Jeff Sessions Just Did Something Seconds Ago That Has All the Rats SCURRYING in Washington


This is breaking. The gag order has been lifted. According to Lou Dobbs, the secret FBI informant that was threatened by Obama’s administration to keep quiet about Russian bribes in the Uranium One scandal.

President Obama received information on Russia’s criminal collusion with the State Department and yet the Obama administration approved the sale of 20% of the nation’s uranium to the Russians. Here is the video of Lou Dobbs below.


According to a statement released to Fox News:

“In a statement, the department said it had authorized the informant to discuss the 2013 agreement — known as Uranium One — and related matters with the leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the House Oversight committee, and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.”

The informant should invest in some good security. Share this if you agree!

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  1. Obama Hillary Bill Clinton the Democratic senators that were involved and Republican Senators that knew about it everyone that’s involved should be in prison and all there asset confiscated just like you would if I did the same thing

  2. I hope they protect him, if they don’t then he will die a mysterious death just like all of the others. Keep him safe and sound and out of reach.

    • “… will die a mysterious death just like all of the others” AMEN to that… Hillary Rotten Clinton doesn’t like informers, she and her gang make Scarface Al Capone look like an armature when it comes to eliminating their enemies

    • Actually, given the outrageous physical attacks on congressmen etc., they all need body guards etc. Our America has lost its’ Christian ethics and many citizens are now rabid, having been fed from the radical left.

  3. I’m glad you finally decided to do the right thing and lift the restraining order and let the informant speak. I was beginning to think you were part of the cover-up, Mr Sessions. You need to get the Justice Dept cleaned up!

  4. This is far worse then the Roseburg did so I say line every one of them up including the media people who knew and covered it up and give them the firing squad on national TV. And that just might keep it from happening again.

  5. Yeah,he needs to be watched in a secret place …he’ll be dead by morning if not. These witnesses just wind up dead everytime something unfolds against the Clintons…hmmmmm!!!

    • Yeah,he needs to be watched in a secret place …he’ll be dead by morning if not. These witnesses just wind up dead everytime something unfolds against the Clintons…hmmmmm!!!

  6. They better protect him and only eat out of things he himself makes no call outs for meals delivered.. They will take him out if not protected. Just go with everyone else that had something to say even Judge Salise. He was murdered.

  7. Thought accountability is becoming extinct in American justice…hopefully this is the beginning of the end of sinister corrupt ways of the Obama administration and the real collusions of the scam Clinton Foundation. We pray to our true God!

  8. Someone needs to make sure that the Informant will be kept safe till time to come before the Judiciary Committee. You know we have all heard when someone talks on the Clinton’s you know where they end up. Please keep him safe. This Country needs to see just how Corrupt and the Lies of Sec. of State, DOJ, AG, Obama all sold out this Country. It’s our right.

  9. Will this be just another waste of time and money? Is it even possible that the teflon former president and former secretary of state will finally have charges stick to them? Well it hasn’t happened yet, but if our laws actually mean something and we refuse to settle for crap we’ve suffered recently, I suppose we have a chance to see justice served. And terms too.

  10. He needs to be put in protecive custody. If not he’ll come up dead from suicide or some kind of accident. Just like all the other ones who have said they would tell all on Hillary and or Obama.

  11. You watch nothing will happen to any of these people what do you really think they are the same as us he’ll no Tell me when is the last time anyone of them did any real time even in just a work camp or even home arrest he’ll come on now even cops that kill someone go on a paid vacation

  12. “When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.” Thomas Sowell made this statement when discussing liberals and conservatives. He obviously knows the liberals of this day.

  13. It’s about time to see how corrupt Obama’s presideny was and Hillary-Bill-and a bunch of our democratic leaders were on the take—get about 6 or 7 jail cells ready for our biggest crooks—how sweet the truth really comes out even if it takes years.

  14. All of you need to apologize to President Donald Trump. Everybody believed that he did this. I think this is GREAT. I voted for Mr . Trump. He is going to turn out to be the greatest president we have had in 50 years.
    Every last one of you need to apologize to the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. I have not seen anybody apologize yet. Backup your PRESIDENT.

