Jeff Sessions Sends Judges Blocking Trump Scurrying Back To Law School With One Brutal Fact

photo credit: ABC News

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has had enough of the activist federal judges blocking Trump’s policies and sent them runing back to law school with one simple sentence.

According to Fox News, speaking at a the Heritage Foundation Sessions said of these judges,

“The Constitution gives judges no right to veto a president’s actions because they disagree with him on policy grounds.”

No it does not – go back to law school boys you need a refresher course on the rule of law.

“Today, more and more judges are issuing these lawless nationwide injunctions and in effect, single judges are making themselves super-legislators for the entire United States,” Sessions added to devastating effect.

“We have nearly 600 federal district judges in the United States—each with the ability to issue one of these overreaching nationwide orders.”

Correct. The judicial branch does not make he laws. And if these judges do not know that than they should not be on the bench. We either have rule of law or we do not.

Sessions went after one judge in particular for his egregiuos violations, Judge Nicholas Garaufis, who said Trump’s order on DACA was “heartless,” rather than discuss the legality of the order.

“Rather than address that question, the court said the government ‘can’t come into court to espouse a position that is heartless. ‘ He didn’t say it was unlawful. He said, ‘I don’t like your policy.’ A judge’s comments on policy like this is offensive, and it’s disrespectful of the legislative and executive branches and to the fine attorneys in the Department of Justice.”

Wow. If you agree with Jeff Sessions and the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution share this everywhere.


    • Starting with disbarrment. Removal from the federal bench. Obama PACKED the federal courts with “People of Color” [ALL with an attitude] and homosexuals [ALL with an axe to grind] That is the legacy that mongrel left us and Trump has to spend a lot of time because of these idiots, perverts and subhumans.

    • Indeed, IMPEACHMENT! Judges have anointed themselves with power NOT indicated or even hinted in the Constitution. However, both the Executive and Legislative branches have thoroughly thwarted the “Balance of Power” carefully designed by the Founders, who KNEW this transfer and or adoption of power was a high risk to the stability of our way of life!

    • The simple quick solution to the demon-CRAPs IMMIGRATION DISASTER is to shut down ALL immigration until an effective vetting program is established!!!

  1. So, other than expressing a clever response, what has Sessions DONE to stop the problem? I’ll wager – NOTHING! Action is NOT one of Sessions’ strong suits.

      • Frances,
        . . . . That isn’t entirely true. He can suspend a Federal Judge for failure to enforce the Law and the Constitution. A hearing would then be held to see if the Judge has violated its oath of office. If the Judge is found that the Judge did violate it’s oath then it would be removed from the bench.
        . . . . These judges are required to take the same oath as those of us whom have served in the Military. If a judge is found guilty of violating it’s oath, additional charges can be filed such as High Treason during Wartime. This is a Capital Offense.
        GOD Bless and Thanks,

        • Thank you, Richard for pointing that out. So many people, especially our young citizens do not understand the American government and especially the constitution. I don’t think they teach much about it in school anymore. And apparently these corrupt judges didn’t study our constitution either. Or they just don’t care. They’re liberal left wingers who have a grudge to grind and be damned with the law. They have no right to be a judge when they abuse their position like they have been doing.

        • So Sessions of someone in the Trump admin could on the 2nd or 3rd violation of a judge’s oath of office either sue or file charges against the judges who “legislate” from the bench ? (and thereby get Congress off the hook for getting their own jobs done!) Great idea!

      • They CAN be removed from the bench for frivolous conduct. I’ll wager Sessions could start suing the pee out of a few and that would straighten the rest. Judges have rules THEY have to abide by too.
        Another approach would be for President Trump to appoint more judges to offset those appointed by Obama but unfortunately McConnell is no help what so ever. HE needs to go.

      • No they don’t have the last word. Their ruling in Unconstitutional and therefore null & void. President Trump and his administration need to carry on with his immigration agenda regardless of any foolish ignorant obozo puppet judge’s ruling. These puppets need to be disbarred .

  2. We all know the Judges have no authority to over rule the President of the United States. The President holds the highest office in this Country. These Judges need to be held accountable for the problems they have caused this President from going against his agenda’s. Actions need to be taken, not words.

