Hypocrite Kimmel Refuses to Talk About Weinstein, Then DISTURBING Flashback Video is Released

Source: Twitter

ABC’s resident know-nothing late night TV host, Jimmy Kimmel, loves to attack him some President Trump. He thinks it’s his job.

It’s not.

His job is to entertain Americans – not just the left – in order to make money for the company he works for.

Like every other late night host, Kimmel has pretty much refused to acknowledge Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s sex scandal. He has largely remained silent on the issue. Weinstein is, of course, a big donor of the Democrat Party. Kimmel supports the Democrat Party.

Harvey has now been accused of rape by three women, as well as inappropriately touching multiple others.

Maybe this disturbing flashback of Kimmel asking women to figure out what’s in his pants is why Jimmy now chooses to remain silent? Take a look…



Sheesh, Jimmy! Have anything to say about this, you know, since you mock Trump for being a womanizer but say nothing about Weinstein the sexual deviant?

Kimmel had the ghost of Frank Sinatra show up to insult Trump on his show recently:

Kimmel asked Sinatra’s Rat Pack-era ghost about Trump. “That guy,” Sinatra’s ghost replied. “He’s a doobie-doobie-douchebag,” and Weisman’s account is accurate but incomplete. To illustrate his feelings, he sang a familiar song, aided by a friendly ghost. The NSFW parts are bleeped out, baby. Watch below. – Peter Weber

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  1. …And this oily little perv has the audacity to criticize President Trump for a lousy “off the air” conversation!?

  2. Kimmel is a sick man and the idiot who was supposed to be Frankie is a stupid idiot. I do not know how anyone can watch his show but to give credit I did hear people clapping which sounded like they really cared for it so guess the old saying of…..”Birds of a feather flock together”

  3. so sick and tired of seeing such garbage when our world is falling apart. people are dying because of illegal guns, people who have guns that should not have, fires that are destroying everything in the way.
    people who have lost everything either due to fires, Hurricanes and gun violence.

    why put up such crap about Jimmy Kimmel. I could care less. How about putting up more info about Trump and his pu–y grabbing days. interesting how that was put down so quickly. hopefully never to be seen again. fortunately it was . . . . . ….

  4. Don’t know which is more disgusting—vicious foul mouthed Kimmel——or the idiot audience that soaks up every piece of *** that leaves his mouth!


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