HOLY CRAP! Ted Nugent Just P*SSED OFF Every NFL Protester With a BRUTAL Message of TRUTH That’s Going Viral


Ted Nugent gave his take on NFL players kneeling for our national anthem and he didn’t hold back one bit. His message is going viral and for good reason, it’s as truthful as it gets!

On Facebook Ted Nugent Wrote:

“There is no racism in America, especially in the NFL. If there was racism in the NFL, the overwhelming white viewers and ticket buyers would not cheer on the 70% of blacks who constitute the players.

There are only ignorant whiners, useful pawns, excuse makers, ignorant clueless uneducated dumbasses and evil America hating Democrats who fan the dying embers of racism for votes.

Taking a knee won’t do anything to reduce black unemployment, black illiteracy, black on black crime, high school drop out rates, daily black on black slaughter, etc. Fixing that takes rolling up your sleeves and getting involved and being honest about real problems. Taking a knee is symbolism over substance, idiocy over intellect, lies over truth.

Take a knee after the game across the street. Spew all the nonsense, hate, ignorance and discontent you want. Burn the flag. Have a nice day with all that and more. Until then, show a little respect for the country who has given you so much. The ONLY country by the way ya dirt bags.”

WELL SAID Mr. Nugent! Intelligent American agree with you and we know what this protest is really about. We are tired of anti-American haters disrespecting this great country. We are tired of watching them spit in the face of our military men and women.

As long as people have the courage to speak out against these REAL injustices, we WILL make America great again!




  1. Good statement but what isn’t brought up enough is the fact that some in the Black community CANNOT be questioned by an officer without mouthing off and escalating the situation into a arrest or worse . Can anyone tell me how taking a knee will make for civil conduct in the presence of a police officer?

    • I have news for you James, you cannot do that as a white male either. I have always been respectful when pulled over. Several of my not so bright friends were not, and got the snot knocked out of them.Then when they went home and their parents found out, they got it knocked out again!

  2. The most honest statement on the black
    Liberals I have ever heard spoken in the United States! Mr. Nugent, you have big balls… thank you for telling the truth.

    Prior to Obama becoming President, white people in America I think thought
    Racism in America was really improving.
    It took a black president to bring “Black Racism” to our country!

    Good luck on your political Goal Mr. Nugent!!!

    • And that is so sad, he cancelled all the good Matin Luther Jr accomplished. He could have done so much good for people of color and America but he didn’t even try!!!And many ‘white’ young men (and other races)have died for equality for all!!!

    • Sotoro (Obama) was only about 1/3 Black. He was from a White mother and an Arab mixed with being Black. His grandmother said that she was present at his birth in Kenya. A couple of months later, she was dead. He was put where he was by the NWO, as stated on video by Henry Kissinger. Congress vetted the hell out of McCain, but didn’t do a thing about vetting Obama.
      As for Nugent, He is the man! Right on target.

  3. they are paying attention. to what he said , they are working to bring down this country, they are racist. and bigots and the NFL is dying, for me it is dead. stop watching it americans. they dont even deserve unemployment,

  4. If NFL players are sincere, they should help black people reunite the family unit, make sure their children go back to school to study & not defy authority. Black people are talented – look at the fifties & sixties. Rev. Martin was a man about family, God & peace. Hear him please.

  5. Ted Nugent that speech you made about the NFL made you man of the Cenentry.Everything you said were true to the Fact.That is what make you the man you are I love the way you speak your mind,I wished you there was more Men like you it would be a wonderful place to live in.God Bless Uncle Ted.

  6. Thank you, Ted Nugent, just hope that the NFL and players read this! Maybe they will realize that the patriotic fans are fed up with their disrespect and insults. We no longer care whether they play or not. They have destroyed a game that we once enjoyed, but now just can’t stand to watch. The boycott will continue no matter what you do!

  7. Ted is right on! These Professional athletes came to their postions through a college scholarship; unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they actually learned anything. Most only went through the motions of acting like they were going to school….probably 90% have only a 5th grade reading level, can’t spell or write an intelligent paper, and can’t balance their own checkbooks…sad but true….lol….and they want us to listen to them!

  8. Thank you Ted for Your thoughts. I second your words and have thought about my own words in similar manner. You have done a real service to the country for saying it like it is. All the best.

    • If you’re a liberal puke you think you do! Ted forgot to mention Black on White violent crime which happens at a 25 times greater rate than White on White. Also if you’re a White man you’re more likely to be killed by Police than if you’re a Black man.
      This information came out in Dr. Rod Martinelli’s book “The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police”. It blows the Protestor’s claim to pieces and should be repeated as much possible. Of course, we are dealing with idiots. LOL

  9. I have seen both sides of black and white. As a young child, my best friends were black. We did everything together. Now I’m almost 60 years old and I can’t say I have ever seen such a mess as this football kneeling. It just sickens me to the point that I feel like I’m going to throw up. All across the world, there are less fortunate people. But is kneeleing during our Anthem going to REALLY solve anything??? Really??? The only thing where we can see change is the people themselves. They have got to WANT change. I for one help people in need with my own money. I help them find a job, a place to live and help them get on the right track. That’s the platform I stand on. I don’t go to games and kneel for anyone! I roll up my sleeves and get to work helping and making matters better for the less fortunate. And YES, there are people that don’t want help. Breaking a gang up is next to impossible. A lot of them don’t want your help. Soooooooooooo what do you do. I know! Get each man who kneels and give them a black man to be a mentor to. Use some of those millions in the ghettos. To show these boys the right road to life. If the NFL doesn’t see this wonderful opportunity to help, then damn them all.

