Jesse Jackson Tries To Shake Down NFL, Backfires So Badly Anti-Flag Players Get Humiliated Instead

Source: HBO

Jesse Jackson, the world renowned shake down artist is up to his old tricks. Jesse’s has been cashing in his civil rights hero chips for so long he thinks he is immune to criticism.

He is wrong. We acknowledge and appreciate the struggles he went through to get equal rights for all people, no one doubts he went through hardships.

But it is what he did after that we can certainly take issue with.

For like most of the left, i.e. the Clinton’s and the Obama’s, he immediately cashed in. In huge ways most people do not know about.

Mostly through supposed protests of major American corporations that looked more and more like total shakedowns.

And to make matters worse, the beneficiaries of his shakedowns tended to be his family members, not the community he claimed to protect.

Here’s is what went down from noted Chicago Tribune reporter John Kass:

“The King of Beers used Operation PUSH to launch a national boycott of Anheuser-Busch in the early 1980s. And although Anheuser-Busch was among the corporate leaders in donations to the United Negro College Fund and had a progressive employment policy–18 percent of the workforce was minority–Jackson wasn’t satisfied.

Jackson would pour beer on the ground and say, “Bud is a dud” and offer other pithy rhymes. Once, he showed up at an Anheuser-Busch distributorship and cheered as 50 South Siders poured four cases of beer onto the ground.

August Busch has become to the economic reciprocity movement what Bull Connor and Jim Clark were to the civil and political reciprocity movement–an obstruction in the doorway blocking black economic progress,” Jackson said back then, comparing Busch to white Southern sheriffs who sicced police dogs and cops on civil-rights marchers.

Then, a little over two years ago, Jackson’s kids bought River North Sales & Service, the exclusive Budweiser distributorship on the North Side. The Jackson territory is about 62 square miles.

Isn’t that a nice uplifting story? Daddy boycotts. He becomes friends with Mayor Richard Daley. And later, as if by a miracle, the sons also rise.”

Owning an exclusive Budweiser distributorship is like a license to print money. As a postscript, the sons ran an absolute goldmine into the ground. But because the exclusive territory was so valuable they still made money when they sold it later.


Back to Jesse’s latest shakedown.

Jesse has been running around trying to put pressure on the NFL for how they are treating the players.

According to Breitbart, Jesse went on Fox Sports 1’s “Undisputed” and just embarrassed himself and the players.

First he bashed Trump for calling anti-flag players “sons of b******,” and then he went into full shakedown mode.

“To go from picking cotton balls to picking footballs and basketballs without freedom is not very much progress,” Jackson said, before adding the comment that made the NFL players hang their heads in shame.

Jackson said that the NFL not guaranteeing contracts is “illegal workplace harassment” because…wait for it…the owners can cut any player at any time for any reason.

And therein lies the humiliating rub…for all their wealth and fame NFL players are really just like us – at will employees.

Who can be fired for any reason. Look, if my boss made a new rule that says we have to say the pledge of allegiance in the morning I can do it, quit, or get fired.

No one said America was fair, but everyone (especially our enemies) agrees that America is the best country the world has ever seen.

It is about time the NFL players showed it some respect. Share if you agree.


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