INCREDIBLE: Ben Carson’s Quiet Contribution To Struggling Schoolkids Will Make Every American Cry

Source: Youtube, NBC

Current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and former neurosurgeon Ben Carson has been keeping a low profile in the Trump Administration so far. But just because he’s not in the news every day, doesn’t mean he stopped doing good deeds.

A brand new Carson Reading Room opened late September at Hammock Pointe Elementary School in West Boca, Florida, the Sun-Sentinel reports. The room will provide a safe and fun space for leisure reading for kids at the school, many of whom come from underprivileged backgrounds. Principal Stephanie Cook talked about the impact the room will have on the kids:

“There are well over 1,000 books, and we did a lot of research and a lot of time was spent getting good quality books.” 

“So we have books in Spanish, Portuguese, French Creole and there are a few Russian books because we have some Russian students. We are very diverse.”


Apparently, the school already has had some special reading events because of the room:

“We had a group assembly in the cafeteria and a third-grade class recited the poem ‘Open a Book,’ and the entire second grade sang ‘Dr. Seuss We Love You.'” 

Carson set up the Carson Scholars Fund in 1994, decades before he decided to run for president. The Fund has two goals- to give out scholarship money to college-bound students and to facilitate the establishment of “Carson Reading Rooms.”

Carson has an inspiring life story- born in destitution to a single, illiterate mom in Detroit, Carson worked hard and became one of the best pediatric neurosurgeons in the world. He credits much of his success with his mother’s insistence on education and reading for her children.

The Carson Scholars Fund has opened over 170 reading rooms and has given over $2 million in scholarships to students all over the country. Carson stepped down from the Fund’s board in March to focus on his duties at HUD, but the legacy of his foundation is incredible and is providing a real impact for underprivileged kids throughout the U.S.

You’ll never hear about stuff like this on the mainstream media, and Ben Carson isn’t one to brag about himself- so let’s show Dr. Carson some love and appreciation and share this nice story loud and proud!

(h/t Sun-Sentinel)


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