  15. I sure hope this informant will have 24 hr. Protection. We don’t want to find his body floating in some river. People have a way of disappearing that are linked to the Clinton’s and want to tell the truth.

  16. Sessions, you need to authorize 24 hr protection before this person testifies. If you won’t lock up Hillary and BHO this persons life is on you to protect.

  17. Agree! Most likely the informant is already in a safe place that is completely secured. This should be exactly what will get those people that are involved to start to break in fear of being involved in the investigation.

  18. I’m very tired of being disappointed when news like this bears no fruit………..but I’ll NEVER GIVE UP HOPE. America desperately needs another “John Dean.” (Told the world about Nixon and Watergate.)

  19. I would really like to see JUSTICE served! I don’t give a damn who you are, you family background, how much money you have and whoes butt you may be kissing now. If, and I do believe they are guilty, should stand trial. The court the trial is heard, should be investigated first! Why? That court judge may have been appointed by the very same person/s who comes to trial in federal court. Take away any chance of colusion!

  20. I hope the informant does not meet with a terrible accident or commit suicide. That is what usually happens to anyone prepared to testify against the Clintons or anyone who has dirt on the Clintons. Hopefully, we will never have to look at them or hear from them again. They are pure evil.

    • Esilda – I agree with you ,I hope they drain it, also hope they get the RINO’S too . They have let it go too far as it is . They need to tear their house of card’s down . This man had better be well protected ,or the Demoncrats will have us in the new world order ,no borders & free entry to our country !!!!!!!

  21. This kinda puts the kabosh on Mueller’s witch hunt. Since the Russian thing was in 2013 and Obama and Hillary were in volved it would seem that maybe Mr. Mueller himself was also involved from the beginning which would make his part in the trumped up (no pun intended) charges against Trump a rather moot question since he was not even in the running for his office at that time. If this goes unpunished there is NO LAW in this country and all the Judges and Lawyers need to just take ahike. These clowns go free then there is no law, period. It is supposed to be equal treatment for all – only the lawyers, judges and cops have skewed it to exclude them with a few Congressmen included. Time to drain th swamp and clean house. Send the criminal who run this country to jail. Better to start over. Oh and Mr. Soros? He is first. Yu can not buy this country – it is not for sale.

  22. The Clintons, and may others, Democrats and RINOS have been guilty for years of selling out the Working people, and Minorities, breaking laws, but ae never prosecuted and put where they belong. Will it be different this time? Or just more hot air? If they are not persecuted, and sentenced if found guilty, then there truly is two sets of laws.

  23. You guys are so funny Tom Lester Pugh, died just a few years ago, he was their man that ordered the murders for the Clinton’s, he was head of the Dixie mafia look him up. He is dead now, he died in Oklahoma’s prison system after spending 39 years behind bars, but he was able to give the orders like give bill Clinton 50 tons of cocaine to col. North for the Iran Contra deal, that’s right you can look that up also, Listen to me she wanted someone anyone to kill leaki weaks in public she ask anyone if they could do it, that is because their murder was dead and they cant get anyone killed like before.

  24. Whether the American people finally see that justice is done, depends on what these congressional committees do with the information that will be revealed to them. If the information is as revealing as we think, then they will have to make requests either to the President or directly to the Attorney General to pursue charges as they may suggest. In any case, it will be a long haul until we see these conspirators put in jail, or otherwise treated, based on the charges. Treason is a very serious offence and one in which I think that those on the top should be charged with. In the meantime, the democrats will pull every string possible to lesson the charges. The politicizing of our nation’s top law enforcement and intelligent organizations should be treason with the appropriate punishments.

  25. They need to get this guy in right now or give him some serious protection. They are not giving his name but you better believe that Obama, Clinton and company know who he is. How many others did they put a gag order on, none. Get a written account from him and a recording taken by a reliable person just in case. Not sure the FBI or CIA should be involved, they were in on it the first time round and blew it. If he does turn up dead we will know who did it. Watch your back sir.


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