Ivana Trump Just Gave the President the HIGHEST Praise Ever


Most of us remember when Donald Trump was married to Ivana Trump.  She was his first wife, and is mother to his three oldest children:  Donald, Jr., Eric and Ivanka.

She gave an interview, which aired Sunday, and she was quite outspoken.  The media is trying to twist her words, so I want to share her praises about the President.

She said that she raised the children, and that he didn’t really get involved much in the day to day, until they were old enough to talk business.

But she also said that he was a very good father.  And she said:  “My instincts tell me Donald was smart and funny and an all-American good guy.”  She still feels that way about him.

She also said she recommended tweeting to him and said:  “Well, it’s a tweeting president,” and  “[t]his is his new way, how to put the message across. And he’s right.”

(courtesy of CBS Sunday Morning via Youtube.com)

When asked about whether enough people support him, she said:  “He has the people behind him.”

The MSM has already started twisting her words, to try, as always, to make our President look bad.  But if you watch the interview, you will see that she still has the highest respect for her first husband, now the POTUS.

Please get this Shared to all your family and friends, so they know the truth!  And comment “Thanks, Ivana!”

[H/T The Hill and CBS News]

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  1. Just because you no longer love your ex, does not mean that you have to dish on him either.
    Thank you Ivana for letting others know, how they should be treating your first husband……
    The media is doing everything they can, to tear him apart into little shreds……….

  2. Ivanka was very forthcoming and in mh opinion very honest about her attitude about her ex husband. If she had anything bad to day she would have said it. What gets me is how the news woukd dare to put a spin on that!?

  3. She has no reason to say thee things unless they are her true feelings, and I doubt that anyone knows him better than she does! She should be commended for her honesty.

  4. Hmm….
    I agree, not only is Ivana a class act but
    a prototypical Eastern European Slavic beauty of Czechoslovakian extraction.

    And then some…

    What about the other classy lady also from Eastern Europe and exemplifying
    the best of Slovenian pulchritude and now First Lady of the USA, Melania Trump?

    Kinda like the taste of Citizen Donald J. Trump, … este Candidate Donald J. Trump…. I mean, President Donald J.

    My kind of guy….

    Eat your heart’s out, Caballeros!

  5. Ivana,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the American people. Your honesty is much appreciated!
    It is such a shame that the President is attacked on a daily basis by progressives. That is because he is attempting to “drain the swamp” and they are the swamp! My mother always told me that “To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing and be nothing!”
    Our President gets things done and that is why he is so hated by some!
    Thanks again,
    Helen Chestnut


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