know there are consequences for such misguided & intentional deceptions. The rabid left knows no boundaries.

    • I heard the recording of the call. Trump was a hero. He was extremely kind and praised her husband as a hero. He told her everyone who knew him in the service held him in the highest regard. Trump is a wonderful man and a real president. A couple of years before he ran for office I had read in Forbes about his holdings and accomplishments which are most impressive by any standards. I found out how he saved NY millions by finishing a project that they had struggled with for years. He came in under budget and ahead of schedule. Before running for office, I read about his tremendous altruism. He was a celebrity developer, builder, TV personality and popular guy. He was invited to do movie cameos. He was in Home Alone. Once running for office, the Dems, as always said everything to slander him. For all of his foibles, he is a great man and a patriot. A great president. I wish the Dems were not such liars. I wish people would realize the pattern of the Dems and abandon them. I thank God he was elected to save our sovereignty from the evil ones.

  1. Maybe that black female idiot from Florida didn’t hear that, or most likely ignored it as it didn’t fit her agenda of tarnishing Trump…

  2. There is no one that loves our military as much as President Trump does. The military has always been his 1st responsibility. The liberals and MSM are doing what ever they can to destroy this president

  3. Trump is a great President. Watch. All those people who bash him, put him down, call him names will soon be punished by God. Trump was sent by God to save us from Hell. Trump is God’s instrument to make USA a great nation. Anyone against him will be punished one way or the othet. It is GOD’s will. Support Trump if you love the USA and save yourself from Hell.

  4. the liars are at it again. Mr President Trump loves our military, vets and our men and women who served our nation, who protect all Americans as we are sleeping. these stupid fools are out to destroy our great president….and want to be rock stars like this creep Fredrica Wilson….she is mental imbalanced….get her out of congress NOW!

  5. I am just appalled at how these lying government people don’t have an ounce of dignity. All they do is spread lies and tell lies. Nasty scumbugs.

  6. Here is the real story about President Trump. He did nothing wrong talking to the Gold Star Widow. Trump cares, something Obama never cared about.

  7. President is a very compassionate man who loves this country, his family, and every American! He knows how to Put himself into their pain! Great man! Thank YOU, President Trump!

  8. Thank you for sharing your private phone call with the President with the world. You are so respected. God bless you. We aren’t racists. We just want to
    respectively honor our military, their Commander In Chief & Gen Kelly. Amen.

  9. Saluting our men and women in uniform, keeping them in prayer! Listening to her speak about the conversation she had with Mr. Trump and the wonderful man her husband was bought tears to my eyes as a real hero has fallen. Sending love to the wife and family of all the Gold Star heros and all who defend this great country we live in. My condolences…no real words can describe how America cries when we lose one of our GREAT ones!

  10. I am in total agreement with you. I also noticed that most all the liberal news outlets have refused to print this widow’s truth about the call.

  11. Well i knew President Trump was not like that. Those remarks from that Congress woman she ought to be ashamed of herself for making up such a lie. Goes even further by saying she was sitting right there in the car with many others. Well I guess she thought she could bring this Gold Star Widow up and she’dshe’s never hear about it. Whoops got ya lieing POS. Shame on you.

  12. I feel very sorry for the young families that lost their loved one on a military action.
    The thing that upsets me is one is being manipulated by a congress woman and news agencies. I know she is overwhelmed., however what the President said is true.

    These young people know what they sign up for. Of course they don’t want to think the worst. They think that they will come home.
    I am the wife of a retired military person. He was in Vietnam twice. He loved what he was doing for his country..I was 18 when we married. He made sure I understood the hazards of being deployed anywhere in the world and told me what to do in the event that he didn’t come home.
    At the time he went to Vietnam, we had two small children. The next time we had three.
    At some point in his military career, he decided he might go into the Special Forces, which is even more dangerous. This is not where you go first when you sign up for the military. It is rigorous and most are in very dangerous places on a continuous basis. It is not Regular Army. We discussed it and he decided not to go even though he was qualified for the program.
    This young woman should have realized the dangers her husband was in. She should stop the drama, she can unless she is caught up in the drama. This will not remove her grief and sense of loss. She is being used.
    The Congress woman knows what she is doing.

    I find it deplorable that this young woman is being manipulated by the media and this woman

  13. President trump is the best President ever thank you so much for sharing the conversation with our President trump and the whole world so sorry for your lost he was was a hero for sure God bless you and your family always thank you !!!

  14. It was an honor that he called!. Media should stay out of some things; But no matter how much good he does; the Liberals always try to make him look bad; God Bless our country; and Our President; Clean out the swamps in Congress!.


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