    • True, they need to lose their jobs. If they are not “qualified” to uphold the law and use it it push their agendas “illegally” then they should find another career. This country is tired of watching these people block Trumps every move. Trump made promises, he will keep them, if it takes 4 or 8 years he will keep them. He wont be blamed for their obstruction.

  3. I’ll believe we are a land of Laws that apply equally to all when Hillary , Holder , Lynch, are locked up for corruption. Keep in mind , Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton were the “Top Officials” that vetted our once divider in chief Barrack Husain Obama , what does THAT tell you!

  4. i totally agree. it is time that we started going after these ilegal and traitorus people. they are working to undermine and destroy our nation. they violate the constitution at will. twisting the law to say things that they were not meant to cover. warping our system through illegal acts, and they need to help accountable. they are working to destableize our government and destroy the american culture,

  5. Then if they’re not recognizing there oath of office to uphold the law, what consequence is there? There should and probably is a law that removes them from the bench. Why isn’t it being enforced by SESSIONS very own department of justice? Is he also part of the problem? After all it takes EVERY American to get behind a topic to get him to act on illegal activity within our Government. He has a chance to change the credibility of the Justice Department but he still refuses to act.

  6. Any judge that does not enforce the rule of law but makes their decision based on personal opinion must be REMOVED from the bench forever! No more BS rulings. It is very sad that we must have people go over what a judge decides. But we MUST do what needs to be done. NO mare lawlessness that BO and Holder started! No more personal opinions AND no more not having the same sentencing for the same crime because of money or stature. ENOUGH crap from bias judges. REMOVE judges that do not follow the Constitution!

  7. Congratulations Attorney General Sessions, for making this Statement. Now while you are at it, tell the Circuit Court Judge that just told The Commander In Chief of our Armed Forces, the President of these United States , that he, CANNOT , tell these Transgender’s , whether they can be in the Military Services or not. These Circuit Court Judges and, YES , those Supreme Court Judges also have been ” MAKING LAWS ” , instead of ” INTERPRETING LAWS ” for sometime now and they should stop that Process Immediately. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Analyst Retired.

  8. I agree if a federal judge issues something like this because of his personal thoughts or feelings instead of under the law as written he should be subject to removal from his bench!

  9. It took a while but Jeff Sessions has more to do that educate politically appointed judges.
    He is doing a fine job and I like the idea that both he and President Trump are laying low on the “collusion” investigation and letting Mueller self incriminate and ferret out that the only guilty ones are of the DNC, liberal parties, RINOs and Mueller’s army of deputies and swamp creatures.

  10. I like Jeff too and the job he is doing. BUT why did it take him so long to speak out on this. Even I knew judges could not overrule the President. AND it is hard to stop what has already started. Watch! This won’t stop because now DOJ has spoken

  11. It’s about time somebody started doing something about this. I have been commenting on every article I have read about federal judges blocking President Trump’s orders and how it is unconstitutional. The last time I looked, according to the constitution, our president is the most powerful person in the United States, and since when did a lowly judge, federal or otherwise (some of these opposing judges were only district judges), have the power to ban any order made by the president of the United States??? These judges were NOT elected by ALL the people nationwide like the president and it’s the first time I’ve seen so many of them take the law into their own hands and make overpowering decisions against the president. They absolutely do NOT have that authority and it blows my mind that something has not been done about it and nobody has stopped it before now. I guarantee you, if this had happened with Obama and his unconstitutional acts, those judges would have been disbarred or put in jail. They certainly would NOT have been allowed to stop anything Obama did. So why has the federal government allowed these judges to carry on like this for so long now? They have gotten too big for their britches and somebody needs to knock them down to their correct size, which is NOT above the president of the United States.

  12. Such “occupants of the bench” continue the subterfuge of a foreign alien, avoiding the founding document of the US, the constitution. Similar to appointees in USGov positions by the alias, Barrack H. Obama, such judges require removal.
    Although a two-term occupant of the POTUS slot, neither verifiable certificate of birth, evidence of American citizenship, not even name assigned at birth have been published for the foreign alien, BHObama.
    Moreover, abundant evidence exists to indicate that neither BHObama Sr., nor Ann Dunham were his parents. Obama is the son of the leader of the Subuds in Indonesia, and whose face is almost identical.

  13. These rogue judges who continully violate the rule of law because they don’t particularly like the law or dislike Trumps policies, even though the policies are within the law, are in violation of our Constitution and should immediately have their right to practice law taken away.

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