GAME OVER: Dallas Cowboys Owner Just Made New Rule That Will END Anthem Kneeling For Good

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The NFL’s Dallas Cowboys are known as “America’s Team” due to their large fan base, among other reasons.

Owner Jerry Jones, a former college ball player himself and longtime billionaire friend of President Trump, is just as sick and tired as the rest of us with watching high-priced athletes kneel for the national anthem.

Now, Jones is speaking out louder than ever before. Every NFL owner needs to take note and follow his lead!

Jerry says: If you disrespect the flag, you’re benched!

If there’s anything that is disrespectful to the flag, then we will not play. Understand? We will not … if we are disrespecting the flag, then we will not play. Period.”

Jones added, “We as a team are very much on the page together. We made our expression. I’m very supportive of the team, but under no circumstances will the Dallas Cowboys — I don’t care what happens — under no circumstances will we as an organization, coaches, players, not support and stand and recognize and honor the flag. Period.”

He concluded, “If it comes between the impression or the perception that we’re not standing together, supporting each other, or the perception that we’re disrespecting the flag, the perception that we’re not together will be secondary to not respecting the flag. Respecting the flag is first.”

How ‘bout them Cowboys!?

Per ESPN, regarding the rule that NFL players stand for the anthem…

According to the manual, “During the National Anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking.”

And there you have it.

If you’re sick and tired of millionaire NFL babies disrepecting our flag comment YES! Do you stand with “America’s Team” owner Jerry Jones? Is this a fair punishment for kneelers? Let us know…



  1. Yes, thankful to find a man of honor as part of the NFL He deserves much respect for taking a stand for what is right. For honoring our country and all those who have fought and died for the freedoms that we have

  2. I thought this owner was with AMERICA in the beginning and then I see him on the field holding arms with his players!!!! A little two faced and maybe just a little toooo late! Owners need to stand up to their players!!!

  3. I hope this is true news. If they wish to protest for any reason, let them do it in a different way. They are being paid American dollars and they should respect the American way. If not , get off the field. go find another country and see if you can get away with this childish behavior there.

  4. They should of protest elswhere on there own dime not disrespecting or flag and freedom and oppression fighters,they fight for your right to protest,not disrespect that ability

  5. He should never have knelt with them in the first place. I don’t care if it was prior to the National Anthem being played. He said one thing and did another. Now he’s crawfishin’.

  6. Benching is not enough fine any would won’t respect this Nation and flag. To make sure players know that not honoring the flag is not acceptable the fine should be their entire contract amount. Then take the fine and give it to blacks who have lost loved ones to others blacks the real crime these spoiled brats ignore to only focus on the few killed by police just to get publicity and money for the TERRORISTS that is BLM.

  7. Don’t just bench the player fire them then they might learn. Or better yet cut their pay in half if they disrespect the flag or the country.

  8. It’s too late for me.. NFL is dead to me. Never again will I support them or any NFL team. They have shown their true colors and now that they are losing money, they decide to start showing respect. They should have done that in the very beginning. Anyone who falls for their garbage and goes back to supporting them are weak and have no respect for anything but false idols.

  9. I don’t trust the Cowboys anymore I have been a Cowboy Fan since Tom Landry and Roger Starback but you have destroyed my faith in the Cowboys

  10. This is the same owner that was kneeling with them a week ago. But he had a change of perspective see his cash cow being threatened. He probably hasn’t changed his thought process, it just got funneled through his wallet.


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