Julian Assange Just Unleashed a Hellish Surprise On Hillary Clinton… This Is HUGE


Julian Assange just attacked Hillary Clinton this Sunday. Julian Assange tweeted out something mysterious about Hillary Clinton that has people guessing that something is coming for Hillary Clinton.

Here is what Assange tweeted out.

“4767 5774 6a7a 4d6c 6330 666b 314a 3453 0000 0907 84b4 f787 7616 86f7 a737 5707 5736,” tweeted Assange.


Julian Assange just tweeted out Hillary’s worst nightmare.


Julian Assange then pointed out the campaign to claim that Wikileaks is a Russian-owned institution. He pointed out that even Barack Obama and several Obama officials said that Wikileaks and Russia were not tied.

Then he just dropped a bombshell on Hillary Clinton.


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Whew. That’s a Sunday night burn if anyone’s ever seen one.


  1. Hillary Clinton is washed up her book says it all. I see exactly what this gentleman is talking about I’ve seen it for a number of years she is a menace to society and will pay for crimes at some point if it’s not here on earth I will be in the depths of hell! Godspeed.

    • Ron, That’s why her grubby hands are hanging on to all that money, she has stolen and been paid. She hopes, she can “buy off” satan….I wish her all the luck in the world, doing that.

    • I think you may be right. About a year ago a story appeared on Yahoo for one day that the Clinton Foundation transferred 1.5 billion dollars to a bank in Qatar. The story did not speculate why. I never saw anymore on it. I speculate it could have been transmission of money to ISIS which both she and Obama supported (him I understand but her? why) or could it have been to a personal bank account somewhere?

      • Mike Chambers — I saw that story too – I wonder if she did that – just in case she was indicted – she would have her money waiting for her – if she could escape to Qatar before being arrested.

  2. I can not believe anything she says or does, Julian Assange will tell us the total truth, he is awesome, and he and president TRUMP, will tell us all,,, I hope he will work totally with pres. TRUMP.

    • Lol.
      I see theres the numbers 666b…and instantly Devils advocate came to mind…and the b stands for…you know what.
      God bless everyone with the overthrowing of the deepstate shadow government that this wicked witch is a fully paidup operative of.

    • Hashes of this nature can be used to verify the transfer of documents or files and are often described as a digital signature. meaning he has documentation of proof of his claims… more revelation on Hillary is about to be exposed. Hope that answers your question.

  3. OK, I may not be the sharpest tack in the box, but can someone explain what all those “coded” numbers means??
    I do have a IQ that far surpasses a Democrats (but so does a turnip) but I can’t make any sense of them…
    Aside from the obvious 666 I mean…

  4. Don’t know what the numbers mean, but I get the feeling they’re coming from a place of ultimate confidence. That tweet right there reminds me of that sickening feeling at a poker table, after 3 or 4 rounds of aggressive bets and raises. The bets are called, then the one player you thought you’d pegged, reveals the corner of an ace. Slowly, deliberately, the straight flush is laid out, one agonizing card at a time…
    Or the chess master who warns you that no matter what you dream up, you’re getting checkmated in the next 3 moves.
    It’s bad enough to know you’re going down. But, when your antagonist holds all the cards, and takes the opportunity to inflict additional torture on your way down, well, you just might be Hillary Clinton and completely deserve it.

  5. She is a sociopath capable of anything we know she is ruthless and I believe she had people killed too keep them from testifying Agents her even treason with Russia and the uranium deal

  6. Twitter is not allowing me to twitter the link to any of these items, something that has never happened before. They are telling me I must enter or verify previous ‘data’ on myself, and without telling me what data that might be. So I will not try again soon. One time I think I did get an article link out by just stating who I am again, but I’ve be with a twitter account since 2012 I believe…started it to get information on a U of Texas game that was not being televised. By the way, I have no website, just twitter and facebook & my email is of the 10s of thousands so I rarely go there;;too tiring for a woman of 75. Bit jere gpes/

  7. Praying for the safety of God’s Almighty protection for Julian, his family, and followers, our President Donald J. Trump, his family, our nation, and we the people. God bless all who believe, love & trust Our Lord Jesus. May God expose & do what He wilt to the ungodly who have chosen to stand with His adversary, the devil.

  8. Let’s follow this for a minute shall we, it’s just speculation, but we can check: bank transit number 17991 “Details of Transit Number # 17991-006 . Bank : Banque Nationale Du Canada . Branch : SAE ” And that means I THINK, based on “transferwise.com” Egypt. LOL.


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