    • Very well said. These players are so fortunate to make in a year what the average person does in a whole
      lifetime of work — and some of them do not show any appreciate at all. Get off your high horse and help
      your race come up where they should be. Get out there and be “big brothers” to a group of these young
      men and help them achieve. Running down the field with a ball does not make you a “great man”. Helping your fellow blacks to achieve does!!!

  10. Because all black folks are illiterate criminals who dropped out of high school to slaughter other black people? “Ignorance”, is still not understanding that making a sweeping generalization about an entire race of people based on a stereotype IS RACISM, and that’s what they are protesting, IDIOTS! So when are white people gonna stop serial killing, going on mass shootings and molesting little kids?

  11. That’s why Mr Nugent is our guy. He speaks from his heart and with the wisdom and truth that comes from with in his soul. Not much of that left in this country especially in the political realm. Keep on telling it as it is Ted, they all need to here your voice and maybe they will think their actions over. We can only hope!

    • hahahahahahaha………duh, duh, duh…..the Cat Scratch Fever man…..I heard he pooped on hisself and walked around for days so he wouldnt have to go to Nam. Real Patriot! Wait! Yall are patriots also. Use toilet paper!…..YOU STINK

  12. My son went to school with Nug’s kids, I’m not impressed with them, nor his music, but on this I stand beside him to protect our country. If he runs, I will support him, and also vote for him. In every part of this country we need to expose the hidden corners and purify the waters. Stand up, be counted, do what is right for all Americans, not just a tiny minority to get and waste their votes, We are NOT Europe, we do not bow, kneel, or follow orders because someones, great-great-great- grandparent handed a King or Queen: Duke or Duchess: Count or Countess their stocking, American’s bow only to GOD!

  13. Its the ultimate in “looking a gift horse in the mouth,” to protest the country that gave you the opportunity to become the athlete you have become, and the opportunity to earn the salary you should feel super blessed to have!

  14. It’s about time someone stuck up for our flag. But dirt balls will always b dirt balls and especially the coaches. I say get rid of all dirt balls. We don’t need them most being criminals making more money than they ever had. They far from deserve anything

  15. My comment should b in full text as I texted. This should not b edited for the liberals or whatever they would like to b called!

  16. Ted —your 100 percent correct and I stopped watching football until all teams stand and respect the flag and our military.

  17. Well done, well said! You said what we the patriotic citizens were thinking. The players have great pay! Because they are abusing
    Public trust, not doing the job they are paid to do but inserting their own will into a game paid by the public– they have voided their contract. Send them home,fire them!

  18. Nugent has a platform to SAY what 70% (should be 100%) THINK!
    Thank God he’s well versed and speaks the truth in good & proper English!
    Love you Ted Nugent!

  19. I live in the south. I have put 3 black families in business never asking for anything back in return other than for them to succeed. My family has helped to raise black children and I have supported black orphan homes. We have a half black child and a member of the LGB community in our family.

    I have several friends from the Spanish community and other foreign countries. I open doors for people of color as they also do for me. I have attended funerals and giving eulogies for people of color because of my friendship with their families,yet I am considered a racist by the liberals.

    Can someone please tell me what a racist is? Since I am an uneducated deplorable and do not have enough education to understand racism. Perhaps it is not I are America that is racist but the cry babies who wants everything and gives nothing in return.

  20. I couldn’t have said it better..let’s just hope the kneelers read it, as well as Goodell
    Almost 75%of the NFL is black..all making millions of $$$$ on the back of taxpayers who have
    paid for their muti-million $ stadiums, paid outrageous prices for tickets.., worn their overpriced
    t-shirts, shoes etc.. and the fact that they overlook all of this will come back to haunt them.
    And don’t forget the tax breaks they get!!

  21. You have a name that most people know and I’m so glad you use it to stand up and make others listen. What a way to use your God given gift. You are making a difference for all of us that aren’t heard

  22. Love this guy, Hell of a Rocker. I love the way he thinks. He is telling the Truth. The Democrats and Liberal News love the attention and money they are getting paid to keep the ratings up. Everybody wants to be a
    Star. I am 59 and work construction. I work with Blacks, Hispanics and others. It’s about RESPECT. I respect them and they respect me.

  23. Thank you for standing up and saying what us with no platform or voice can say to these people how disrespectful to our country and our military …its sickening to watch them so football is no more at our house it disgust me

  24. Right on Ted!! Say it like it is. Some people r just following the crowd, they dont know how to bring change, the crap they do, changes nothing, just shows how ignorant they are. YOU ARE SPOT ON, WANT CHANGES, ITS WORK, U GOTTA ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES….thats why they r doing these easy dumb ways…lazy

  25. Ted Nugent is absolutely correct !!! I could on said it better myself !!! He is a true American and he is what we need in our government that arena not afraid of anyone in our government !!! He is totally PRO NRA !!! IM TOTALLY FED UP WITH POLITICIANS !!THATS WHY I LOVE DONALD TRUMP !!! HE WANT BE CONTROLED BY ANYONE !!! NEITHER WILL TED NUGENT !!! ITS TIME TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK AMERICA !!!

  26. I am so impressed Ted. So many of us agree with you. Thanks for being so right on and putting in words so accurately You are so appreciated.

  27. Sorry, but the very last person who has any credibility to speak of respect for the United States is this coward.  He has shown his “Respect” for this county in NO manner.
    So terrified of serving his county in Vietnam, he literally wore the same cloths for more than a week… cloths he urinated and deficated on during this time, just prior to his appearance before the draft board!
    Ted Nugent is the epitome of anti-American!


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