Jeff Sessions Blows the LID OFF Weinstein Sex Scandal, & He Just Left America SPEECHLESS


Larger-than-life Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was rumored to be suicidal after numerous women accused him of sexual assault – even rape, according to three ladies.

The left has largely looked the other way regarding Weinstein’s actions, considering he’s a big-time Democrat Party donor. They don’t want to attack their own.

However, the Trump administration isn’t about to let this massive scandal just slide on by. You know Obama’s team would’ve let it go, though, if he was still in office.

According to Daily Mail, the FBI has opened an investigation into Weinstein. understands the move came at the behest of the Department of Justice, run by Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions, which instructed the bureau to investigate the mounting allegations leveled at the movie mogul.

While it is unknown whether the DOJ order came directly from Sessions, the move is likely to be seen in a political light given Weinstein’s friendship with Trump foe Hillary Clinton.

The move by the DOJ came amid rumors that Weinstein was planning on heading to Europe for sex rehab – leading to fears of a Roman Polanski-style situation where he dodges prosecution in the U.S.

Harvey ultimately decided not to go the Roman Polanski route and high tail it out of dodge. He made his way to Arizona to seek treatment instead.

Stay tuned for more on this situation. When we know, you’ll know!


    • I concur! They all should have been in prison months ago Mr sessions. don’t be afraid it’s a learning process of your new responsibilities. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the way and quit blocking the process of law and order.

    • Sessions is indirectly going after theses treasonous disgusting filthy Democrats by going after Weinstein this is opening a whole can of worms for the crumbling Democrat Party.

    • I’m with you. SESSIONS is ignoring all of it.they should all be in prison. Never forget BENGHAZI the way Jeff sessions is. If one of them was his son, I’m sure he would want answers.

    • …and investigating Mueller’s intentions and integrity (or lack of). How much more of this nothingnes does the taxpayers have to put up with. When is ‘there’s nothing there’ going to be the finale? Investigate the tangible evidence of the Dems. I’m sure Mueller has uncovered plenty of scandal and corruption against the Dems. while trying to find corruption and collusion against Pres. Trump. He’s probably uncovered loads of stuff that hasn’t even been made public. I wouldn’t doubt that this “fine upstanding person of integrity” would try to make undisclosed discoveries “disappear”. This is Bob’s wife.

    • Sessions is a puppet to AIPAC the real power behind the Congress & DOJ & Trump . What AIPAC(Israel) wants AIPAC gets….911 is still the Biggy

  1. Agree this guy needs to be presumed but why isn’t Sessions pursuing the Clintons, Obama and their gang? Step up to bat Sessions!!

  2. The Swamp is so much deeper than Anthony Wiener — and now Harvey Weinstein. The Swamp is a bottomless cesspool that requires a complete dredging.

  3. What about investigating, Obama, Hillary, Bill, Susan Rice, Comey, Brennan, Debbie W, Schultz, Loretta Lynch, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, All of the others involved in the unmasking, all of those involved in pizza gate, all those involved in the pay for play at the Clinton Foundation, the Deep State, etc., etc.

  4. Why can’t you just get it ALL together and get ALL these people that’s guilty of something, tried and convicted!! OR let them GO and send them ON THEIR WAY!!! QUIT letting them interrupt OUR PRESIDENT!!?? It’s no wonder he is having a hard time!! Geeezzz how would you like someone down your throat just for BREATHING!!??!! This Country is out of CONTROL!! I can see why other Countries think we’re STUPID!!! A R E ~ W E ???? MAKE OUR COUNTRY AND OUR FLAG, STAND FOR SOMETHING!!!!! GOD IN HEAVEN!! DO SOMETHING!!

  5. Weinstein is doing this for sympathy only. However, since he’s there they need to make sure he’s doing all the right things and works the program the way he’s suppose too. In the meantime, after he does this program they need to make sure he does time for rape and any other crime that they can find to charge him with.


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