Hackers Did Something TERRIBLE to Chief of Staff John Kelly Through His Cell Phone

Source: DHSgov

President Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly has been hit by hackers.

According to Politico, Kelly’s phone was compromised by hackers as far back as December 2016. However, he didn’t find out about the hack until AFTER the IT staff looked at it.

When he attempted to update the software just a few days ago, Chief Kelly kept getting error messages. He decided to take it to the IT staff, who ran diagnostics and determined that the phone HAD been breached and was no longer safe to use.

Now the issue at hand is, “What did the hackers get?” Kelly, a retired 4-star Marine General, was part of Trump’s administration from day one and was the Secretary of Homeland Security. Some people are spreading rumors that those secrets may have been compromised. That’s plain WRONG.

The White House quickly responded to the claims, saying his phone was discontinued in December, which would be days after the breach.

“Last December, Gen. Kelly’s personal phone stopped working and he discontinued its use.”

It’s worth getting the story out before the Mainstream media tries to run it WITHOUT the official response of the White House. Help out by sharing this and let them know our country has NOT been infiltrated.



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